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    Chris Knight - Chris is just your average guy with big city dreams. He moved to LS in hopes of following in his father's footsteps & becoming a law enforcement officer. Sadly, his father passed away when Chris was only 16 after being shot multiple times by suspected gang members while on duty. Chris wants to make his father proud & protect & serve the people of LS. Until approved to be on the force, he is focused on his tow truck job. It doesn't pay much, but it's an honest living. Almost anyone can get along with Chris. He treats everyone that he meets with respect but expects the same back. Chris is a man of high morals & he carries himself with pride. He's confident in himself & his ability to succeed. When given a position of authority, Chris excels & gets the job done.


    Chris made the force & now serves his community proudly! He has also applied for a position at Pillbox Medical as a surgeon & was approved. Chris balances both jobs now & finds immense pride in his work.

    Jason Simms - Jason is the leader of the Bloods. He has dedicated his life to the gang & isn't afraid to shoot first & ask questions later, if need be. Nothing means more to him than money, power & respect. He has nothing to lose & everything to gain. He isn't afraid to do time or even die for his gang. With all that being said though, he sometimes has a soft spot for those he's close to.

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  3. I agree with this post. Which is why I do my best to RP respectfully with the cops. Even as the leader of the Bloods, I rarely curse at the cops or give them shit, unless justified. To pass it off as 'RP' is kinda stupid, because a truly smart criminal knows not to press their luck against the police. I can't count how many times I've surrendered when the odds were against me or at the very least, laughed it off whenever I got busted. I constantly yell at my boys for being disrespectful little shits, hasn't gotten me far, but I try lol.
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  8. Clocking off @ Pillbox is for some reason complicated. In order to fully clock out & not still show up on the map, you have to do it twice. I think it has something to do with the rank system, not entirely sure. Just wanted to bring it to the right people's attention, thanks.
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  14. This post is kinda lengthy, but I think you'll find it enjoyable to read & most importantly, informative. Would appreciate feedback. This is more or less a suggestion for the players of the server & not so much the server itself, but I'd love to see more people taking advantage of the /me mechanic. I recently held a meeting with some of the members of the gang my character runs (The Bloods) about this topic, & I'm actively doing what I can to improve the RP of my gang by encouraging my members to use the /me function. There's a lot of cool & interesting RP scenarios that could play out if people used & respected the power behind /me. Example, the other day my girlfriend in the city had a stab wound that the local doctors didn't stitch up. Instead of just playing this off like it meant nothing, I spent the next half hour performing ghetto surgery on the block using whiskey for pain relief, a lighter to heat up a switch blade, & finally, cauterizing the wound shut. So what could've been easily ignored, & probably would've been ignored by most, turned into a really immersive scenario that invoked real emotion & a sense of immersion which was enjoyable. So really you're just hurting yourself & your own immersion when you overlook potentially fun RP scenarios because you don't want to use /me. In my opinion, most people (for whatever reason) are too embarrassed to use /me. Maybe they feel out of place because they don't see many other people using it & that's something I'd like to change. You're in a RP server for a reason, that reason being, RP. You should never feel embarrassed to use /me. I know you don't see anything on screen from your characters when using this mechanic, but that doesn't mean it isn't happening. If someone uses /me, you can't simply ignore it. Again, I know you can't see anything on screen besides the text, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. If said player used /me, then it did happen & everyone needs to act accordingly & if anyone thinks it's 'silly' that you're using this function, then they obviously have no grasp on what roleplay is truly all about. I think the term RP has lost a lot of its meaning & unfortunately, a win mentality has taken over, & believe me, I know a lot of my boys in my gang are guilty of this & I'm doing what I can to change that, I just hope this post inspires others in the city to improve their RP as well. Set a good example, & others will eventually follow. Speaking of RP, one point I made in my most recent meeting which is just an example of good VS bad RP, is that you shouldn't be desensitized to shooting people. If you're in a gang & you shoot someone, you should be shaken up a bit by that experience & you should go lay low for a bit afterwards, because realistically speaking, you wouldn't be eager to get right back out on the streets if you had just potentially killed someone, & the same applies if you were on the receiving end of those bullets. My character, Jason, isn't perfect, but I try to RP being a gang leader/member the best that I can. For example, Jason isn't even that well known compared to some other names in the city, despite being the leader of the gang & having his face on the loading screen, why? Because when I shoot someone in the city as Jason, I make it a point to try & play that out correctly. I don't go straight back 30 minutes later & do it again. I don't go around shouting my name from the rooftops & boasting to the entire city about how I just shot someone. Instead, I lay low on the block & spend time doing other things, avoiding violence for a decent amount of time because that's what any reasonable person in the real world would do in that situation. In fact, some days I won't even shoot anyone, period. Am I saying my RP is perfect? Absolutely not, I've made plenty of mistakes, but I would like to think it's pretty good compared to what I normally see. Take last night for example. A Crip kidnapped one of my boys & wanted money in exchange for his safety. Instead of adopting a 'I have to win this' attitude (which was very tempting to do) I asked myself, what would I do in the real world if I were placed in this situation? The answer, I'd come up with the money & make the exchange. I'd drop my pride if it meant saving one of my friends, which is exactly what I did, & guess what? It wasn't even that bad. In fact, it was actually pretty cool. The Crip rolled up in disguise, the money was exchanged & my boy was tossed out of the back of a black van while rap music thumped from inside the vehicle. Did I lose money? Yes. Did one of my boys get kidnapped? Yes. Did I have to swallow my pride? YES. But, the immersion was amazing & both myself & the Crip, felt that immersion. & that brings me to my final point. You aren't here to win or to be the best, you're here for the immersion. That's what RP is all about. To experience something you probably wouldn't be able to experience otherwise. To be able to feel what it'd feel like to be in these situations, while not having to pay real consequences. Thanks for reading. -Jason Simms / Chris Knight [U136]-[MD19]
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