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  1. its kinda disgusting the things i hear people saying to officers. and the its "RP" thing to some of the shit they say is a fucking lie i hear the OOC salty in your voice. chill the fuck out when youre caught. i get it sometimes the cops do some bullshit but its been getting a lot better. Crims need to return the favor.
  2. Chewy Long

    Entertainment Job

    What do you guys think of an entertainment job to where you clock on to perform and the more people that show around you the more money you get paid. It opens up the door for Stand up comedy, DJ, Strippers, and more. You can make it a whitelist job so only vetted people who wont abuse it can do the job. Can add more RP to our city on a regular basis.
  3. Chewy Long

    Civilian Radios

    yes please make this happen shit even make them break after you log where you have to buy another one damn shitty radio assembly
  4. Chewy Long

    Meth usage

    MY HERO !!!!!
  5. Chewy Long

    Meth usage

    I think if someone is high on meth a taser should not be able to bring you down. This would be better suited for PCP but working with what we have i this could bring a good change into the community allowing for more RP all around with big bulk transactions between people that are not cops. as well as adding RP to Cop vs Crim scenarios and this could help relieve the anger that has been boiling up in people of just being hit by a taser and instantly cuffed.
  6. Chewy Long

    Improving RP & Making The City A Better Place For All

    I use this all the time. its one of my favorites but the sad thing is people miss it or choose to ignore it to not deal with the RP like raven said. But dont let that discourage you. i still use the /me and always will.
  7. Chewy Long


  8. Chewy Long

    Introductions come say Hi

    @TKs-Mantis welcome to the best server on 5m
  9. Chewy Long

    White-listed Gang Members & Locals

    this would be amazing
  10. Chewy Long

    Different RP End To A Character.

    ive been playing around with this too i have found out a fun one for my character that will be putting him on the sidelines for a bit.
  11. Chewy Long


    take coke to be made into crack instead and it does what you said would be dope.
  12. poke WAR!!!!

    1. MissKittaaaaay


      I'm just trying to sit here in peace and you keep poking me 😒

    2. Chewy Long

      Chewy Long

      fine ill take that as a surrender. good battle

    3. MissKittaaaaay


      no, I do not surrender.

  13. Chewy Long

    Custom Vehicles

    i remember them saying, maybe once things get more stable it could happen.
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