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  1. jay17

    The People vs Laura Montoya

    We ask the courts to recognize this document as The People's Exhibit 4B. Link
  2. jay17

    The People vs Laura Montoya

    To make opposing counsel aware, the preliminary of the autopsy has been performed, and we would like to make it aware that we will be introducing this disturbing piece of evidence as an exhibit once the document is finalized by the doctor.
  3. jay17

    The People vs Dio Raig

    Prosecution and defense have reached a plea deal in the matter. The defendant, Dio Raig, will plead guilty to all charges. Dio Raig will serve 240 months at Bolingbroke Penitentiary, with a $30,000 fine.
  4. jay17

    The People vs Laura Montoya

    Will there be a court appointed doctor?
  5. jay17

    The People vs Laura Montoya

    I'm unsure if they want the body to be exhumed, however I would imagine they would want such outcome.
  6. jay17

    The People vs Laura Montoya

    To make all parties aware, prosecution has amended the charges. We will be seeking second degree murder with the lesser included offence of manslaughter, and no longer seeking murder in the first degree.
  7. jay17

    The People vs Laura Montoya

    Your honour, the reasoning is; there was never an autopsy performed at the time of the incident due to the unavailability of a doctor who is pertinent in the field of performing an autospy. The autopsy will prove the cause of death and the weapon / caliber of round that was inflicted on Vikky Thomas.
  8. jay17

    The People vs Laura Montoya

    Cruz Renshaw (@betteroffinsane) will be my co-counsel for this case.
  9. With all do respect Mr. Billig, it's unethical on both of our parts to be going back and forth, we have both made our arguments and we shall let the honorable decide. We have provided a legal reasoning as to why a motion to dismiss hearing a hearing at minimum must be granted. I apologize to the courts on behalf of myself and Mr. Billig actions for arguing amongst ourself.
  10. With respect to the opposing counsel, it is on the burden of the plaintiff to proof it's case, which one piece of evidence is yet to be provided. We have provided legal grounds for the motion to dismiss to be heard, whilst defense counsel has provided nothing, I can see no reasoning how this court could not hear our motion. We intend on responding to the allegations, then showing that there is no legal precedent for this case to continue. Case Law References; Russo v. City of Cincinnati, 953 F.2d 1036 (6th Cir. 1992)-Police officers used a Taser multiple times on a ment
  11. I, Eric Woodall, will be co-counsel for this case. Unfortunately, lead counsel is not able to get to his laptop soon so I was asked to submit myself as co-counsel, I'd like to reassure the courts that lead counsel will calibrate to the fact that I am co-counsel upon him being able to access the government site. The defense team hereby submits a motion to dismiss with the grounds of Rule 12, of the Federal Civil Procedure with the Superior Court of San Andreas. Just to make it clear to the courts, we're simply submitting the grounds to get the dismissal hearing, we're not asking to
  12. jay17

    The People vs Laura Montoya

    Anytime today works for me
  13. jay17

    The People vs Laura Montoya

    We have no issues with that your honour, although since this is a hearing we ask that this hearing be open to the public and not in chambers.
  14. jay17

    The People vs Laura Montoya

    That time works for me your honour
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