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    On May 31st, 1996 a star name Desmond Doss was born. His parents raised him to become a good kid and a good human being in the world. When he is 20 years old, he moved away from his mom and dad to live on his own. So he chose to move to Los Santos to start making his features there, but not too long later he got a new that will change is life forever. His parents was involved in a car accident and the didn’t make it. After he heard about the incident he immediately turns depressed and drinks a lot of alcohol while he is not even supposed to. But at the moment we’re life doesn’t mean much to him anymore he meet a person name Kenny Zooker, and soon enough Kenny take Desmond to meet a person that would change his life completely around. The person who also later adopted him is she is no one else than the woman herself Madison Skye a big well known gang leader of Purp Gang which Desmond later join the gang and who also introduced Desmond to Terry Jenkins and the S7 Crips who also Desmond called homies and family later on. He was also got adopted by Terry Jenkins not too long later and was rocking the streets of not only Los Santos but State of San Andreas. Everyone who rolled with Desmond and knows him called him desie which a nickname that well known all over the city. Now everyone should know Desmond son of Terry Jenkins and Madison Skye.

    Allen Wyatt was born on September 24, 1995. He was born in a military family. His dad former Navy Seal, his mom was in the U.S. Army. They feel in love with each other since 1988. His family raised him up in Los Santos city of San Andreas. He grown up under the influence of his dad, he look at his dad as a hero. He always tell his friend he got a dad who’s better than a Harvard graduate student. He like to eat fires chicken, and drink strawberry smoothie. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force when he was 20 years old to help holding the front line of his counoand keep everyone safe.

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