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mojo jojo

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  1. You can also just buy a repair kit from hardware store no need to spawn a vehicle just to take a free repair kit
  2. moving on from my past and dont feel like my current last name is professional sounding enough . possibly would like to start a business in the future so getting my name changed is just step 1 of turning my life around
  3. mojo jojo

    only owning 1 business at a time

    this is currently going on in server and has been for a while now . it just simply kills rp for anyone that would want to own a business
  4. mojo jojo

    Prison drugs

    Would love to see something like drugs you could either smuggle into or make while in prison to sell to other npc inmates with very small chance of getting something like a shank or file to possibly break out with. Just think prison rp is very stall atm all you do is just wait and most people just afk .
  5. mojo jojo

    Cop car repair

    kinda not realistic that cops can just go to any random police station scattered around the city and just repair there cars instantly during police chases . i feel like police should have to repair there vehicles just like everyone else . IMO i would consider that almost the same thing as a crim going to a garage and switching cars once there engine was orange mid chase its powergaming for crims should be for police to
  6. mojo jojo

    Lockpicks ( handcuffs)

    feel like it should be like locking houses a mini game. just imagine sitting in back of cop car and messing up the lockpicking game and it make a noise or something to alert the cop
  7. mojo jojo

    Lockpicks ( handcuffs)

    I feel like if you are handcuffed by police and the cop does not search and remove the lockpicks from you . you should have a chance to unlock your handcuff and escape from car . would make for more crim rp and would also make sure cops are doing there job properly and searching people before placing them in a car
  8. mojo jojo


    Crack would be a fun drug to add to the city not for money grinding tho . Would be nice if crack gave you armor like weed does but feel like it should also make you run faster but the more you use you become dependent on it and if you use it too much you become a crack addict and have to smoke crack every few hours to avoid passing out.
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