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  1. Coby

    Hacking Cameras

    That could be cool if done properly tbh. Maybe have a item or something that can hack into the security system and disable the cameras for the time it takes to complete the robbery. I agree that it should be a hard item to get or thing to do, otherwise cameras would be useless since they would be disabled at every robbery lmao.
  2. Coby

    Prison Locks

    Most of the gates and everything worked fine, so did the prison doors/cells. The only problem i ran into was not even seeing the locks for some doors. The calls in MRPD didn't have locks and the 2nd prison gate didnt have a lock either. The locks i could see worked fine tho.
  3. Coby

    Doctor Pay Raise

    Ah, so i make 25 more then someone flipping burgers when i get shot all day lmaooo
  4. Coby

    Doctor Pay Raise

    Pretty sure burgershot gets paid more then me, and im a BCSO Captain lmao
  5. Coby

    robbing cop guns

  6. 20200725131311_1.jpg?width=764&height=43

  7. Coby

    Bandage resets walkstyle

    As the title says, anytime you get a band aid or use a first aid kit it resets your walk style. Not sure if its a bug or whatever but figured id post it.
  8. Coby

    BCSO armory

    and make so it we can clock on at any police station (or at least the ones in sandy and paleto)
  9. Coby

    How can I collect on a will?

    I believe you just talk to a judge.
  10. Coby

    Scratched Revolver

    I know i personally love the revolver and a lot of other people do too, but only being able to buy it with a firearms permit kinda hinders the ability to use it. So, i suggest it be added to the black market with all the other pistols.
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