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    Carlos Gonzales came up from nothing on the streets. He moved to the city from his home state of Mexico when his crazy ex-wife kicked him out of the house because he starting to deal drugs to help support the family. Carlos had a rocky couple of months, he was constantly moving from city to city trying to find a place to call him own and start a new life. He soon found the town of LS, he knew this was the town he was gonna make it big in. Carlos started in this city with nothing but $5,000 to his name and did not know a single person in this city. He soon began to meet a guy named Ghost who he soon became friends with and did everything with in the city together. Their biggest achievement they made together was joining the notorious gang the Bloods. Now Carlos is gang banging and isn't alone in the city anymore he is making a lot of money with some new friends he's made in the gang.

    Alex Jones is a simple man with one dream in this world, To become a cop just like his grandfather who was shot in the line of duty while jumping in front of someone catching a bullet to the chest for them to save their life. Alex Jones is willing to do whatever it takes to get into the academy. Alex Jones is a no bullshit man and takes his work very seriously.

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  1. Carlos Gonzales

    Quickdraw Stays after /swap

    From my understanding this is a known issue try to refrain from swapping characters while on duty. Always clock off duty before swapping characters as I am pretty sure this is considering power gaming. Have a nice day!
  2. Carlos Gonzales

    New Jobs For Felons

    I agree with this theres not really much RP that comes from legal jobs. But also I get crims not really doing able to do many legal jobs but also realistically your not gonna go rob robbing a store shooting 5 cops and getting like 150 months to just flipping burgers like nothing ever happened. There has to be some balance of maybe if you have under 15 arrests or something like that you can work at burgershot. As for digging sand I think anyone should be able to do that since that is how you get aluminum powder. I dont think you should have to be a legal man to use a shovel and dig a hole in th
  3. Carlos Gonzales

    Driving Test to get a License

    +1 I think this could be something fun to implement, maybe even make a new building near legion the "dmv" and have it marked on the map and people go there to get their license instead of MRPD and the driving test is something along the lines of 8-12 questions about basic driving.
  4. Carlos Gonzales

    Tasing through windows

    @Sneezy Thanks
  5. Carlos Gonzales

    Tasing through windows

    I think tasing through windows should not be allowed IMO. Since everyone's eyes sees stuff differently a cop can easily say the windows were broke in my eyes when really they weren't broke at all.
  6. Carlos Gonzales

    says its gonna ban me for my name :(

    When you first are joining the server the character select screen has an option to make a new character make sure your name is always realistic and its a real name you would see IRL otherwise you will get in trouble and may result in a kick/ban.
  7. Carlos Gonzales

    More gun tints

    Idk why that made me comment on a guest account but I think that would be a really cool idea and a fun way for gangs to rep their colors. And this should be just for guns melees too!
  8. Carlos Gonzales

    Prison Stay

    I believe giving something for prisoners to do while in prison would make it more fun and I'm not talking about anything crazy just like have certain periods when the cells are open or maybe if theirs a certain amount of CO's on duty it like makes the cells open and people can socialize and hang out with other inmates. I know prison is suppose to be a punishment but it gets annoying when you get sent to prison and theirs no CO's to talk to or theirs no other prisons to talk to through the bars. Me being a crim and all I know first hand how boring it is to do the same thing over and over again
  9. Carlos Gonzales

    Banned from Test Server

    Im banned from the test server because I guess when they got the memory for the test server it was from when I was perm banned but im no longer perm banned so is their any chance an admin can unban me from the test server
  10. Carlos Gonzales

    Custom Vehicles

    I agree I feel it would make it more realistic if there were some civilian cars that people could trick out and make dope. Also I feel like it would be cool if we also saw some new police vehichles especially a tahoe since its one of the most common cop cars now a days that and an explorer.
  11. We gonna have a poke war now? LOL!

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