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    Kian Maat was born and raised in Cornwall, UK until the age of 18 when he and his friends decided they’d venture off somewhere not knowing where they’d eventually end up. They began a road trip that would eventually take them from the UK across Europe and eventually somehow landing up in New York where he and his friends eventually went separate ways after finding jobs and gangs to go to.

    Kian wasn’t about the gang life, he chose to continue travelling by himself until he found somewhere he knew he would settle into well. He found San Andreas on his way to another state and chosen that this was not a stop for him but it was a lifetime stop, somewhere he wanted to live and work. He applied for a role in the Department of Corrections with the BCSO, he got said role and began his career as a correctional officer. Kian then climbed up the ranks in Detention until he got to Captain. Throughout his time in Detention, Kian met his wife and was adopted by his mother that shortly after moved to Portugal. After becoming a Maat and having his mother leave to Portugal, Kian stuck around for a little while but eventually left his position in the BCSO and travelled to Portugal to spend time with his new adopted family. He then returned to the BCSO after coming back to the city where he became a Detective and is today a Detective Sergeant with the Criminal Investigations Division.

    Reece Simmons came to San Andreas with his brother Oakley Middleton (Reece was a Middleton for quite some time before marriage). Oakley became a cop, Reece became a Judge. It was a fairly simple story until Oakley died and threw Reece off a little bit. Reece began hanging out while he was a Judge with Justin Montoya at the time and became friends with many criminals in the city. He adopted Wayne Kerr making him Wayne Middleton-Kerr. And eventually left his position after it took up so much of his life and had dealt with too much for his liking. After hanging out with his son, Reece slowly but surely began turning the criminal route. Eventually hanging out with multiple gang members from Crips, The Crew and Green Gang turned Reece against the system he used to work for. Reece noticed the flaws in the system and knew he was working for a corrupt and broken system. Reece became an Ace Prospect after some time to explore his options in the city of gangs, he chose the Aces over most other gangs due to the family connection, it was in the Aces where Reece met his husband Bobby Simmons, Reece now leads the aces as Chief JustAce just doing Ace shit trying to rebuild with his main homies Bobby, Roland, Scarlett, Jdawg and Ryan. 🤍

    Austin Amana is an ex-Judge in the city of New York, after moving to LS to enjoy a holiday experience and to meet new people, he slipped into his old ways and quickly became a Lawyer and soon enough a Judge after seeing the state of the legal system. He is now serving the State of San Andreas as a Chief Judge.

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  1. Kian

    Burger Shot drive-thru

    As much as I hate the sound of my real life job coming to the server 😂😂... I must say I do really quite like this idea as long as it’s done properly and people actually do their job in burger shot. Stuff will go smoothly and sounds like a grand idea...
  2. THIS CASE IS CLOSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. The Prosecution may bring forth another criminal case to the courts when they have an arranged and organised case, for now the case has been dismissed following the preliminary hearing and the prosecution is asked to cease.
  3. This will only be the arraignment as Honourable Linda Monroe has a case an hour after this scheduled arraignment hearing.
  4. SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF SAN ANDREAS GENERAL COURT HALL Chief Judge Austin Amana The People, Plaintiff v. Jordan Tyrone Ace, Defendant ___________________________________ Arraignment Date set for Monday 7th June 2021 @3pm EST/8pm BST @PulseHD please seek representation for this case. @Buggy it is to my understanding you are the prosecution, please begin listing evidence and the charges for arraignment below.
  5. SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF SAN ANDREAS GENERAL COURT HALL Chief Judge Austin Amana The People, Plaintiff v. James Reed, Defendant ___________________________________ Arraignment Date set for Sunday 6th June 2021 @2pm EST/7pm BST @Cas it is to my understanding that you are the Defendant's Representation for this case. @Dlorez it is also to my understanding you were the arresting officer or at least involved in the arrest in the Defendant, therefore please inform me of who will be prosecuting this case and have them post here at your earli
  6. APPROVED - Honorable A. Amana Contact a Community Admin+ on Discord to get this changed, don't /help in-game
  7. Kian

    Request for compensation

    You need to post a refund request https://www.usarrp.net/forums/topic/779-refund-request-application-form/?do=getLastComment
  8. Homies Law Current Name: Sandy Marie Cheekz Name Requested: Sandy Saint Francis Reason: Adopted by Oliver Francis - Kian Maat, Homie Law
  9. Kian

    Name Change Approved

    Hey @Gems! Go to our Discord and DM a Community Admin or above to process your name change. Be patient in waiting for their response as they are often very busy. Thank you, Kian
  10. peng views tbh... 



  11. Kian

    Zack Crayon expungement request

    Moving to archive...
  12. Kian

    Wes Sour Expungement Request

    under review
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