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  1. Orgotholik


    @Adrian Andersson//Donnie D I understand what you are saying & respect your opinion as well. That's why I was careful about the way I worded it & tried not to generalize. I know there are good younger folks out there. In fact, I know there are younger folks that are better than some older folks at RP! I myself have been RP'ing in games since I was a "kid" too. My only point is, Grand Theft Auto IS a mature game (so technically 17 and up). Sure, people let their kids play it...but it is 100% a mature rated game(17+)... Hate to say it because it will tell my age a bit, but I was working at EB Gameworld when game ratings started becoming a more "real thing". We could not STOP someone from buying mature rated games for their children, but we were supposed to inform them about the mature rating & the rating system in general. We could however refuse/ask for id of little kids trying to buy mature rated games if they had no parent with them. Grand Theft Auto 3 had just hit the shelves (when I worked there) so it was a regular occurrence for us dealing with this kinda thing. Don't worry though, i'm 100% a hypocrite though. I played Postal, Night Trap, Carmeggedon, Mortal Kombat, Thrill Kill, Splatterhouse, etc...when I was "under age"... So I was introduced into mature games early on too. And hid it from my parents well!! hahaha BUT... video game ratings didn't come out until around 1994 if im not mistaken & didnt really start getting looked at until a few years later, but even now most people don't pay attention to them. Thanks for being one of the good ones Adrian & keep up the good RP man!
  2. Orgotholik


    Yessir, people, in theory, could still "make" a gang...but if you wanted the benefits mentioned the gang would need to be properly established. Like you mentioned a "whitelist" type situation.
  3. Orgotholik


