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    desie Skye Jenkins
    Allen Wyatt (Dead, dead as hell)
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    A nerd in high school always gets bullied, but one day his bully’s mom came to apologize to him for her son’s actions, desie proceeded to spit some games but it worked. So from that day forward after he nailed his bully’s mother. He became your typical fuck boi just because he a beautiful muhfucka after puberty hit him lime a motherfucka. Oh yeah can’t forget to mention he is THE Son of Bad bitch Madie and motherfooking Terry. Reach out for a dick appointment at 1-800-suck-my-nutz.

    Allen Wyatt was born on September 24, 1995. He was born in a military family. Dad former Navy Seal, his mom was in the U.S. Army or work in the corner (not sure). They feel in love with each other since 1988. His family raised him up in Los Santos city of San Andreas. He like to eat fires chicken (fuck your chicken scrips), drink strawberry smoothie with the baddies. (Most importantly he dead asf)

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  1. desie

    Add a crosshair

    let’s remove all guns, add swords, bows & arrow go back to the medieval days #USARRPMEDIEVAL
  2. Good morning beautiful 🌞🌻

  3. Happy birthday 🎂🎊🎈

    1. desie


      Thank you so much Jack ❤️

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