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  2. Ruben Little

    The People v. Ruben Little

    Plea Deal Accepted
  3. Ruben Little

    The People v. Ruben Little

    7/5/20 should work for me preferably in the evening time or right after tsunami.
  4. Ruben Little

    Civilian Radios

    +1 would be awesome to have for criminals and easier to plan bigger and more creative things.
  5. Ruben Little

    Snow Day for a Day?

    i know! i miss it tho
  6. Ruben Little

    Snow Day for a Day?

    Just a question can we have a snow day for a couple days or maybe one day here and there. I like the snow and its fun to throw snowballs at friends.
  7. Ruben Little

    Car Speed

    I think its scuffed that my super goes 140mph and the Glendale goes like 160 and is like 40k.
  8. I think people should just be more realistic in general. It also depends on who the Criminal is and who the Cop is. I have had 3 hostages once, and been tackled mid negotiations with an AP. I have had 1 hostage and had great negotiations. It really varies on who is on each side. I also don't think a lot of things are realistic in the server and could be fixed. Negotiating for a cop to dance and sing is not realistic at all all though it can be fun to some. Robbing a store with a bat and expecting cops to value your hostage is also not very realistic. The cops would beanbag/taze/sh
  9. Ruben Little

    Local Gun Drop inside houses

    The locals guns drop when you beat them in their house, not that big of a deal but I can see it being abused since you can’t see it when searched
  10. Ruben Little

    Buyable/Rentable Storage Units

    Think this would be cool especially if you could lockpick them maybe?
  11. Ruben Little

    "Gang activity"

    I mean IRL I wouldn’t go up to a gangster and piss them off unless I wanted to get shot. But that’s besides the point, I don’t know what you experiences were but I’ve never seen a gang harass regular citizens, and if so I think that just falls on the police and that they need to hit harder on the gangs. Gangs aren’t really meant to be liked by the citizens of the city n real life, which is why there is police. Just my opinion though.
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