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  1. Dank Big

    Radio's for Civ's Walkie Talkies

    +1, this would be gas for so much. Mosleys needs this lmao
  2. Dank Big

    Allow mechanic upgrades on motorcycles

    police too scared for this one chief. +1 though
  3. Dank Big

    The Ability to Name/Sort Cars in Your Garage

    Facts, I wanna see that Big Betsy is gah damn Big Betsy even when im pullin her out. +1
  4. I choose to roleplay as a thug who gets his money by mugging sometimes. Sometimes I don't feel like taking my time selling drugs but rather robbing people cause its a quicker buck, as it is irl. Its riskier, a more serious crime because its violent, and that's the balance to how simple it is to hold a gun out and say give me your shit.
  5. I strongly agree with this one, it seems anything to do with bikes is considered power gaming because bikes are incredible at fleeing from police. But in real life bikes are incredible at fleeing from police. Thats just a fact.
  6. Dank Big


    I love the idea here, would like to add that the lsd at the time is very unrealistic, irl, you take a tab or drop of lsd, in an hour you start to feel effects that last 12 hours. In the server as of now, you take an entire vile (which irl would make you go insane) and the effects hit in like 30 in game seconds and last 15 in game minutes. I mean the minutes on the clock on the bottom left, so not even 15 real minutes. I feel considering the current rarity of LSD, it should defiantly effect you for a full 12 in game hours based on the clock on the bottom left.
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