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  1. just chattin shit... 



  2. Clubbbinnnn



  3. Kian

    Weed Plants Dying For No Reason

    @BainseyWhen did you feed/water them?
  4. Kian


    It’s not so much power gaming it’s more so FailRP, I am quite frankly sick of it happening and seeing it happen more often in the past few months... I feel as though an implementation of a hack saw would just cause a spike in this and people will start to deliberately shoot at cops JUST so they can go to Pillbox and be broken out by friends to then have them start sawing their handcuffs off... For sure, make some more uncuffing spots and add departmental policies but not something portable that can be used anywhere that’s asking for trouble... people will start going t
  5. Your client came to the courthouse with a prohibited firearm, not only is he a felon but he also had a prohibited attachment on said handgun. Expungement denied.
  6. Kian

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Cant load into the server

    Yes, this sounds a lot like an "Awaiting Scripts" issue, it happens to all of us at the worst of times. Unfortunately, the only way to fix it is to quit out of the game and then re-connect to the server, I'd suggest trying to direct connect through F8 > connect It sometimes works and then sometimes doesn't, you just need to make sure you keep trying to join the server. The best way to combat this issue is to make sure you are not tabbing out when loading into the server and to try direct connecting (not sure how effective the direc
  7. Kian

    Name Change

    SASC Marriage Name Change Record Current Name: Avery Joy Hyland DOB: 12/26/1996 Approved Changed Name: Avery Joy Wallis - Austin Amana
  8. Kian

    The People V Edward Roberts | #SASC0004 AA

    Court findings: PC 69 - Threatening a peace officer - GUILTY PC 148(a) - Resisting, delaying or obstructing a peace officer - GUILTY PC 207(a) x 4 - Kidnapping- NOT GUILTY PC 182/187 x 1 - Conspiracy to commit murder in the 1st degree- GUILTY PC 206 x 1 - Torture- GUILTY 18 USC 2331 - Terrorism- NOT GUILTY PC 207(b) - Kidnapping a peace officer- GUILTY PC 210.5 - False imprisonment of a hostage- GUILTY PC 245 x 3 - Assault with a deadly weapon- GUILTY PC 182/206 - Conspiracy to commit torture- NOT GUILTY PC 187 x 4- Murder in the 1s
  9. Kian

    The People V Edward Roberts | #SASC0004 AA

    All evidence submitted by the prosecution have been reviewed and approved by the courts.
  10. Kian

    The People V Edward Roberts | #SASC0004 AA

    I had gotten my time zones mixed up this was scheduled to take place at 19:30 EST/00:30 GMT However, due to my mishap we I am more than happy to delay this by half an hour to schedule it for 20:00 EST/01:00 GMT to allow time for law enforcement and Corrections to prepare a transport for Mr Roberts to the courthouse.
  11. Kian

    The People V Edward Roberts | #SASC0004 AA

    I will be allowing the addition of these charges.
  12. Accepted Case closed, 300 months 45k fine.
  13. The court acknowledges this plea deal and is willing to discuss at this evenings trial as scheduled.
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