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    Vincent Vonknauss (Vince)
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    Vince immigrated to the states from Sweden just a short while ago and has this dream of hitting it big in LS. He's a former rock-star well known in his home country and the rest of Europe but gave up touring due to a breakdown with the band and accelerating drug and alcohol abuse. Now in LS he's trying to get to know the town and the people and he gets around by doing misc jobs like cab driving and towing. His big goal is to get into real estate, get a woman and settle down. The rock-star days are gone and he finds it quite relaxing to be able to walk the streets like mr-x in LS, although once in a while he tries to earn a few buck as a street musician.

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  1. Vonknauss

    Combat logging

    Hi.. A guy tried to rob me when I was towing today and I reached for my gun. Unfortunately the game crashed right after he stabbed me and that would of course look like I was combat logging in the other guys eyes. I took a screenshot of my desktop at the time of the crash and I also saved the crash dump. Anyone else with this experience? I really don't hope I'll be reported for combat logging now so if the robber reads this you know why i disappeared
  2. Vonknauss


    35 months and 2K poorer, not to mention all the coke I could have pushed during this insanely boring stay behind bars with the torture screams ringing in my ears :P
  3. Vonknauss


  4. Vonknauss

    Arrest Procedures good enough ?

    Thanks for the clarification sir! Peace
  5. Vonknauss

    Arrest Procedures good enough ?

    My Char got arrested for 2nd degree armed robbery today and I want to share my view on the events that unfolded. First of all when the police came I tried to escape wearing my reindeer mask but the police spotted me and quickly pinned me down in some bushes and that's where I'm starting to question the professionalism of the officers involved. 1. No one removed or asked me to remove the mask I had on me prior to checking my ID 2.When frisking me my combat pistol where NOT removed from me but two razor blades I had where taken for analysis, in fact the pistol where still in my pants and the mask still on when placed into the holding cell. I'm quite new to USARRP and have not had much confrontations with the law so far thankfully but failure to role play extremely basic police procedures break RP big time for me. I could literally have pulled my gun out popping both of the officers when they where busy running my razor blades for coke and staring at the pad to give me a suitable sentence for my crimes. Have I just stumbled on green cops or are there no mandatory procedures?
  6. Vonknauss

    Introductions come say Hi

    Hola! I'm def new in town and I'm loving it!
  7. Vonknauss


    Iv'e seen a few Swedish and perhaps some Norwegians in TS. Feel free to say hello here and have some meatballs together
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