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  1. Luka

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: Luka P-Number: P-20 When are you leaving: 26/7/2018 When are you coming back:3/8/2018 Reason(s): Vacation with family . Thank you !
  2. Name: Luka Unit-number: U-103 When you are leaving: 26/07/2018 When you are coming back: 3/8/2018 Reason: Vacation with family . Thank you !
  3. Happy birthday !!!

    1. GlitterGlock19


      Thank you:)


  4. Luka

    Friday Fight Club [FFC]


    Luka - Fighter
  5. Luka

    AMR's party

    The International Day of EMS( May 20-26 ) is a week devoted to people who save lives on the field, they are the ones who first go out to the field to save their lives. That is why we organize a party that everyone is invited to. The party will be at Hen House , Paleto Bay at 22:30 GMT . There will be a great program, there will be various games, prize games and award titles to the best and much more . You are all invited, let us celebrate together and have fun.
  6. Discord Name: Luka Character Name: Carlos Cruise
  7. Luka

    Friday Fight Club [FFC]


    Luka - BCSO
  8. Luka

    Post dat computer setup bruh

  9. Luka

    Chilling with my baby

    Chilling with my baby
  10. Luka

    Speedofile 500


    Luka - security
  11. Luka

    Friday Fight Club [FFC]


    Luka - Hopefully helping out with Security
  12. Luka

    New ambulance for EMS

    AMR Sprinter : http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/11684-american-medical-response-sprinter-reskin/
  13. Luka

    New ambulance for EMS

    Something like this : http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/16638-qas-sprinter-ambulance/
  14. I think this ambulance is good for EMS : https://youtu.be/JHbmfyiX2X4