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Ryilo (Xason/Bason)

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    Xason Vason-Qay
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    Xason Vason Qay:

    Xason is part of a large family of brothers (Jason, Tason, Fason, Nason, etc.) that all grew up in Australia. Every single one of them moved to Los Santos and was able to adapt to the life of the USA. Xason is proud of where he comes from and shares the "Aussie" vibe throughout the city. He formed an Aussie gang for only Australian's which is mainly made up of family and family friends. He is a hard-core criminal, but approachable and will only mess with you if you mess with him.

    Bason Wason-Aay:

    Bason served in the army for a total of 4 years and now is a stay-at-home Dad. He is a father of one boy, who is currently 3 years of age, and is single due to the loss of his wife in a car accident. Bason's wife was murdered, and he wants to serve justice for the city of San Andreas. Now that his son is able to start kindergarten, he is able to start working again.

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  1. Ryilo (Xason/Bason)

    911 Calls

    I'd like this if 911 calls were more descriptive.
  2. Ryilo (Xason/Bason)

    Better description on 911 calls.

    I think this would be a great addition to Sale of Narcotics calls tbh.
  3. Ryilo (Xason/Bason)

    Sandy SO - BCSO

    Hey, I'm not sure if this is because of my rank, but BCSO members cannot receive anything out of these locker rooms/armory. We are able to access the Armory at MRPD so I believe we should be able to access them here at the Sandy SO, I don't even really care about clocking on/off here, but it would be nice if we had permissions to use this Thank you
  4. Ryilo (Xason/Bason)

    Benefactor Dubsta 6x6

    The Benefactor Dubsta 6x6 is one of the few cars that can fit 6 people in it, and I really like this feature as I have recently bought the car. I'm not sure because im in Australia I experience more desync than others, but all my Australian boys we are constantly hitting shit in eachothers eyes. Like say I'm driving the car, and 2 people are sitting in the open back seats they will fall out due to me hitting stuff in their eyes even tho I don't hit stuff in my eyes. I feel to fix this is either add a seatbelt option which could just be RP'd as a strap in the back of the car, or remove the feature to fall out of the car when you collide with objects for maybe that specific car.
  5. Ryilo (Xason/Bason)

    Grace Period

    yes yes yes, being non whitelisted im spending more time queuing than i am playing with frequent head pops and awaiting scripts glitches
  6. Ryilo (Xason/Bason)

    chillin with slavi

    no comment
  7. Ryilo (Xason/Bason)

    chillin with slavi

  8. Ryilo (Xason/Bason)

    Bike shop at Prison

    @Garry Frankson I agree. It's such a simple feature to add and it would help me personally a lot.
  9. Ryilo (Xason/Bason)

    Appreciation Thread

    love you all ❤️ - Jason/Xason/Fason/Tason/Dason/Bason/Nason
  10. Ryilo (Xason/Bason)

    Bike shop at Prison

    Title says it all really, it would be nice to have a bike shop at the prison so when we get out we can buy a bike and ride to harmony or where ever.
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