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    Nester Hades, Callum Hades.
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    Nester Ajax Hades 05/07/1995

    Relations : Hope Hades (Mum), Percy Hades(Dad), Ajax Hades (Brother) Callum Hades (Brother), Gina Tinks (Girlfriend).

    Story : Born at the border of England and Scotland Nester had a normal upbrining and was a good boy in School. He attended a Cathoilic Primary and Secondary School and his grades were really good, he made it into Camebridge University to Study medicine. After finishing his degree he heard about the issues his brother was having loosing his wife and kid, Nester made the decision to move to San Andreas to be with his brother. Now that nester has been living in the city for a few weeks he has become a Paramedic, Doctor and Correctional Deputy, he is enjoying his time in the city with his brother and has made some wonderful friends along the way. He has also found a girl named Gina, he really enjoys spending time with Gina, meeting Gina was one of the greatest things that could of happened to him and is the happiest he has been in his life right now! He looks forward to his future with her.

    Callum James Hades 29/12/2000

    Relations : Hope Hades (Mum), Percy Hades(Dad), Ajax Hades (Brother), Nester Hades (Brother)

    Story : Born at the border of England and Scotland Callum had a different upbringing then his brothers. He didn't take the route he was expected to take and got on the bad side of all of his family. He got into trouble a lot in the UK and was disowned by his family. He heard his brothers moved to San Andreas and is back to seak them out to bring the family back together but has anger issues so it will be interesting to see what happens.

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  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i5560PdWIrgsNFQOMBqEA3AviYqoaOlAP6R_vlvz0Ek/edit Filed for @Thomas Prowse
  2. Endless

    Got banned for getting blown up

    Hello @Sean Nicholas Ginzler Please make a ban appeal here and not a bug report : https://www.usarrp.net/forums/forum/18-dispute-a-ban/ Also please follow this template I will be CLOSING this bug report. - Endless
  3. Endless

    Jermain Green Expungment request

    Good day, My client has completed his 45 Minutes of Community Service under the supervision of Senior Correctional Deputy Chad Radduck at Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Find attached a docment from Chad Radduck affirming that my client did do the 45 minutes of Community servicer : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nXHSSaAFaEjwPUBAIKjpA_zxj20Jm4598uKg9DHWgVg/edit?usp=sharing Kind Regards, James Lacy.
  4. Good day, Hope you are having a wonderful day your honour, Find attached an expungemnet request for my client : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C9MbKSSaIP9jm4iyxPP5ctZrwAo-AFi5Vg-RPaOacsk/edit?usp=sharing Regards, James Lacy.
  5. Endless

    Wes Smith Name change request

    Sorry that is my bad your honour, Please find attached a name change request for my Client : https://docs.google.com/document/d/18Cdjm2uWjV-x1ZzLDA-irdmmYo-Kc0b50d4Axg420bw/edit?usp=sharing Regards, James Lacy.
  6. Endless

    Noob - In Game system mechanics/limits question.

    Hey @Daelements, So the only items someone can take from you are the ones they know you have from seeing them, one can't simply go up to a person tie them up and take there pistol, they actually have to see you with the pistol/any item before they are able to take it. I'll run through some scenarios for you : If you and another player get into a gunfight of sorts and you down them you can go up to them and /me takes weapon and they would have to give you their weapon and if they don't it's fail RP. Say you are in the middle of a gang war and the enemy gang pulls up on the block you have a talk then they shoot you or whatever and you didn't take out anything, they cannot remove anything from you. Say if someone was looking for a hostage then found you, tied you up and then put you in the the trunk and bought you to the place they were going to rob, the only thing they can do is take your cash from you. As you didn't take anything out or they had no knowledge of you having anything on you they cannot take it from you. I hope this cleared it up for you! Regards, - Endless
  7. Endless

    How to setup an event?

    Hey @Daelements, You can organize it yourself and do what you want really, you can message a staff member to get it announce in #server-events and maybe a staff member might wanna hop on board and help you with it. But if you need help from staff just message any of us really. I'm sure atleast one of us will gladily help you out with it! Regards, Endless.
  8. Endless

    Weapons license

    Hey @Chad Johnson, You would have to figure this out of character as If I was to tell you anything and you use it in-character that would be meta gaming. But just keep bugging the polce! Regards, - Endless
  9. Endless

    LEO whitelist

    There is no such thing as a "LEO Whitelist application" There is a whitelist application and a LEO application the only way to LEO whitelist is that your RP is good and a Command Staff member with the department you are in suggest you for the LEO whitelist then staff will discuss it.
  10. Endless

    Getting Started With A Business?

    You would have to do a Business proposal via https://www.usarrp.net/forums/forum/155-business-proposals/ Look at the apporved ones and do it like them ones and hopefully it will get approved!
  11. Endless

    People abusing the tackling script to powergame

    This is a hard topic to talk on as most of the time when you tackle someone people see different things on there screens, yes I see where you are coming from with the tackler getting up faster but due to the nature of the tackle scriptbut that's how it is. If someone tackles you and then runs away it would be fine but if someone tackles you just so they can pull out their gun and most likely shoot you that could come under powergaming as they are abusing the tackle script (a game mechanic) to get an advantage on the person getting tackled and if that happens just report it either by doing /help or /report ingame and staff will investigate it more or just tell you to take it to the forums as they will be rping themselves. As I am a cop myself the cuff while after being tackled is really what the cop feels like, if you are being a shit lord the cops are obviously gonna "quick cuff" you. But if you are having a little fun chase and what I've been doing a lot lately is waiting for the person to get up and give up and hold them at gun/tazer point and then cuff them and it would have to be up to command staff / staff to start enforcing more of this type of behavour by cops.
  12. This would definitely be a good thing to have something like Burger Shot up inside of the county. Maybe turn something like the Yellow Jack into a place where people can cook food and also make up drinks, like cock-tales etc.. It would add a lot of Roleplay in the county and people can go have some fun with friends and get drunk while interacting with Bar tenders and add to their RP. Could also make more RP in a way where you could have bouncers there that would check people's ID's and also kick people out etc.. All in all, it would add a lot of RP up in the county and give the BCSO something to respond to / do when there is enough units in the city.
  13. Endless

    Introductions come say Hi

    Well Hello my name is Callum and I am 19 years of age I live in a town in Co.Meath Ireland where I have been living for the past 13 years. Origninally I was bron in a place called Sutton in the South West of london where my parents made the decision to move to Ireland when I was just about to turn 7. I use to play rugby and eventually gave it up and Video games took over my life. I am a very competative person and if anyone is better than me at a video game I will spend a lot of time trying to get better. I am an ex-amateur CSGO player where I played in ESEA Intermediate wtih friends that are doing really well today. around 2017 I started to play GTA RP and found a server called UKDOJ where I became a well knowing member of the community and Staff but eventually left due to issues within the staff team which led to me getting back into CSGO. I also was more recently an Esports Manager for an orginisation called uMx Gaming then due to reasons I moved onto a different org called Recognized Talent where there I was the Esports Manager. After long talks with the owner of uMx I had a fresh start and became the COO of uMx and we were doing really well but then 2 of our teams broke up which honestly broke me as I was really close with a lot of the players which aggrovated me and made me not motivated anymore.... which led to me leaving Competative video games and starting a fresh with some RP which I have been really enjoying. All my characters : Callum White (Deceased) Jimmy White ( Got chased out of the city ) Nester Hades ( Doctor , EMS and soon to be BCSO ) Eoin Hegrity ( Cadet in SASP )
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