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  1. Astroo ¤_¤

    Appreciation Thread

    thank you minipunch for sharing your drip 🤯🥺
  2. Astroo ¤_¤

    A question.

  3. Astroo ¤_¤

    More hairstyles for male

    regarding hair cuts, why can't you see the fade on some of the haircuts, instead of hair it's just baldness lol.
  4. Yeah I've also roleplayed in fivem servers that had the scavenging job, I agree with the idea but theres just one problem each server has faced; in the other servers scavengers got robbed at their selling place... A LOT. Gangs and criminals would literally hide in bushes and ambush the scavengers taking all their keep for the day. (Mind you, a scavenging trip cost you around 30 mins or less) But other than the gangs constantly robbing the scavengers, the job was pretty fun and added more variety to the server and different roleplaying scenarios.
  5. Astroo ¤_¤

    Place a shop or food outlet at LSIA

    +1 a hot dog stand
  6. Astroo ¤_¤

    Server Rule for Vanilla Unicorn being 18+.

    if my mom found me going to a strip club in gta she would be very mad even when i'll be old
  7. Astroo ¤_¤

    A quick suggestion regarding the economy

    This would also add more variety for cops to deal with (which would be ironically be good for cop rp)
  8. Astroo ¤_¤

    Get rid of the trees

    ratio for people who like trees to people who crash and hate trees 1:20 for every 1 person that likes trees there are 20 people who crash and hate trees
  9. Astroo ¤_¤

    Random Explosion at Casino

    possibly a modder?
  10. Astroo ¤_¤

    Get rid of the trees

    I agree, it might be my pc too (idk) but the addon trees cause unnecesary lag, I'll be chillin in the area with nve at a constant 60-70fps and the area around it, when I go hunting my frame rate goes WOOOP and drops to 30-40fps.
  11. Astroo ¤_¤

    Get rid of the tripping

    I mean what you can do is slightly reduce the damage given when you trip rather than removing it because sometimes i've tripped and i've gotten a whole list of injuries, left thigh, bruised, bleeding, right thigh, bruised, bleeding, HEAD, bruised bleeding, etc, etc. Another thing is; you don't have to necessarily spam jump to trip, sometimes i jump once and trip and get a big list. (maybe potentially lower the amount of times (or the ratio) a person can jump before tripping. Now because of this issue I had to carry like 8 medkits with me ( i dont use all 8 everytime ok ) everywhere I went whic
  12. Astroo ¤_¤

    FIB Agency addition

    yea i just found out about the sub divisions, i got accepted today, thanks for the feedback guys!
  13. Astroo ¤_¤

    FIB Agency addition

    Ok it's pretty self explanitory, it would be really cool to have FIB agents looking at certain crime scenes or intercepting drug deals or raiding, stuff like that. No offense to the current law enforcement agencies like BSCO and SASP, but it would add variety to usarrp and it would make it much more fun in my opinon. Likewise you can also add a swat unit for the fib so it makes more sense for drug raids, etc.
  14. Astroo ¤_¤

    Bring back custom cars

    ok lets be honest the trees do look really unnatural and look very cluttered.
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