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  1. #JusticeForZane Tensions are high and stakes are higher @BJK1908


  2. Early stages of planning part 2 #JusticeForZane @BJK1908


  3. Early stages of planning part 1 #JusticeForZane @BJK1908


  4. #Pastaforzane #ColorsDoNotMatter #justiceforzane @BJK1908 @Everyone


    @reakinghavok26 @Ms Wickedz Our planning near 2 months ago could never have prepared us for what was going to take place yesterday, we could have never expected this kind of turn out and for it to be this big of an event. Our plans as well as many others that came to us wanting to break him out before his execution date played a big part in how this night went down. Some of our plans used and some of them new because of the scale.


    Still moved by how many people banded together to try to save our family members life, you all are much appreciated and I know some are not in this picture but just know they were just as involved as the others. It should also be noted that not only all gangs banded together however some non-gang members as well as legal citizens. This night truly united the city and it will be a long time until something like this happens again.


    One of the gangs missing from the picture is Purp but make no mistake they played a huge role in this night, huge shout out to Kane @Sandoril❤️ 💜 and many more that were not in this picture that should have been but it was short notice right before most of us rolled out into our positions which some already had ❤️


    It should also be mentioned that the cops played a huge role in also making this night possible! You guys did a fantastic job and honestly were very respectful from what I saw. This was not an assault on @BCSO or @SASP this was an attempt to save a life that the people feel the DOJ has failed. You are not the cause you are just the ones that had to protect Zane even if it was bringing him to take his last breath. He could have been taken somewhere and shot by a corrupt cop, he was not. Thank you for making this RP possible and being graceful about it. I know tensions can get high and isolated incidents probably occurred but the tone of the cops was respect and keeping people safe. 💛


    RIP buddy you will forever be missed, you were one of a kind 💛.


  5. #CrimOne #pastaforzane @BJK1908 @Kassidy Grey @Dabbn @PabloGarcia


    Prison on lock down and heavy surveillance 


  6. 🌇🌆 🌞 Nightcap Flight


  7. Well FFC is canceled but we had a bomb dance party! 🕺


  8. FFC Ready and waiting


  9. Waiting for FFC eerily quiet 


  10. Hank Hilliams


    I am sure they would not hire certain felons and it may be this way in city, however there comes a time to balance realism and what works. I do not see this happening though with how most legal jobs have gone, I just know fast food is about the only place felons can work IRL and this is why I feel it should have not become a legal only job. I have noticed since felons cannot work there I avoid it like the plague and just get my food from gas stations and liquor stores. The crime level at burger shot has seemed to increase (could be wrong) and it used to be a thriving place and the only spot I would get food and drink. It provided quality RP and a spot for new people in the city to make connections and get familiar with the city. It also helped cops and crims have interactions outside of crimes to build some respect towards each other on a more regular basis. Not saying what I think is right this is just how I see it. A very valuable spot in the city is now just a wasteland to me and I only go there to get hostages.
  11. Hank Hilliams


    aka enough safe zones already and do not need one in each area of the city for people to run to.
  12. Hank Hilliams


    I do not think safe zone is the answer city has enough of them already.
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