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  1. Lexii

    More emotes

    Omg yes and also the ones e have working for girls too. Camera, traffic and a couple others dont work for us girls
  2. Lexii

    Scuba gear

    But we have officer dolphin to teach you all!
  3. Lexii

    Appreciation Thread

    I have been reading this thread every time there is a new entry and honestly it makes my day every time. Compared to some of you guys I am pretty much a newbie here having moved to this wonderful city back on Sept 21st 2019. This has been and I hope continues to be a great experience for me, the only RP i did before coming here involved Elves and Dragons. That said it has taken me some time to think about the right words to express my appreciation here so please bear with the overly girly slushy BS. Firstly, the first people that I met in the city @Meda for dragging me around on your bike showing me how to make money from weed. Spent probably 3 hours hanging onto a topless guy learning the ropes. @Ella and @Bren always have and always will be my favourite bad influences 💋. Always there to greet and help new people. You guys take so much shit and still stand up and come back, honestly both of you have balls of steel and I luff yew both dearly. @Sandoril I promise you I did not crash my bike a million times to have you come help me with that gorgeous Aussie accent 😉. Absolutely my first love!! Also my first case as a Lawyer where I sadly lost and called the judge a smooth brain because the injustice cut me deep. Honestly 5 hours of the best and most annoying RP since I have been here. Kane the charmer had me most definitely sucked in to his plight. @TatyrTot, @Charles Little, @juan_snow, @Oliver Little I love you guys. I live for our silly chases and the amazing excuses when we catch you robbing places. You make it all worth getting shot up by the asshat crims. @GopnikMedic You and Tessa made being a cop so much better when you invited me to ISU. You were also so gentle with Cordelia when you guys were tasked to arrest her. I appreciate you both and you make me strive to be the best detective out there. @Eclipse @MrRJWick My two favourite Brits. I love you guys You make my days every day! @raverie Always my favourite panini @Miranda hypothetically my wife. Love you girl ❤️ @notnotshake for always knowing how to make my knees weak Love you man ❤️ @Noghiss and @Trezopig you 2 will always be my favourite EMS. Now for the ones who have deeply effected me and are the reason I get on as much as I do! @Judge Declan Taylor I hate you and love you all at the same time. You were a big part of the cause of Cordi's demise and a Royal pain in the ass but you bought some of the most emotional RP I have ever had. You are a know it all asshat but I love that about you and I guarantee we will clash again and I look forward to it ❤️. Never change, You are awesome. @Jimmy John 'MERICA. Dude you are something else. Jimmy has saved my life with his "weapons of mass destruction" and made me laugh till I cried with his country music while I'm recovering at Pillbox. Not to mention one of my Favourite Cadets ever to ride with. Dude I loves you and I am sorry I forgot you in the first draft ❤️ @life4vice I am not even sure where to begin with you. When Cordi was taken down I thought she was done, I was so angry with you because I thought of all the judges you had my back. I didn't know where to go with her till you said you guys missed me as ADA. You gave me the balls to revive her, bring her back to her former glory and I appreciate that. Not only that Alexis loves you #CREW guys. Being in the UK its kinda quiet on duty in the daytime for me but Isaac and the others always make chasing you guys down and arresting you fun. When Issac had no pulse after stabbing the commissioner Lex was heartbroken and so angry with him but just had to save his life as you were left there alone. I love you dude! You are one of my favourite people to RP with and I look forward to what comes next! @TonyRiperoni The voice so smooth you could spread it on toast and dine on it forever. The first person to make me cry in the city and I doubt you'd be the last. A flash in the pan I will never forget. I was so happy when you found Reign even if you did break my heart. You will always be one of my favourite people and I want nothing but the best for you both inside and outside the city. Stay awesome ❤️ @Conrad Doge When Cordi went to prison I was legit upset to a point of tears. You were so kind, you drove me to the hospital blubbing and sniffling and just poured the most soul filling words out that made me feel so much better. You sir are beautiful man with a heart so big I am surprised it doesn't need a second spot in the queue. I let this game hurt me spiritually and you didn't make me feel stupid you just treated me with care and kindness and for that you will always have a special place in my heart. @Schwifty One of the reasons I may be going deaf LOL. You are one of my favourite inspirations. Your laugh is more infectious that Coronavirus and any bad day in or out of the city can be fixed with a "CreamPie" . Jason has taught Lex some valuable lessons of the removal of ropes from criminals so next time i deal with him I will take that "baccess" and take his damn rope. I love you dude FR ❤️ @MikeyGstrang Ohhhh man *takes a deep breath*, You know this is honestly the hardest of the lot. There are so many things I could say about you to show my appreciation but the words them self would not be enough. Aside from RP you are probably one of the closest friends I have made here. Your strength, passion and love for every thing you do and every one in your life has me in complete awe of you. You are the reason I stream, The reason I'm a cop and Mikey will ALWAYS be the love of Cordelia's life even if she is a massive fk up 75% of the time. You gave me the strength to carry on after Cordi was taken down and to try something new and all the RP with you is the best. Even when you are just joking about in the car when we are out on duty. Just seeing you in the city brightens up the toughest days of RP. Always and Forever My Cop God ❤️ I love you man ❤️ @WPGDiaz Diaz has always been an enigma. He acts like an Douchebag and then takes me aside and says "The only reason I am hard on you is because you are a good cop". I was told once by someone "he always knows what to say to bring you back" and I could not agree more. Capt Diaz is a moody, temperamental Douche but the one person I will always go to if I have a problem and honestly one of the only people I can get away with yelling at . And even tho he is a dick to both Cordi and Alex 80% of the time I will always have a special place in my heart for him. @Jamie There is honestly too much to say about you. My favourite northerner ever. Love you dude ❤️ Honorable mentions @Sam Smith @Brendita @Saquan Barks @Triston_Knox @Tabitha Knox @Isper @OnlySlays @Pris @Lucy Cole @Kokopoo @Hanna @GomBiaN @William Queen If I forgot you I'm sorry so many of you have made my time here wonderful it's hard to remember you all. Just know I love you anyways
  4. Lexii

