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  1. Chewy Long-Jr

    4V4 Gang fights

    yes make the gang RP even worse and more unrealistic than we already need to
  2. Chewy Long-Jr

    The People vs Dripp Moneyy

    I, Vince Scolioni will be representing Dripp Moneyy
  3. Chewy Long-Jr


    Currently to get into fps you have to spam a key. can we get a code put in for when you do /fps you auto look through your eyes when you aim down sights an when you let go of right click you go back to 3rd person view, and to turn it off you can just do /fps again and you will aim like normal. just thought it would be a nice option to have.
  4. Chewy Long-Jr


    i think another job to add that legal and crim can do is scanning. currently the only way to get iron oxide is chopping cars. cops cry about all the chopping calls since that is the only way to get oxide what if we add scanning in at the like certain areas of the map. the beach the woods etc and you take a scanner and have to find it some times you find random shit like you get when you do mining gold, silver and other ores some times you get oxide lock picks pistols. if a legal person finds a pistol they can turn it into the police for a reward. Just adds in some variety
  5. Chewy Long-Jr

    Handling File For Cars

    Name: Mammoth patriot Model: hummer Issue: loses all cosmetics and upgrades randomly Price at Car Dealership : 21k
  6. Chewy Long-Jr

    Legal Update - Arraignments, Bail, and MORE Oooh My!

    omg this is amazing!!! And will this open bounty hunters as a possible job that the bail bonds can hire to get there money back if they are a no show to court?
  7. Chewy Long-Jr

    Remove the casino & add illegal gambling

    why not have both but with the illegal you can bet drugs and cash. cops can raid and stuff
  8. Chewy Long-Jr

    Remove the casino & add illegal gambling

    yes please, add craps, roulette, and texas 10/10 would gamble all my monies
  9. SUPREME COURT OF SAN ANDREAS PETITION FOR WRIT OF CERTIORARI Zane Mcclain, Plaintiff(s) v. The State, Defendant(s) I. Background: Zane Mcclain ( @BJK1908 ) has received the death penalty in a rehearing of the verdict. We will be filling an appeal of the death penalty sentencing of my client Zane Mcclain. II. Allegations: We will be filling a direct appeal which is mandatory to give my client for receiving a death sentence verdict. III. Resolution Sought: Looking for Life in prison with the ch
  10. Chewy Long-Jr

    Whitelisted system for gangs

    Role play is about real life in a realism server just not your personal real life situation. the point is to realistically role play a different life style. but its a video game and so some IRL things need to take a back burner for the server to function and peoples feelings not get hurt so they keep coming back. The win mentality is human nature not everyone in the server will be in the same mood at the same time. The world is not perfect. the server growth i've seen is great and its taking a drop right now from people getting banned and good RPrs leaving do to the current state of things. i
  11. Chewy Long-Jr

    Whitelisted system for gangs

    not trying to come off as a dick but have you mained a criminal RP character where you are on it 14 hours a day in the city? Have you ever lived in Los Angeles California do you understand gang/hood mentality? You do know that not every crime that happens is reported to the police IRL right? There is nothing in the server that warrants whitelisting gangs. that will not stop the GP you are talking about. Also what do you think would happen if you are out talking shit it a gang banger like you are a god and nothing will happen to you. you are not special to them they dont care about you only the
  12. its everywhere. you will never get away from it streaming. kinda just gotta accept it and keep pushing or keep some things off stream
  13. Name Change Request [7 days of no arrest] Current name: Katerina Katts Name change: Katerina Queen Date of birth: 1996-04-23 Photo ID - Last arrest: N/A No warrants
  14. Chewy Long-Jr

    Christian Mcgee vs Kevin Isle

    Due to the client Kevin Isle being unreachable. This case is withdrawn.
  15. Chewy Long-Jr

    The People v. Jacob Harry Burns

    i will be there
  16. Chewy Long-Jr

    Expungement Request Loseb

    Expungement Request Name: Loseb Besarionis Dze Jughashvilis Date of Birth: 1992-07-24 Photo ID: check uploads Last arrest: 06/22/2020 No Active Warrants Community Service: Renshaw Law suggests... 5 hours community service at pillbox and 1 hour at mrpd
  17. Chewy Long-Jr

    The People v. Jacob Harry Burns

    if we can push it back a little bit like 2-3 hours i will take the case
  18. Christian Mcgee (Plaintiff) v. Kevin Isle (Defendant) Civil Complaint: Plaintiff, by and with his attorney (Vince Scolioni), submits the following case due to believing in good faith that the defendant was acting with good intention. I. Preliminary Statement: The plaintiff brings upon this case for a cause of action due to having $10,000.00 USD stolen when the defendant impersonated a real estate agent for a door sale. II. Parties: The plaintiff is a San Andreas resident and a SASP employee. The defen
  19. Chewy Long-Jr

    Renshaw Law | Expungement Request Mari Gunz

    I will be representing Ms. Gunz
  20. Name: Jack "Golf" Bezos Date of Birth: 1964-01-12 Photo ID: Attached Last arrest: 06-24-2020 No Active Warrants Community Service: Renshaw Law suggests that since Mr. Bezos was considered an accessory, even though he was taken along against his will for the crime. He was given 10 months and a $500 fine for his first and only offense. This being said we would like to propose a 1 hour community service at pill box medical to wipe this of his record with a minimum of 1 week no arrests instead of the 2 week hold.
  21. WHAT IS A 'AMICUS CURIAE BRIEF'? This is not intended as legal advice, for legal advice seek assistance from a qualified attorney. Amicus curiae Brief (a Friend of the Court) is some whom is considered an expert in a certain field that is pertaining to the case at hand. They are used to strengthen and enhance a party’s statement with facts within their profession of a subject within the case. This legal persuasion is usually used when the case has been appealed and a party needs to strengthen their case with facts from an expert in their profession.
  22. its kinda disgusting the things i hear people saying to officers. and the its "RP" thing to some of the shit they say is a fucking lie i hear the OOC salty in your voice. chill the fuck out when youre caught. i get it sometimes the cops do some bullshit but its been getting a lot better. Crims need to return the favor.
  23. Chewy Long-Jr

    Entertainment Job

    What do you guys think of an entertainment job to where you clock on to perform and the more people that show around you the more money you get paid. It opens up the door for Stand up comedy, DJ, Strippers, and more. You can make it a whitelist job so only vetted people who wont abuse it can do the job. Can add more RP to our city on a regular basis.
  24. Chewy Long-Jr

    Civilian Radios

    yes please make this happen shit even make them break after you log where you have to buy another one damn shitty radio assembly
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