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Everything posted by ArtaKia

  1. ArtaKia

    Lag in the city

    try to lower down the Texture settings to the lowest , im sure its a PC problem not a server problem since it works smoothly with other people.
  2. ArtaKia

    Feedback on my character.

    Very friendly . Likes to help people . So creative . Veri nais
  3. ArtaKia

    The Kia's Real Estate

    Link -Business proposal Application - The Kia's Real Estate If you have any questions feel free to ask me #ArtaKia3009
  4. ArtaKia


    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wwsynRkdB_WxzVIYEXZArfdBdKO65POOHXO8hPmcSC0/edit?usp=sharing - if you have any questions , feel free to ask me in discord - ArtaKia#3009.
  5. I never said it's a correct iq test . It's just a challenge for fun . If u see it's incorrect and don't want to do it then you don't have to comment.
  6. all of these are wrong , Sites actually gives u score on what u answer , its known when everyone recieves 120+ its unreal but its fun to see the scores , also usually most IQ's go from 90 to 110 so.... also anyone can be educated . anyone can recieve the PhD if he worked really really hard . it could be needing some IQ but still doesnt need that special IQ to recieve a PhD.
  7. I don't think it's random. It all depends on how you answered. Also seems like u were not happy with the result 😂 jkjk
  8. Hello peoples , i have the best challenge ever , You are going to do IQ test on that site : https://memorado.com/iqtest YOU WILL HAVE TO POST SCREENSHOT OF THE RESULT U GOT ! IF YOU TRY TO FAKE IT YOU SUX ! , try the best you can ! LETS SEEEEE THE BIG BRAINED PEOPLE
  9. ArtaKia

    Who wants a new computer?

    Lol if u are going to buy a 1500$ computer then I feel like the giveaway you are going to do is gonna be on a 100$ used PC
  10. ArtaKia

    Who wants a new computer?

    also i would like to know your pc specs @Raven maybe you need a computer too
  11. ArtaKia

    Who wants a new computer?

    i would like a intel xeon platinum 8276 with NVIDEA Quadro RTX 8000 48GB and 128 GB Ram
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