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  1. Corygu

    Rodeo Law | Rodeo Law - BCSO Retainer Contract

    Hello, Can we please hold off until I can have a one on one conversation with Rodeo Law before I proceed with the negation of this contract. Thank you, Gary Bones
  2. Morning judge, Eric Woodall will be representing me in this case. Thanks, Gary
  3. Corygu

    Miguel Angel Rodriguez Vs. Gary Bones, et al

    Your honor. Is there anything i can do to recoop the 20k i paid for my attorney's due to this? In my experience, it is customary for the other party to compensate the party ruled in favor of.
  4. Corygu

    Miguel Angel Rodriguez Vs. Gary Bones, et al

    Hello your honor, I am in the process of trying to obtain counsel but am having trouble due to the fact that there are no active attorneys who have responded to my request for representation. I will keep you aprised here on the status of this as i attempt to gain representation. -Gary Bones Assistance Sheriff Blaine County Sheriff's Office
  5. I am free Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, of next week, from 1730-2200 CST.
  6. Sir, The state has proven in this case two things, without even stepping foot into the courtroom. 1. That the DEFENDANT's in this case did in fact commit these crimes based on the evidence presented to the court originally 2. That the DEFENDANT's have absolutely zero regard for the law, the court/criminal justice system, by their complete disregard of these failed proceedings. Additionally, all individuals, known gang members, have a lengthy criminal history, including but not limited to mudering peace officers, to petty financial crimes, which one of the D
  7. Judge Carmichael, it is the states opinion at this time that the DEFENDANT (Brice Powell) has failed to meet your guidelines per the 72 hour rule. If it pleases the court, the state would now like to request summary judgement in regards to this case against the DEFENDANT(s). -Clark Powers ADA San Andreas
  8. Good Evening, I, Clark Powers, have spoken with Ms. Leer just now in regards to this case. I believe Sheriff Shaw is on vacation. When he gets back, I would like to speak to him before further legal proceedings occur if the Judge would allow. Additionally, as I explained to Ms. Leer, anyone from York Law Offices is welcome to schedule a meeting with me during office hours which can be arranged when convenient for both parties. -Clark Powers ADA San Andreas
  9. Corygu

    The People Vs. Zane McClain

    @jay17 Additionally your honor, may i ask the status on the aforementioned subpoena request please? Thanks
  10. Corygu

    The People Vs. Zane McClain

    @stuntmanmike87 Jordan johnson please reply here with your availability please and thank you
  11. Corygu

    The People Vs. Zane McClain

    I am available at the following times in CST: Friday-1830-0130 Saturday-1500-0100 Sunday-0800-1700 Monday-2000-0000 Tuesday-2000-0000 Wednesday-2000-0000 Thursday-2000-0100 Note that I will be on call for my other job and my schedule MAY change. I will update you if this happens as soon as possible your honor. -Clark
  12. Corygu

    The People Vs. Roland Mannelig

    On 4/24/2020, I received the following from Senior Tooper Elias Jayce in regards to this case: KokopooToday at 9:55 AM Hello Clark. Here is some bodycam footage from when i arrived on scene and trying to check what is going on inside the VU when we got 2 person with a knife call and shots fired inside there. as of seen in the end of this Bodycam footage you will hear one of the people being proud of possibly torturing someone by saying ''i cut his hand off, i cut his ear off, stabbed his eyeball out, i wish i would've done more.'', while the guy in white was by the door when we
  13. Please see attached- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O8EKhZf9shPxZk2HeAcoYH0OPuywSzHYiTN__Ev-mgE/edit?usp=sharing At this time, evidence requests to SASP are pending, and this report will be updated as new evidence is received. -Clark Powers ADA San Andreas
  14. Please remove Mr. Montoya from the list of co-defendants as he is now deceased as of 04/24/2020. -Powers
  15. Please see attached statement by the District Attorney's Office: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MIpEa-UWgfmJ3H3NWFc4y5sxNzxB5Bh8utqZNfTB_5E/edit?usp=sharing Subpoena Request- Medical Records https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bf_xRBJc2hq7_kfvqA4mt-E_wg3AwETnpbcxgkdHNck/edit?usp=sharing Thank you, Clark Powers ADA
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