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  1. Nova

    It has been a long time

    Hello once again. I've decided to come back to RP after a very long hiatus. Some of you might remember me from the past, If not that's fine too 😄 . Anyway Im excited to meet the new people who joined this community in the meantime while I was away and experience the changes that the server has had. I hope to see some old folks and catch up with all of you! Happy RP-ing boys and gals, see you In-game.
  2. Nova


    Alright man take your time, happy growing up and have a good one.
  3. Nova

    BCSO Training Event


    Not gonna work for me, I have IRL stuff to deal with that day.
  4. Nova


    Ayy we're gym bros Rumka. I did enjoy busting your ass when you were robbing them stores in Paleto. Also beating your ass behind the SO... ah good old times. (This message is not sexual the whole busting and beating fyi)
  5. Nova

    Hello my children.

    You love diabetes too? Too much chocolate is not good for your health. STAY HEALTHY KIDS. #TheMoreYouKnow #Nova'sHealthTips
  6. Nova

    Hey there

    Sure why not lol
  7. Nova

    Hey there

    Appreciate it Marcus, thanks babe
  8. Nova

    bcso BCSO Training Event


    The time isn't working for me cuz It's Saturday evening and I will probably be out with friends. These trainings never work out for me lol
  9. Nova

    Hey there

    Heh, I see what you did there
  10. Nova

    Hey there

    Hello everyone. Im the one and only Nova. I am from Serbia a very far far away place in Europe and Im 18 years of age. Also Im the guy that loves to tackle @Blackie Chan and @Trevor Lahey also many other of my suspects that attempt to flee on foot from me. Im a senior deputy with the BCSO and I've been here since late July, most of my time is going on the LEO character Alex White but I recently came up with his long lost cousin Alex Black that tends to do some illegal activities. (I know the names are very creative) Anyways hit me up if you wanna hang or patrol together love yall.