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Phillip M. Macoochie

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    Phillip Macoochie
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    My Character's Name is Phillip, he is a Criminal Defense Attorney trying to make it big. He had a terrible childhood and tries to treat everyone how he would wish to be treated. Phillip is in his mid 20's and is Seeking that next big Criminal Case 24/7.

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  1. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Monrove v BCSO

    Your honor, I have attempted to gather the evidence requested, unfortunately the entire event is no longer accessible from my understanding. It our disposition that the relevance of the events leading up to the incident is not necessary, pertinent, or applicable. We ask to move forward with the case and reference my time stamps.
  2. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Expungement Request - Oscar Wild

    Your Honor, the following has been added on record. Please excuse my associates response, and allow this for the record. It has now been 25 days since my clients last arrest.
  3. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Hi, I'm Cordelia

    Welcome to the city Cordelia, I look forward to seeing you in court
  4. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Expungement Request - Charlie Brown

    Will be in touch
  5. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Expungement Request - Charlie Brown

    Not yet
  6. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Expungement Request - Charlie Brown

    Charlie Brown | DOB: 1995-05-09 Has not been arrested since 09/15/2019 (Over 30 days as of when this is submitted) Has no active warrants Community Service - PENDING Has 25 arrests on record from 07/16/2018
  7. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Expungement Request - Oscar Wild

    Oscar Wild | DOB: 1992-12-12 Has not been arrested since 09/22/2019 (Over 19 days as of when this is submitted) Has no active warrants Has not performed much community services. Given the information provided, he has been a productive law abiding citizen for well over the 14 days required and is looking to pursue a career for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office AMENDED 10/17/2019 - Performed 45 minutes of community service at PillBox Medical. Has one arrests on record
  8. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Monrove v BCSO

    [Broken Link]
  9. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Monrove v BCSO

    After reviewing the above evidence subpoenaed from The Honorable Declan Taylor, we do not see any harm done by Mr. Powell, and wish to continue to suit on Blaine County Sherriff's Office and Mrs. Weitman. We would also request under the plaintiffs statement to remove "and searched." It is irrelevant to the claim, however we wish to maintain the plaintiffs integrity. I did not observe the search of Mr. Monroe at the time he was cuffed. - Irrelevant to suit, but want to maintain integrity
  10. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Monrove v BCSO

    Your honor, Timeline of Events 04:40:12 - Beginning of the event 04:40:30 - Noah is told to leave 04:40:55 - Noah pulls away from the 2 deputies, leaving the prison 04:42:45 - Mrs. Weitman driving through traffic recklessly, and crashes into the gas station - Left to get gas, was not in pursuit 04:45:12 - A CO tells the officer cuffing Monroe, that "he (referencing Monroe) didn't actually do anything, she (Mrs. Weitman) on accident ran into the gas station" -
  11. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Monrove v BCSO

    @Judge Declan TaylorYour honor I have only seen the clip, I need to review the entire incident as you requested and make necessary adjustments to our claim within reason.
  12. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Perfect Bail Bonds

    Proposal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FUqJ6wt6eb8_cbUjXNsbPgi96xiufiT6M8qNHswU7VM/edit?usp=sharing Available Positions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/177mkVzKLZYn6dPVNwZpUP3QJxXa1ES829XdOqsl2shM/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Monrove v BCSO

  14. Phillip M. Macoochie

    Monrove v BCSO

    Plaintiff(s) Noah Monroe Defendant(s) BCSO: Tessa Weitman Plaintiff Statement On September 22nd, I, Noah Monro pulled into the prison to give a friend a ride who was soon to be released from prison . As I was sitting there waiting, Tessa Weitman pulls up with her shotgun telling him he needs to move. She continues to tell me to leave, despite the fact that I had prior approval from the Corrections Officer’s to be there. She points a shotgun at me, and tells me I need to leave again. In fear for my life, I pull away. As I pulled away, a correctional vehicle started to chase me down the dirt road, out of their jurisdiction. Once the officer’s left their jurisdiction, they stopped. I then continued down the road and stopped at a gas station to get gas. About 30 seconds later, I seen a golf cart flying through traffic, weaving in and out of traffic. It was weaving in and out of lanes. It looked as though the driver, Mrs. Weitman, attempted to hit the breaks, and lost control of the golf cart. At that time, the golf cart ran into the gas pumps, resulting in an explosion. My car and my personal belongings inside the car were blown up. Following the explosion, Officer Kent Powell, and Keith Papani arrived at which I was immediately cuffed and searched (by Kent Powell), while Mr. Papani was administering aide to Tessa Weitman. This incident never lead to an arrest. Statement of Claim Mrs. Weitmans carelessness, recklessness, and negligence lead to the destruction of Mr. Monroe's personal property and injuries. We are seeking compensation for damages, injuries, legal fees, and time loss. Relief Total Damages to Property: $8,000.00 Insurance Claims - $3000.00 Property Inside the vehicle - $5,000.00 Fireworks Cannon valued @ $5,000.00 Legal and Medical Expenses: $5,000.00 For past, present, and future medical expenses Compensation for Time Loss: $5,000.00 Total Compensation: $18,000.00 Representation Perfect Law Offices Phillip M. Macoochie Witnesses No Witness Witness Statements No Witness Statements Available Evidence to Subpoena Mrs. Tessa Weitman Body Cam Footage from above date Medical Records of Noah Monroe Evidence Available Medical Records of Noah Monroe (awaiting)