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John Sheppard

San Andreas State Police
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  1. John Sheppard

    ability to disable police trackers.

    Imo, crims could just get the cop to signed them off duty in sandy or paleto... that's what i see on other servers and i don't see why we should do something different here tbh
  2. John Sheppard

    Weight check?

  3. John Sheppard


    I would definitely give that suggestion a +1, it would also give us a way for us cops/ems to remove some radio traffic.. like for example, you clock on/clock off or even lunch breaks and such, just 311 S-3 10-7 10-42!
  4. John Sheppard

    Custom Model Hair

    Beards i want beards and also new hair styles
  5. John Sheppard

    Clothing Save Issue

    Definitely not fixed lol. Everytime I go on duty, there's always a chance that my outfits weren't saved and this is annoying to redo my outfits everyday .. either home outfits or cop outfits
  6. John Sheppard

    Radio emote gets stuck when on Tac Channels

    it's been happening to me too.. and it's annoying when you are on a tac channel trying to communicate your status to other officers and you get shot at lol
  7. John Sheppard

    New vehicles locks and keys system

    A thing that is long overdue.. we need a new locking system for vehicles, because the current one is REALLY bad.. even when the doors are unlocked for you, you have to relock and reunlock the cars in order to have someone get in your car 90% of the time, which is really not useful.. or your doors are unlocked and you can't get in, which is REALLY annoying lol. Also, maybe we should consider getting a new vehicle keys system, it's really annoying having those keys taking places in your inventory in my opinion .. and give keys to one specific vehicle can be really annoying when you have lots of keys.. me as a cop, i can end up changing vehicle a few times due to different situations (truck for off-road for example)..
  8. John Sheppard

    Scuba gear

    I think this would be a good thing to implement, especially that you can't be underwater for a long period of time. It would be something really good for EMS and PD when we get calls of people in the water for example. I also think it would be a good things for crims also as it would add more possibilities of scenarios for crims to do criminal activities.
  9. John Sheppard

    Appreciation Thread

    @Judge Declan Taylor ok, no need to be toxic with your angry face everywhere. lmao
  10. John Sheppard

    Appreciation Thread

    Hummm.. where should I start @Corygu for showing me this server and to still endure me after all those months together, even when I can act Pepega LOL. You've made me learn a lot through the past months and I wouldn't be as good as I him without you man. Lots of funny moments and more to come. @OnlySlays for giving me the chance to join and grow within the BCSO. He's the absolute best Shawriff for this town and nobody could replace him @Travis Williams for being a boomer who keeps calling me a boomer, even if he totally knows he's the biggest boomer and one of the biggest pepega of BCSO lmao @Mari even though she likes to beat me with her flashlight, she's amazing and funny. Even though sometimes, she thinks I'm a vending machine for when she forgets to buy food LOL. Oh and sometimes yeah, she can be a meanie. @Conrad Doge I've started as a CO at the same time as this dude, and we had great and funny times together. Keep the good work man. @Pris We haven't encountered each other a lot, but you are always nice to RP with and always helpful when I need it. Hope we will be able to RP more and have more funny moments! Also, sorry for mag dumping you at the sand pit LOL @Jessie You, omg, always funny moments, even though you can be toxic as hell haha (I'm not better LOL), especially with Steele lmao. It's always fun when you are around or when we talk to each other. @Jamie Another good RPer on this server. I'm always having fun with you, lots of laughing when you are around and love to work with you man @MikeyGstrang Dude, that man is one of the best dudes in this server. I'm always having a good laugh when you are around and one of the best RPers on this server. Can't wait to do more RP with you bud. @Schwifty This guy, funny as hell. Especially when he does Jason Stathom, omg. I always laugh hard when he plays Charles or Jason. This guy right here, another really good RPer on this server and can't wait to do more RP with you. P.S.: Jason still owes me 30k, mf LOOOL @nyasuu No I didn't steal your purse okay and stop reaching LOL. Always funny to RP with you and lots of laughs when I see you around, even if you are a criminal scumbag hahaha. Not everyone is here, sorry if I forgot some people! For my BCSO family, lots of love and really enjoy every moments with you guys. Stay sharp and stay safe
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