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  1. Orgotholik


    I feel this job/role could benefit RP and would be an relatively easy add to the server, due to it's similarity to Weazel News. Purpose: A Job for those that want a slightly Law Enforcement feel, with more RP elements and less of the "hardcore" cop mechanics. Functionality & Limitations: This job must be fairly heavily vetted in order to prevent everyone from running around as a "private detective" for exploitation of benefits. Must have 100% clean record, must be interviewed by high level law enforcement to be granted access to the role initially.
  2. Orgotholik

    The USARRP DRU-pdate (DRUGS!!!)

    Always enjoy playing on this server and interacting with all the talented folks on it! I won't be extremely detailed on this post, I just feel the need to throw this idea out again. The cities criminal elements usually concentrate on drugs or robberies. I feel USARRP would GREATLY benefit from having a large variety of drugs. This will improve the RP tremendously & I am not even thinking about it from a financial gain perspective. Currently... solo people seem to run coke, because its "kinda" quick, simple...one run and done... flip for cash. Bud seems to be the long game
  3. Orgotholik

    For the evolution of Criminal RP

    Some good ideas there Thomas!
  4. Orgotholik


    @Adrian Andersson//Donnie D I understand what you are saying & respect your opinion as well. That's why I was careful about the way I worded it & tried not to generalize. I know there are good younger folks out there. In fact, I know there are younger folks that are better than some older folks at RP! I myself have been RP'ing in games since I was a "kid" too. My only point is, Grand Theft Auto IS a mature game (so technically 17 and up). Sure, people let their kids play it...but it is 100% a mature rated game(17+)... Hate to say it because it will tell my age a bit, b
  5. Orgotholik


    Yessir, people, in theory, could still "make" a gang...but if you wanted the benefits mentioned the gang would need to be properly established. Like you mentioned a "whitelist" type situation.
  6. Orgotholik


    Hey everyone! I have been playing on USARRP since the first of January & it is my first and main city so far. I have seen lots of ups & lots of downs. I've seen drama, good times, injustice, fairness...like I said, ups and downs! With that being said, I wanted to make a post with some suggestions/ideas to enhance the experience in the city for all people. Some of this will be things already said or old ideas/topics, so bear with me. GALLERY PROFILE ARCHIVE - I know we can make a profile for our character on our own page. But in an effort for people to get t
  7. Orgotholik

    Burger Shot & Hunting

    I just wanted to say, what great additions to the city! The RP possibilities & Revenue opportunities from both of these activities are great! The hunting is fun and profitable, as well as great RP. The Burger shot is good money, fun, a great hangout location & the food is actually useful and different than corner store food. The RP from this place just one night of hanging there was great! People were laughing and having a great time! I can't wait for more additions like this. Please keep up the great work on this great city!!!
  8. Orgotholik

    Heart-On @ The Foundry

    Wow, this is a very detailed and cool idea Allie!
  9. Orgotholik


    @Goryholes@Pickle Rick@DaelementsAwesome ideas all around! Thanks for the input everyone! @DaelementsYou have some really great ideas listed! One thing that came to mind while reading Daelements list... FENCE/PAWN SHOP - When you rob random locals, they have a chance to give you watches, bracelets, rings, etc. You can take these items to a FENCE on the streets for $$$ or to a Pawn Shop that will sell you equipment at extremely discount prices OR give you $$$. This would also work for random "trash" items you find in home invasions. STASH LOCAT
  10. Orgotholik


    I have some friends that RP as criminals. Not really my thing, but I do have some suggestions on things I think would be cool for their Crim-RP (specifically drugs). I don't know how everything works, so forgive me if I speak in error or my suggestions are old news. LSD - Currently, my friend told me the only way to get this is thru home break ins. He also said he tried it and it was basically the same effect as Meth. GTA Online has peyote you can find and eat and it makes you "trip" by turning you into an animal. I don't think that fits into USARRP, but having a more trippy e
  11. Orgotholik

    Driver licenses and Speed cameras

    I don't disagree. Like I said, we need to just exercise caution and keep balance in mind or the server will become a police state.
  12. Orgotholik

    Driver licenses and Speed cameras

    It's also important to remember we are all here to have fun as well. I agree with the RP and things to keep people in check. However, if we start putting to many laws/rules/limits in place, it starts to eat into the actual fun of the game. Again, I agree with RP rules and such, we just need to be careful when asking for more rules, cameras, laws and such to be put in place. If we are not careful, its going to be TOO realistic and lose some of the fun. In a nutshell, I am merely suggesting we all keep balance in mind...like many have mentioned, it is up to us (the community) to make this a
  13. Orgotholik


    Thanks for the response Kian! I actually DID get the keys to my place this weekend, barely. It's a process for sure...but I also understand it has to be kept in check, otherwise there will be doors everywhere! haha
  14. Orgotholik

    Multiple civilian job ideas

    Great ideas!
  15. Orgotholik


    I am fairly new still (about 3 weeks in the city) so forgive me if this is a repeat subject or if I am beating a dead horse. One thing I have found particularly frustrating is trying to get a property. Good folks of the city are being robbed everyday. When you save up enough money for a property, you are sweating to get it bought and all that green out of your hands so it doesn't get taken. I love how you can basically invest in any property on the map, but it is near impossible to get it done in the times I have been in the city. You need a real estate agent & you need a j
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