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    Ryan McNulty , Damon McNulty, Frankie Sedillo
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    Ryan grew up in the hood of Fort Smith. He was the middle son of three brothers in the family and his brothers were in a street gang. Resisting the gang life Ryan ended up taking enjoyment in rap music, particularly just the production side. He started off beatboxing for his friends on the corners, at the mall, school, wherever and during these rap battles anything could happen that usually ended up in a gang fight. After saving up to get some equipment he produced his first record under the name, "Young_Ryno". After having little to no success, Ryan put his record on Soundcloud to get any sort of publicity he could and gave up the idea of selling his record as a CD, as times were changing.

    His dream was reached when he was contacted by a "J-Weezy Fo Sheezy" who was a growing rapper from Atlanta. Flying out and abandoning the home life he set out to meet his dream. All was good for him, he was able to get a nice studio apartment in Atlanta as well as a record label with this J-Weezy Fo Sheezy. Life was good for the Young_Ryno, he made beats, and J-Weezy spits to them.

    October 17th, 2012 he got a call from some detectives at the Atlanta police department. They were wanting information on the "High Timers" an immigrant motorcycle club of gun runners and drug traffickers. The detective explained that his house was invaded in the night and some family members had passed, including his youngest brother and his mother (father has been MIA for a while), were killed in the home invasion.

    With rage in his heart and thinking of nothing but revenge Ryan heads out to talk to J-Weezy. Surprised at how heartless the entertainment business is Ryan has faced a breach of contract if he leaves... the record he signed wasn't complete and J-Weezy wasn't going to just let him walk. After settling contracts and having to give everything up, including his new Sultan RS, he went back to Fort Smith for revenge. The bikers who killed his family must pay. The problem is they are shady fucks, sneaking from Mexico to the US, mostly by small prop planes or undetectable sea vessels. Rumors are that they are currently held up in Los Santos.

    Arriving in the town with nothing but the clothing on his back and a faint contact to some dude named Trevor, Ryan was ready to find the ones who killed his family, eventually getting into a criminal mix of his own or joining forces with a police department.

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