    The People Vs William Queen

    Outcome of Case Charge(s): One count(s) of Penal Code 245 - Assault with a Deadly Weapon. - Guilty Two count(s) of Penal Code 664/187 - Attempted Murder. - Guilty One count(s) of Penal Code 836.6 - Attempted or Successful Escape from Prison. - Guilty One count(s) of Vehicle Code 2800.2 - Reckless Evading a Peace Officer in a Motor Vehicle. - Guilty One count(s) of 18 United States Code § 922(g)(1) - Felon in Possession of a Firearm. - Guilty Two count(s) of 18 United States Code § 2331 - Terrorism. - Guilty Time and Fine: The San Andreas Department of Justice is seeking 380 months and a fine of $47,000.
  5. Lexii

    The People Vs Vadim Kalashnikov

    Outcome of Case Charge(s): One count(s) of Penal Code 207 - Kidnapping. - Guilty Three count(s) of Penal Code 245 - Assault with a Deadly Weapon. - Guilty Two count(s) of Penal Code 664/187 - Attempted Murder. - Guilty One count(s) of Penal Code 836.6 - Attempted or Successful Escape from Prison. - Guilty Three count(s) of Penal Code 16590 - Possession of a Prohibited Weapon. - Guilty x1 Machine Pistol x1 Large Capacity/Extended Magazine x1 Suppressor One count(s) of Penal Code 29800 - Possession of a Firearm with a Suspended Permit. - Guilty One count(s) of 18 United States Code § 922(g)(1) - Felon in Possession of a Firearm. - Guilty Three count(s) of 18 United States Code § 2331 - Terrorism. - Guilty Time and Fine: The San Andreas Department of Justice is seeking 440 months and a fine of $82,000.
  6. Lexii

    Dragging other players

    Besides that we use drag for people we have got to their feet who are injured or unconcus. Yes I have seen some abuse of it however if you are in the way and/or Annoying an officer .. removing you is the usual cause of action. On the other hand being able to fight out of it which you currently cannot do and might bring something a lil extra
  7. That's what I am saying Intelligence is relative. IQ tests have been all but debunked. Please read again maybe you will see i never said you need a high IQ for a PhD. I am saying regardless of my tested IQ I do not consider myself particularly intelligent in fields outside my own. Again Intelligence is relative
  8. Hun I have 2 degrees and a PhD. I know I'm smart, my mansa testing score was 143. However, these Facebook style IQ tests are wholey inaccurate and yes they are randomly generated like the "which celebrity do you look like" and "what kind of dog am i" tests. To elaborate also on these test scores ... They tell you you are in the top 1/2/5% of the most intelligent people in the world. Now I consider myself smart but by no means the top 10% even. I am very well versed and respected in my field of study but Physics is Chinese to me. I speak to an acceptable level 12 languages but my Math knowledge tops out at 6th form level(seniors in high school). Intelligence is relative. There are those who are subject smart, Those who are generally book smart and then those who are skilled. Personally I feel these kind of "Fun Tests" can be somewhat detrimental to ones self esteem. Imagine it telling you your IQ is 134 then when you have a standardised IQ test you barely break 100(Which FYI is still a very respectable and above average score). Try this on if you truly want a semi accurate score(I say semi due to the fact research has debunked IQ as a measure of intelligence) https://www.mensa.lu/en/mensa/online-iq-test.html.
  9. Now do the test 5x with the exact same answers. I believe this is randomly generated
  10. Lexii

    The People Vs Henry Haines

    The Library I can agree with, However No Inmate in the United states has "Full Internet Access" from their cell or otherwise. The norm in the US for internet access is electronic messages in the form of email to predefined contacts. As you are representing yourself and your fellow "Family" members are also incarcerated this is neither useful or necessary so I would petition to decline that request. On the subject of release till trial - You are being held for Terrorism charges I would strongly petition that this is also denied.
  11. Lexii

    The People Vs Henry Haines

    Please be advised that will take extra time to organise
  12. Please find below the Peoples Case against Mr William Queen The People Vs. William Queen
  13. Please find below the Peoples Case against Mr Vadim Kalashnikov The People Vs. Vadim Kalashnikov
  14. Lexii

    The People Vs Symere Woods

    Please find below the Peoples Case against Mr Symere Woods The People Vs. Symere Woods
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