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  1. Thomas Prowse

    Quantity of Grenade Objects

    Additionally a good point to bring up in this discussion is the abundance of ammunition. I think the amount of bullets people are able to dish in a single firefight (and general) should be limited, and for people to have to pay for their ammo would also add another money sink to the game and developers know there can't be too many of those, virtual economies inflate easily. Limits on ammunition would also help prevent GP>RP and DMing, even if only slightly. Magazine capacity times 3, or so.
  2. Thomas Prowse


    People are already using backpacks to hide weapons. In RP you're not supposed to see the weapon, but it's still there for everyone to see. This change would only make it 1-to-1 with what you see.
  3. Thomas Prowse


    Remove default weapon wheel. Change inventory to TAB. Numers 1-4 hotkeys to use the items assigned to them. Additionally limited inventory space with backpacks providing extra capacity (separate inventory like a car), and actually able to hide weapons that fit the bags.
  4. Thomas Prowse

    Take Hostage Feature

    Release with GitHub: https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-take-hostage/840235 You mean something of this sort? I would like to see it implemented. Video footage in the actual link.
  5. Thomas Prowse

    NO More Emotes in Vehicles :(

    Miss smoking in my car.
  6. Thomas Prowse


    If it's turning into a riot, then LEO should treat it as one - make people disperse and/or remove them, and take instigators to jail. I'm personally against any and all "safezones", because they are abused and remove from RP options.
  7. Thomas Prowse

    Server reset removed my weed plants?

    The interior is shared, everything dropped or planted will show for everyone else as well.
  8. Thomas Prowse

    Value of life rule reinstated.

    This will only fully work if people value life in general, their own as well as others. Going around shooting dudes like popping bubblewrap isn't realistic, taking someones life isn't easy. Expect to play toughest terminator motherfucker to whom killing means nothing, and everyone else needs to be scared? That won't be fair. When people act real, they get real responses. That's big part of the issue. Shootings are normalized, just another day in the life.
  9. Thomas Prowse

    New player

    Talk to people and make connections. That'll get you 90 percent of the way.
  10. Thomas Prowse

    Request regarding motorcycles

    Firstly, adjusting the price of the Hakuchou Drag. The crotchrocket that everyone and their mothers buy, it's relatively cheap for its insane speed and control. Honestly, should be more expensive - it does not have comparables. Secondly, competition for the Hakuchou. Top tier motorcycle with more western appearance, if I could buy this, I would buy this. Only I'm forced to the Hakuchou for its superiority atm. https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Gargoyle
  11. As of now I have been put on suspension for doing my job as per instructions of higher up. Had I permitted an inmate, who's inside the penitentiary for felon in possession of a firearm, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping, to escape. I'd receive no consequences. Doing my job to stop this man from fleeing with the only weapon system granted to me with enough of reach to stop their escape before they had made it outside of the gate, I receive suspension. Keep in mind, there is no knowing what he would and could have done to another employee at Bolingbroke, or a civilian given the chance. I see no wrong in what I did, and would do it again any and everyday - rather than stand idle as a decoration. This department has bigger issues, but those are not for me to bring forth. Some of you are aware of them already. Many here judge me for my behavior, yet do the exact same or worse - but this is overlooked because of the stripes on your sleeve; or the relationships you hold with those in-charge. And with those words, I resign, Sebastian Crowley
  12. Thomas Prowse

    Mods should be more strict on bad RP

    I really do think that Gang Whitelist is a good idea. BUT at the same time, I've witnessed some horrible Fail RP from a lot of LEOs. So it's an in general issue in the community here.
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