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    Ryan McNulty
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    Ryan grew up in the hood of LS. He was the youngest in the family and his older brothers were in a street gang. Resisting the gang life Ryan ended up taking interest in hip-hop music, particularly production. He started off beatboxing for his friends on the corners and during rap battles that usually ended up in a gang fight. After saving up to get some gear he produced his first record under the name G Masta Phunk. Having little to no success he put his record on youtube to get any sort of publicity and gave up the idea of selling his record as a CD.

    His dream was reached when he was contacted by a "J-Weezy Fo Sheezy" who was a growing rapper from Liberty City. Flying out and abandoning the home life he set out to meet his dream. All was good for him, he was able to get a sweet pad in Liberty City as well as a record label with this J-Weezy Fo Sheezy. Life was good for the G Masta, he made beats and J-Weezy spit to them.

    October 1st, 2013 he got a call from the LSPD detective department. They were wanting information on the "High riders" a small-time gang of Mexican drug cartels. The detective explained that his whole house, including his brothers and his Mom (dads been dead for awhile), were all killed in the shooting.

    Thinking of nothing but revenge Ryan heads out to talk to J-Weezy. Surprised at how heartless the entertainment business is Ryan has faced a breach of contract if he leaves.... the record he signed to wasn't complete and J-Weezy wasn't going to just let him leave. Having to give everything up, including giving his new Sultan RS to the bank, he went back to LS for revenge. The cartels who killed his family must pay. Problem is they are shady bastards, sneaking from Mexico to the US, mostly by small prop planes or undetectable sea vessels.

    Arriving in the town with nothing but the clothing on his back and a faint contact to some dude named Lamar, Ryan was ready to find the ones who killed his family, eventually getting into a criminal mix of his own or joining forces with a police department.

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  1. TrippyMane_TV

    Lost Specter and 302 Mustang

    Lmao! Good Call! @Ash I'll make sure to get on top of that. thanks
  2. TrippyMane_TV

    Lost Specter and 302 Mustang

    I've been pretty patient. Any chance on a follow-up soon? If I need to come up with a figure on the amount I can do that as well. Thanks.
  3. TrippyMane_TV

    Lost Specter and 302 Mustang

  4. TrippyMane_TV

    Lost Specter and 302 Mustang

    I have these two vehicles that say "not stored" but I cant make an insurance claim on them either. I've spoken with the new owner of my old house and they claim to have removed them and I need to file an insurance claim. Obviously, it's not working so I figure I'd post something here about it. I can get some pictures in the meantime if needed. I should probably add that the specter is on a separate account and I don't know what the problem is with it...I have narrowed the Mustang to be in my old home but other issues have occurred. I've run out of ideas so I made a post here.
  5. TrippyMane_TV

    I couldnt pay my house payment

    I just repurchased the house in fear that i would lose it in limbo
  6. TrippyMane_TV

    I couldnt pay my house payment

    There was no option for me to pay my house payment and i was online trying to pay it when i was disconnected...when i logged back in my house was up for sale again.... i had 300k and a food, maybe an ap pistol in my house.... all i care about is my money and possibly getting my property back... Procopio Drive/ house 23-- please help me... i was trying to speak in discord with Jamie at the exact moment everything happened to me...
  7. TrippyMane_TV

    Whitelist Additional Character Form

    Discord Name: xTrippyMane Character Name: Jules Santana
  8. TrippyMane_TV

    Whitelist Additional Character Form

    Discord Name:xTrippyMane#9043 Character Name : Demetrius Bonds
  9. TrippyMane_TV

    whitelist character/name change

    How important is it that we play the character in our whitelist application? I have discovered recently that my last name is being used by others and I would like to at least change my name, if possible. Thanks
  10. TrippyMane_TV

    Introductions come say Hi

    Hello. New to forums but I've been on the server for a few months now. I play as Ryan McNulty in the city. Nice to meet you all.
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