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    Maverick Simms - Leader of the OG Bloods.

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  1. WonderBro

    Knight & Bloom, secret agents

  2. WonderBro

    Chris Knight

  3. I agree with this post. Which is why I do my best to RP respectfully with the cops. Even as the leader of the Bloods, I rarely curse at the cops or give them shit, unless justified. To pass it off as 'RP' is kinda stupid, because a truly smart criminal knows not to press their luck against the police. I can't count how many times I've surrendered when the odds were against me or at the very least, laughed it off whenever I got busted. I constantly yell at my boys for being disrespectful little shits, hasn't gotten me far, but I try lol.
  4. WonderBro

  5. WonderBro

    Jason Simms

  6. WonderBro

    Chris Knight!

  7. WonderBro


  8. Clocking off @ Pillbox is for some reason complicated. In order to fully clock out & not still show up on the map, you have to do it twice. I think it has something to do with the rank system, not entirely sure. Just wanted to bring it to the right people's attention, thanks.
  9. WonderBro


  10. WonderBro


  11. WonderBro


  12. WonderBro

    Gina Hades' Back Story

  13. WonderBro


  14. This post is kinda lengthy, but I think you'll find it enjoyable to read & most importantly, informative. Would appreciate feedback. This is more or less a suggestion for the players of the server & not so much the server itself, but I'd love to see more people taking advantage of the /me mechanic. I recently held a meeting with some of the members of the gang my character runs (The Bloods) about this topic, & I'm actively doing what I can to improve the RP of my gang by encouraging my members to use the /me function. There's a lot of cool & interesting RP scenarios that co
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