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    I am adding my two cents . I have seen similar answers by my fellow CO's here and just wanted to add my perspective. I would consider myself very new to this server and going through my time as a CO just like everyone else that wishes to become part of BCSO. At least from my perspective it is kinda odd to want to become part of BCSO and go through the CO program but if you want to be part of the SASP you apply, get interviewed and get to start your training immediately ((this perspective is from someone who has no knowledge of the training program at SASP and I own that.)) What I would suggest is having all cadets start at the corrections and have them wear blue if they are gunning for SASP and brown for BCSO. I feel this would encourage command staff to pick the recruits for thier department from a larger pool. As far as role play with crims I have so far lead a very colorful career as a CO and learned from my mistakes and the crims are helping me become the officer I want to be. That being said however it is alittle upsetting to count rocks in the parking lot for hours get a call for a transfer, and the new inmate going right to sleep when the process is done, it's disheartening as a CO and a new player ((who can be shy )) to not be able to gain role play exposure. The only other thing I would like to add is as a CO ((from my perspective)) we are looked down on sometimes by those in BCSO or SASP. Not to the point of any kind of abuse or any fault of the role player just....when you are trying to be a good little CO and get your time in and you are sitting at the prison alone in the correctional radio channel alone you tend to get excited when someone drives up to come on duty. besides a quick "hey how you are doing?" it's like they just want to get out of there asap. I understand they have a job they wish to do but even just five minutes of your time ((barring any officer down calls)) it is nice when we are given even a little rp. I say this all just from my perspective and have nothing but love in my heart for all members of this community, I just wanted to add to this conversation ❤️
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