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  1. DaisyCutter

    Shooting Range

    that would be sweet!
  2. DaisyCutter

    Shooting Range

    How about targets? NRA style paper targets, silhouette style or maybe some tin cans etc. Anyone??
  3. DaisyCutter

    Mobile Banking App: Transfer/Check Bank Funds via Phone

    How about a feature where a player can 'send' money through the phone, like Venmo. I'd like to get a deposit on cab fares so when I show up and the patron is not there, it's not a total loss.
  4. Giving drum lessons... :)


  5. DaisyCutter


  6. DaisyCutter

    Flying in

    I could live with that.
  7. DaisyCutter

    Flying in

    That's a shame....😩
  8. DaisyCutter

    Flying in

    Are people that untrustworthy?🙄
  9. DaisyCutter

    Flying in

    YES! a 'last location" would be great!
  10. DaisyCutter

    Flying in

    Could one option be flying into the same location you were when you flew out last time? Sometimes I like to pick it up before I left off.. 😀
  11. DaisyCutter


    When you fly and you get to choose where to begin, that's when I want to take it from where I left off.
  12. DaisyCutter


    Would it be possible to add a respawn from your last location? I like to pick it up from where I left off.. 😊
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