    Hey everyone! I have been playing on USARRP since the first of January & it is my first and main city so far. I have seen lots of ups & lots of downs. I've seen drama, good times, injustice, fairness...like I said, ups and downs! With that being said, I wanted to make a post with some suggestions/ideas to enhance the experience in the city for all people. Some of this will be things already said or old ideas/topics, so bear with me. GALLERY PROFILE ARCHIVE - I know we can make a profile for our character on our own page. But in an effort for people to get to know characters in the city, a VOLUNTARY profile in the gallery section of the website could be great. Have a template that people have to fill out things about the character they are entering into the archive. Temperament, affiliations, goals, background, etc. I feel like this can help separate the craplords from the villains. Some people attempt to make villains & people label them as craplords, because they are either salty or don't understand (or someone is truly being one!). I feel if there was a character archive people could browse, it would not only help them setup their RP, but help them mentally adjust how they interact with certain characters. This needs to include law enforcement characters. That way, if someone wants to be a butthole cop, people will know its just their character and not personal. Of course, like with everything it will only work with people being mature & having accountability for their actions. CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES - Gangs/Organizations need more to specialize in & do. Right now, I feel like there is so much GP & RDM due to boredom and no real direction for criminals. There need to be tons more drugs in the city so gangs/organizations can have their "specialties". I DO believe from an RP perspective these drugs need actual effects for RP purposes and fun factor...but even if the effects are added later, I think there needs to be much more variety. Ecstasy, crack, heroin, oxi's, morphine, moonshine, Acid/LSD, shrooms, etc. Also, weed needs an overhaul. If its grown and taken care of (watered/fed/etc) it will have more powerful/less powerful effects. I feel like with more choices, gangs/organizations can have their specialties which will encourage more RP between gangs. Even if a fight breaks out over drugs, it would be more RP based vs just gun play. Examples would be, Bloods could run the crack/heroin game, Reapers could run the meth game, Crips could run weed/coke, etc etc. All of them relatively worth AROUND the same $$$... Possibly encourage trade deals, arms deals, more crim RP in general. EASY MONEY - Tied in with the above and a tricky balancing act. Money needs to be "easy" and come from the activities that FIT your character. Currently money isn't toooo hard to get, but I still feel like there is a bit of a grind factor. Right now it seems like there is a "flavor of the patch" mentality. Whenever the city gets patched, everyone runs to the "best" money making. I do it too, so I'm not pointing fingers. However, I get it, if money is too easy, the game becomes stale. I think BROADLY that everything should be giving good money, so it will kind of push people to pickup a job/activity that fits their RP. I think things are definitely pointed in that direction, but could use a bit more leveling out. EXCESSIVE BANS/REPORTING - I think admins and players alike need to calm down with the "Ban sticks"/reports. I understand its tough, because there are alot of turds out there. Especially in the GTA community. But I have noticed in my few months in the city that people cry/ban/report like crazy. I can't imagine trying to actually play the game as an admin, because you all have to be wrapped up with reports and the drama that comes with it. All of us need to be at a level of maturity and accountability that we realize this is a game, we are here for fun & when it comes to fun in ROLE PLAY... YOU DO NOT ALWAYS WIN. I play one of the weakest characters in the city... ive been robbed, shot, my stream sniped, etc etc... I think the only time i've reported someone was for spamming racial slurs. Unless you are playing a BADASS character, you're not always going to win...and even the badasses catch an L. Then, the problem with RP'ing badasses is everyone wants to be a badass. Win mentality & RP don't mix well. This is also directed at admins. When dealing with the public, you are going to have to keep a level head and not get offended. Just because someone was rude to you, you don't immediately have to wave the ban stick. To end this topic, let me say, I do get it though. I deal with the public and I can only imagine the crap you all have to deal with as admins. 18+ - I feel like since this is already a mature game (meant for adults) that the server should also be 18+. I'm not trying to stop kids from having fun, but its hard to find kids on a maturity level capable of quality RP. Not impossible, ive run into some kids that are actually decent at it... But I do feel like its a bit of a double edged sword. If this is already the case, the vetting is not going well as I have run across several very young children in the city. CIVILIAN RADIOS - Pretty sure this is already being mentioned/worked on. But I tried another server that had them a weekend or so ago and they really were helpful & fun. I could see them being a little "powerful", allowing better communication with criminals and such...but, it is realistic. I feel a cool feature to help keep it balanced would be dispatch or ONE DESIGNATED COP per session to be a "scanner". Someone who scans radio frequencies to check for illegal activities/communication. IMPLEMENT ACTUAL GANG/ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE/TIERS - On GTA Online you can sign in as someones bodyguard and get paid to run around with them. It would be awesome to allow gangs/organizations to "clock in" to run with their leaders. Maybe have some sort of rules where if you are clocked in you have to wear whatever designated clothing for your group. Leaders get a certain salary when they are clocked in.... then tiers of members, each with their own pay rates(Leader/Enforcers/Soldiers/Prospects/etc). This would encourage people to stick together and RP as units, instead of just by name. I understand this could be exploited, so it would need to be fleshed out.... but I still feel it would bring MORE RP, keep people sticking together AND give criminals/organizations steady income to encourage less grinding/robbery/etc. MORE DEADLY ANIMALS/PEDS - Going down to Crip/Blood territories is still pretty fun, because you never know if one of the ped gangsters is going to get upset and shoot at you. Going out in the country can still be pretty crazy when a cougar sneaks up on you... I feel like an increase in hostile peds and animals might encourage people to shoot peds instead of real people... as well as bring a little more excitement to the city. Currently the amount of hostiles is not bad! I just feel like maybe a bit more might be better... Then again, that could cause more unforeseen issues. PAWN SHOPS - I actually want to use this idea for one of my other characters for a business idea, but feel like the idea should be out there in general. Stores, banks, muggings, treasure chests, car searches, home searches etc... They should all give random trinkets and treasures... Watches, rings, jewelry, old coins, collectables, etc... A variety of things you can find all with different values. Simply have turn in locations like you do for fish, meat, hide, etc where you can pawn the goods for cash. In regard to having "pawn shop owners" you could possible get more money from an actual open pawn shop with a player running it VS a street ped vendor. You could even take it a step further and make it where pawn shops can melt down gold, silver, platinum, etc and coat your weapons FOR FREE with those colors (or other colors) as long as you have enough materials. POLICE EVIDENCE LOCKERS - Make the police stations able to be robbed/attacked. Police must drop confiscated items into the boxes at the stations. Those who attack/decide to rob the police stations would have to crack open each box to try and find loot inside. If lucky, they would literally be able to find drugs/weapons confiscated that day (tsunami to tsunami). This would be a very difficult thing to pull off and again, would literally only have the items confiscated that day in SOME of the boxes. Okay, that's all the time I have for now. I hope you all find this interesting and enjoyable! Thanks for having this fun city for us to enjoy and I look forward to enjoying it with everyone for a long time to come!!
  4. Orgotholik

    Burger Shot & Hunting

    I just wanted to say, what great additions to the city! The RP possibilities & Revenue opportunities from both of these activities are great! The hunting is fun and profitable, as well as great RP. The Burger shot is good money, fun, a great hangout location & the food is actually useful and different than corner store food. The RP from this place just one night of hanging there was great! People were laughing and having a great time! I can't wait for more additions like this. Please keep up the great work on this great city!!!
  5. Orgotholik

    Heart-On @ The Foundry

    Wow, this is a very detailed and cool idea Allie!
  6. Orgotholik


    @Goryholes@Pickle Rick@DaelementsAwesome ideas all around! Thanks for the input everyone! @DaelementsYou have some really great ideas listed! One thing that came to mind while reading Daelements list... FENCE/PAWN SHOP - When you rob random locals, they have a chance to give you watches, bracelets, rings, etc. You can take these items to a FENCE on the streets for $$$ or to a Pawn Shop that will sell you equipment at extremely discount prices OR give you $$$. This would also work for random "trash" items you find in home invasions. STASH LOCATIONS - I think someone has already mentioned this, but having the ability to "rent" a location to store things for X amount of days would be really cool, really helpful and could be great for RP purposes as well.
  7. Orgotholik


