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  1. MinervaMaat

    Prison Locks

    Still the same from what people on duty said.
  2. MinervaMaat

    Prison Suggestions

    There’s a lot of suggestions I’ve put forward privately and here but only with time they’ll be looked at. Also thank you for saying this. This means a lot more than you think right now ❤️
  3. MinervaMaat

    EMS and DR interactions

    I never once ooc'd my injuries and I roleplay injuries and recoveries a lot LUL I do /me and whatever it is then depending on how they deal with it I go with the rp. I dont have a picture of an example but you decide your injuries. Well normally, i check /injuries and depending how how badly i want my character to be injured i try to stay where the injuries are but I decide how bad it is and communicate that through /me's. If it's something they would clearly see like you having blood coming out of your mouth or something like that I tell them right when they get on scene so they ca
  4. MinervaMaat


    YUUUUUUUS give us whiteclaws for the partiiies #GoodVibesOnly #AlphaPhi
  5. MinervaMaat

    Radio emote gets stuck when on Tac Channels

    Still having this issue
  6. MinervaMaat

    Parsons Rehabilitation Center

    With the amount of people being held for psychiatric reasons and just roleplaying with various disorders, we need this. I stayed away for psychiatry for a lot of reasons, one being I'm not confortable dealing with it but i also don't want to ruin roleplay that people want to do so please we need a mental facility for those that want to roleplay that they need it. The prison is not the place for it as it doesn't have the staff trained for it and resources needed. It can also serve as the office for Psychologists and where people go to for appointments. (This should be something ran by
  7. MinervaMaat

    Prison ideas :D

    Well you didn't understand the suggestion it's not roleplaying the weapons, is having the weapon.
  8. MinervaMaat

    Prison ideas :D

    I'll add to this with a few things that I already suggested when I saw the prison for the first time: - Be able to store things in your prison pocket (literally). Inmates would be able to find different items around the prison that corrections can't see (there's no need for a system that hides that from CD's, you roleplay that you can't see it). They would be able to grab it and if there's CD's in the same area they would be alerted by it. Then you would have "Ass Meth" , "Ass lockpick", "Ass spoon", etc which you can use to make different things. Corrections would only find those
  9. MinervaMaat


    Having a 311 system added so we would have both 911 and 311. It would be used for non emergencies like irl so people can ask for firearms permits, ask for an officer at a station for a police report, warn you're waiting for an interview for police, warn corrections that you wish to visit an inmate and other non emergencies. It can also be used by cops and dispatch during certain situations to not interrupt radio traffic (like calling on duty if there's a situation going on) and they would be able to answer civilians with the same dispatch command. Would help PD organization and woul
  10. MinervaMaat

    Radio emote gets stuck when on Tac Channels

    Been happening to me recently in all frequencies honestly. You can only get it unstuck by canceling the animation which sucks because if I’m running after someone and need to use a taser or gun I cant even aim properly.
  11. MinervaMaat

    The People V. Zane McClain

    Monday: 5:00pm - 10:00pm Tuesday: 6:30pm - 10:00pm Wednesday: 5:00pm - 10:00pm Thursday: 6:30pm - 10:00pm Friday/Saturday: Not Available Sunday: 5:00pm - 11:00pm (Beware my availablity might change)
  12. MinervaMaat

    White-listed Gang Members & Locals

    Actually this is very possible 'cause I've seen it before and I've played on places that had this where there would be a level system where gang members would have to do certain things to gain the "respect" of the npc gang members and once you've reached a certain level they wouldn't attack you. (I've seen this work pretty well when there's limit to how many actual players (criminals) can be in a situation because of how messy it gets for the police considering they would have to deal with like 10+ npc's apart from the players). Overall a great idea for the criminal roleplay and it also challe
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