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    Oakley Middleton

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    Oakley is an ex-Senior Deputy with Blaine County Sherrif's Office. Oakley is also an ex-Squadron Leader in the Royal Air Force - he spent 3 years as a Prison Officer in the United Kingdom's HM Prison Service. There he gained a lot of experience and worked gathered a rather high salary.

    Reece Middleton is an ex-police constable with Devon and Cornwall Police in the United Kingdom. He served for 5 years as a Police Constable in the response division. When Oakley moved to SA, Reece also decided to leave the UK and start off fresh in the US as an Attorney. He completed his BAR Exam and served the Department of Justice as an Attorney for nearly 1 month. He is now the Assistant District Attorney serving the Department of Justice for San Andreas. Reece's main career aspiration is to become a Judge within the DOJ! He became an ADA for a learning and development opportunity and experience.

    Gina Tinks is an ex-Doctor in the UK. Her main hobby in the UK was acting, hence why she is also known as Actress Tinks. Gina is currently a Correctional Officer and does not aspire to enter the BCSOs patrol division, she wishes to transfer to Patrol within the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. Gina is also the sister of Lina Tinks (an SASP Trooper)

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  1. KianG

    Civ RP - Burger Restaurant

    Actually I’m gonna rephrase that as in real life people don’t roleplay in a burger shop! I mean that it would add roleplay between people in-game 😂
  2. KianG

    Civ RP - Burger Restaurant

    I like this idea, it would add to roleplay between people like in real life. Really nice idea!
  3. KianG

    DOC Prison Check Channel Idea...

    OK. Thank you!
  4. So this idea was introduced by one of the new COs and I really really like it! I have adapted a template for an hourly check and I think that adopting this idea would bring a little more sense of responsibility to the COs in DOC... It would basically need to be a separate channel in the BLAINE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE category and would act the same as the #corrections-charges-email I would imagine it as something like #corrections-prison-status or something like that... Here is a screenshot of what I have done today... I am really looking forward to hearing other peoples opinions on this! All credit goes to @vikky33#4106 as she thought up with the original idea and it was fantastic!
  5. KianG


    I really do appreciate where you are coming from on this, however. I just don't understand what you personally believe the military would be able to do in the city. Personally I do like the idea and I understand where you are coming from I just do not understand your intentions with the military. If you really want to be Law Enforcement or something then just apply for the SASP or BCSO. I cannot see this idea working as even IRL the military do not have any powers within law enforcement with a few exceptions of what Country said above! Alternatively, I would suggest simply applying for an actual LEO department?
  6. KianG

    Appreciation Thread

    @John Sheppard for being a great dad! 😂😂😂😂
  7. KianG

    Appreciation Thread

    Ermmmm so yeah... I don’t really know how this works. But yeah I’ll give it a shot anyway LOL So first off @Country what a legend, at first I really did not like this guy. Since I got to know him, he is funny, talented and an all round nice guy! Great District Attorney and a great Commander hopefully Assistant Sheriff soon! Second off @OnlySlays from the start amazing guy, mad respect for Blake and Elliot. They both have a great personality and are easily likeable. Great Sheriff and an amazing Judge! Thirdly, @Cas... yeah the profile says it all lol Cas is brilliant, such a chilled guy, very lenient and fair. Very honest as well! Mad respect for you. Not enough words to say to these people so far. @life4vice Yes... you next 😂 you’re brilliant! Jeffery is a good laugh, Tyler Gray is interesting as you get to know him but OOC you are so useful, respectful and really polite. Despite me messaging you a lot with concerns and questions I have you still respond to me and you still give me a tonne of advice and support! If anyone were to be the community father figure I think that would be you LOL the mature one out of us all. Next is @Judge Declan Taylor Yesterday I realised how chilled this man actually is... he is funny, talented and hella intelligent! Also really respectful of others opinions! @AA Ron/Jack/Dirk Where do I start? He’s funny, he’s kind and more importantly he’s a friend. Was amazing since day 1 in the BCSO. Dirk, you did my interview, you did my training and you were there for me when I had questions! I hope you come back to the BCSO one day? It really changed when you left... @William Queen LMAO Lina and Gina are the best... Alex and Reece are getting friendly as well lately thanks for letting me be your sister you little legend! @Trezopig my drugs buddy! (We did drugs busts together) @Jamie Amazing website! Amazing streams! Overall amazing guy... @Schwifty Great guy, that laugh you have on you is impressive. Absolutely love your streams and I love Charles’ character in-game! From Panic Button Oakley 😉 @minipunch of course for the strangest Discord messages and GIFs @yellowsupercar87 for his wonderful rain hat he wears ahaha @Jordan Day ya scouser lol... you went through CO training with me and you were there since day #1... I hope I didn’t miss anyone that really did mean something? I will probably edit if I did!
  8. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CZjcujl6nHILRUIq3-8Nsw6aqZXlCCa38y3Of1oIVfc/edit?usp=sharing - any questions please feel free to ask them. The general public can contact on Kian#6957@thetinksvan.com
  9. KianG

    Knox vs McStone

    Thank you @Jordan Day, I have contacted Mr Knox to make him aware of the change. You have been an honest life saver and I wish you the best of luck!
  10. KianG

    Knox vs McStone

    I am deeply saddened to let this client down yet again, however, following my recent appointment as an Assistant District Attorney, I will be contacting my client(s) to seek other legal representation.
  11. KianG

    Jones vs SASP

    Following my recent appointment as an Assistant District Attorney, I will be contacting my client(s) to seek other legal representation.
  12. KianG

    Fox vs SASP

    Following my recent appointment as an Assistant District Attorney, I will be contacting my client(s) to seek other legal representation.
  13. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k0YOJz-158hJkaRcXB86qD8Ocac5o34rwbmG9cHxgPk/edit?usp=sharing
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