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  1. Orgotholik


    I am fairly new still (about 3 weeks in the city) so forgive me if this is a repeat subject or if I am beating a dead horse. One thing I have found particularly frustrating is trying to get a property. Good folks of the city are being robbed everyday. When you save up enough money for a property, you are sweating to get it bought and all that green out of your hands so it doesn't get taken. I love how you can basically invest in any property on the map, but it is near impossible to get it done in the times I have been in the city. You need a real estate agent & you need a judge. It always seems like there is one...or the other on/around...but never both at the same time. I've had enough money saved for a property for almost 2 of the 3 weeks ive been in the city, but cannot seem to find the people involved to make it happen. Maybe we should have an application for properties? Would that make it easier on all involved parties? Maybe there should be set real estate times in the city where Judges/Realtors are scheduled to do nothing but property management? Just trying to think of solutions to help citizens get property.
  2. Orgotholik

    Civ RP - Burger Restaurant

    Whaaaaat!? That is awesome!!
  3. Orgotholik

    Civ RP - Burger Restaurant

    I like the idea as well Gory!
  4. Orgotholik

    Night Club Job

    That's an amazing idea! GTA Online added clubs and they are very cool. Like most official GTAO releases, its behind a paywall...but they are still cool! Seeing a working version on this server would be freakin' awesome! Plus it gives people a place to hang besides Legion Square.
  5. Orgotholik

    Introductions come say Hi

    Welcome Daelements!!!
  6. Orgotholik

    Introductions come say Hi

    Hello all! Been kicking around on the server for a week or two now. Great server, great people! Looking forward to getting to know more folks and go on some more adventures. Look for me in back alleys and in dumpsters, names Zed Spliff, man.
  7. Orgotholik

    Appreciation Thread

    Right back at ya! Great server, great folks!
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