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  1. jay17

    The People v. Ruben Little

    Prosecution has reached a plea deal in the matter. Plea deal will be; Defendant is pleading guilty to ALL charges. We will move straight to a death penalty hearing If the Jury sentences Ruben Little to death he is to serve out that sentence. If Jury does not see the death penalty as fit, defendant will serve 7 years (7 days) alongside a $35,000 fine. Ruben Little will be allowed visits to Zane McClain whilst in Bolingbroke under the direction of Corrections Staff.
  2. jay17

    The People v. Ruben Little

    I, Eric Woodall will now be taking recipient of the case. Prosecution motions to admit the following evidence. Exhibit B11: [LINK] Exhibit B12: [LINK]
  3. First of, I would like to apologize to the court for this frivolous case, opposing counsel has reimbursed my client 5,000$ for wasting his time.
  4. Before it's requested, here's my schedule your honour. All times are in eastern standard. Monday: UNAVAILABLE Tuesday: UNAVAILABLE Wednesday: 9:00PM - 11:00PM Thursday: 8:00PM - 11:00PM Friday: UNAVAILABLE Saturday: 7:00PM - 11:00PM Sunday: UNAVAILABLE I may be able to squeeze some time in, but I will need at minimum a one-week notice.
  5. jay17

    The People v. Rawlo Johnson

  6. jay17

    Renshaw Law | Expungement Request Mari Gunz

    Co-counsel has 24 hours to show they're representing Ms. Gunz
  7. jay17

    Lefty Brown Vs. Officer Diaz

    So let me get this straight, your client got into a pursuit with law enforcement, was injured, then is now suing? Before this case is moved forward clarity is needed.
  8. jay17

    Lucy Cole v. Michael Hughes

    Closed due to the fact lead counsel is now a member of the District Attorney's Office.
  9. jay17

    Christian Mcgee v. Kevin Isle

    Closed due to the fact lead counsel is now a member of the District Attorney's Office.
  10. jay17

    Renshaw Law | Restraining Order

    Have your client refile with another attorney as you're now a member of the District Attorney's Office.
  11. Expungement request denied, it's far to soon to make the determination if change has been done. Feel free to refile a week from today.
  12. jay17

    Last Will of Ivan Tyrees Davison

    This will has been noted, please make your client aware that regardless of when this will was submitted or how it was submitted we will not accept a will that pertains the ownership of a home. The house will go back into the care of the state if such tragic incidents were to occur.
  13. jay17

    York Law | Mackson Expungement Request

    Alright, have your client to provide proof of completion to a Judge, where then this expungement will be processed.
  14. jay17

    Tindell Law | Karl B Kirby DOB change

    Approved, seek through the proper channels to have this completed.
  15. jay17

    Lucy Cole v. Michael Hughes

    @Carter Please respond with either of the following, or you may have a qualified attorney do so; you may file a motion to dismiss, or you may respond to the claims. Where then the case will be reviewed. If you intend on filing a motion to dismiss, ensure that you're not disputing the facts in evidence, that is the point of discovery is to get the evidence, a motion to dismiss would entail that even if the case were to go to trial and you were to loose there is no legal precedent that would grant anything. If you intend on responding to the claims, respond to the general allegations.
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