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  1. Some things just aren't meant to last forever 💀💛❤️



  3. BJK1908

    The People V. Zane McClain

    All of the listed times below are in EST Monday: 1:30am - 8am Tuesday: 1:30am - 8am Wednesday: 1:30am - 8am Thursday: 1:30am - 8am Friday: 1:30am - 10am Friday/Saturday: 6:30pm - 10am Saturday/Sunday: 6:30pm - 8am Please keep in mind that these times could change and I will notify the court immediately of these changes.
  4. BJK1908

    The People Vs. Zane McClain

    I am available at the following times in AEST: Saturday - 0600-2000 (may change) Sunday - 0830-2000 (may change) Monday - 1500-2100 Tuesday - 1500-2100 Wednesday 1500-2100 Thursday 1500-2100 Friday 1500-2200 Once notified on a possible court date I should be able to make it fit into any of those times. However, I cannot guarantee until a possible time is suggested. - Zane
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