    I have some friends that RP as criminals. Not really my thing, but I do have some suggestions on things I think would be cool for their Crim-RP (specifically drugs). I don't know how everything works, so forgive me if I speak in error or my suggestions are old news. LSD - Currently, my friend told me the only way to get this is thru home break ins. He also said he tried it and it was basically the same effect as Meth. GTA Online has peyote you can find and eat and it makes you "trip" by turning you into an animal. I don't think that fits into USARRP, but having a more trippy effect than meth should be the case for sure. ADD - Manufacturing of LSD - multi-process system similar to what my friends told me you have to do for meth manufacturing. ADD - LSD effect of getting extra health for a short amount of time. AKA you can last longer in a fight/shootout, but you will die once the effect wears off. Kinda how smoking weed gives you a fraction of armor, according to my friends. Overclocked health if you will. CHANGE - Cocaine - from what I understand, its currently one bag you get from somewhere, cut it and deliver. Cocaine, much like the other drugs, should be able to be manufactured in "mass". I have heard you can only carry one bag of cocaine at a time. Adding a plane/boat aspect to it would be even cooler. Such as having a couple of random islands with coca plants that can be harvested. Gangs/Druglords would then have to have air/boat operations in play to be able to get the materials to produce cocaine. ADD - Cocaine effect - A 2% chance to explode your heart, but while it lasts you are super fast and super strong (within reason) ADD - Manufacturing of Heroin - Highly addictive & requires stolen needles from ambulances/hospitals/house break ins to use. ADD - Heroin effects - Also, regarding the highly addictive nature, the more your character uses it, the more addicted you become. Such as after 3 consecutive uses, if you character does not use again for X amount of time, their health slowly trickles away....OR your character becomes slower at running/fighting/etc. The "benefits" of using could be something like, while you are high, no locals will refuse drug deals. So drug dealers would be tempted to use it, in order to increase their profits....but risk becoming addicted! ADD - Weed Bagging Tables for home/property purchase (think MMO crafting tables) - Currently there is only one place to bag weed and those of us that have our medical marijuana license are constantly a target if we go there to get our fresh buds bagged, so we can roll them into a joint. OR.... Make it where you can roll fresh buds instead of having to bag it first. ADD - different strengths of weed. The more time and effort you put into plants make them better/worse? Maybe a curing process that effects the strength? It would increase RP where certain people would be sought out for their different strengths of weed. ADD - Jefferys - the ability to put other drugs into a joint for RP/shiz and giggles purposes. ADD - Ecstasy Manufacturing - Just another drug with fun effects ADD - Opium - VERY similar to the way weed works in the city, but perhaps makes your character slower on top of the normal weed effects? In general, I think the addition of more drugs to manufacture, sell, indulge, find, etc will give people not only more RP options, but stop funneling all the criminals into one drug business. People can have specialties, corner certain markets and it would just spread the activities available in general. Hopefully my criminal friends will enjoy this post and agree!
  8. Orgotholik

    Driver licenses and Speed cameras

    I don't disagree. Like I said, we need to just exercise caution and keep balance in mind or the server will become a police state.
  9. Orgotholik

    Driver licenses and Speed cameras

    It's also important to remember we are all here to have fun as well. I agree with the RP and things to keep people in check. However, if we start putting to many laws/rules/limits in place, it starts to eat into the actual fun of the game. Again, I agree with RP rules and such, we just need to be careful when asking for more rules, cameras, laws and such to be put in place. If we are not careful, its going to be TOO realistic and lose some of the fun. In a nutshell, I am merely suggesting we all keep balance in mind...like many have mentioned, it is up to us (the community) to make this a great server and great experience for all.
  10. Orgotholik


    Thanks for the response Kian! I actually DID get the keys to my place this weekend, barely. It's a process for sure...but I also understand it has to be kept in check, otherwise there will be doors everywhere! haha
  11. Orgotholik

    Multiple civilian job ideas

    Great ideas!
  12. Orgotholik


    I am fairly new still (about 3 weeks in the city) so forgive me if this is a repeat subject or if I am beating a dead horse. One thing I have found particularly frustrating is trying to get a property. Good folks of the city are being robbed everyday. When you save up enough money for a property, you are sweating to get it bought and all that green out of your hands so it doesn't get taken. I love how you can basically invest in any property on the map, but it is near impossible to get it done in the times I have been in the city. You need a real estate agent & you need a judge. It always seems like there is one...or the other on/around...but never both at the same time. I've had enough money saved for a property for almost 2 of the 3 weeks ive been in the city, but cannot seem to find the people involved to make it happen. Maybe we should have an application for properties? Would that make it easier on all involved parties? Maybe there should be set real estate times in the city where Judges/Realtors are scheduled to do nothing but property management? Just trying to think of solutions to help citizens get property.
  13. Orgotholik

    Night Club Job

    That's an amazing idea! GTA Online added clubs and they are very cool. Like most official GTAO releases, its behind a paywall...but they are still cool! Seeing a working version on this server would be freakin' awesome! Plus it gives people a place to hang besides Legion Square.
  14. Orgotholik

    Introductions come say Hi

    Welcome Daelements!!!
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