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  1. Corygu

    Appreciation Thread

    Allright, I guess I should put some stuff here @OnlySlays For allowing me the chance to grow and be overbearing during command staff meetings(i'm 33, probably not going to change but at least i know it) @Jamie For letting me be not only your bailiff but your fellow boomer @GopnikMedic For jumping off the roof with me when tammy the hawk attacked me (I IRL was on the phone not paying attention while on MRPD roof) @Country for helping me with the in game stuff, your spreadsheets, and your old man voice @Ella for being the first criminal to be nice to me even though you punched me in the face @SaraBeara for being a goof @nyasuu for laughing at my dad jokes @Mari for legit running CID like a boss @Ghost for taking the leap with me to a new server, same for @AimLes, @zenmoz (thomas Vill), @vikky33#4106, @Jim Lahey, @ddjake, @Koolaid @Terry Jenkins and all his crips for being super funny @staff for giving me the opportunity to give back So many more to be honest, I really appreciate you all. I work a super stressful job and it is fun for me to be able to come home from it and have a bit of fun to say half the shit I'd get fired for if i said it at IRL work. It's a blast showing people as much IRL law and legal processes that I can. This has been a great community and I am happy to be a part of it you all have a friend in me and that is for sure. -Gary Bones AKA Bary Gones
  2. Corygu

    PD Repair Kits

    I think looking at all of the comments and obtaining some different perspective, I think my stance or proposal is more focused on being allowed to repair the vehicle for "minor repairs" if it is in the orange, and not red, which seems fair to me. If our vehicles are disabled to the point where the are immobile then so be it, and we should call a repairman no problem. My frustration again is the fact that the repairing seems a bit disorganized when you call and then they arrive to not help. Since my initial post, that behavior has drastically improved in my experience, but I do agree with everyone on the fact that if our vehicle is disabled, we are done pursuing or what not, and should go get it fixed and remain on patrol. It is not about winning or losing (to me) as I don't care either way and want fun RP and want you guys to win more than you already do.
  3. Corygu

    PD Repair Kits

    Hello, I know it has not even been 24 hours yet, but I had a suggestion in regards to repair kits. I know the RP for mechanics/tow trucks will be better because of the new changes, and I know that there is a potential to make more money for them, and that's great. But, I will say its frustrating crashing your car(into a small rock), waiting 20 minutes for a mechanic, them rolling up to see that it is a cop, then saying "fuck you", and driving off. I then had to wait another 20 minutes, paying 1k for a repair because you are in Paletto before i could go back on duty. Obviously, "dont crash 4head" is the easy answer to this, and I get it, I should be more cognizant of my driving skills now that this is a thing, but, with the new car speeds, the handling of the PD vehicles might need to be tweaked a bit if that is the response to this suggestion. Alternatively, allowing police officers to purchase repair kits that have say, 2-5 uses per kit from the locker room, and that are so big they have to be stored in the trunk of the vehicle, and you have to put all your stuff in the car to hold it and use it, and then use it to repair which could take, 30 seconds to a minute, whatever, would be a great alternative to the /repair. This would make crashing still hurt for LEO's, we would still have to waste time fixing cars, and we would still have to pay for these repairs by repair kit purchases, but would not have to wait near as long. Additionally, being able to purchase these from mechanics (maybe they craft them somehow) would be good for RP, so that way we don't have to rely on people as much. There would still be RP in it since you'd have to call to buy, set up prices etc. Again, I understand its less than day 1 of this being in effect, but with some of the terrible experiences I have had RP and logistics wise, the limited use of repair kits for PD/Fire/EMS would be a solution that still makes things realistic, but also doesn't waste 20-30 minutes of game time waiting on someone to come fix the ride.
  4. Corygu

    Prison RP

    Yes, I agree as well. If the RP between most inmates and CO's wasn't so toxic and abusive, you might get more face time with them. I get there is not much to do in jail, but if you are just going to be a FTP shitlord when they try and feed you and want to give you yard time that does nothing for rp imo.
  5. Corygu

    LSPD and BCSO

    Just dissolve the departments, create a militia, martial law, 8pm curfews, and public floggings at legion square.
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