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  1. How what why u still alive cyka blyat

  2. JesusOnCatnip

    Old property

    BLAINE COUNTY PROPERTY MGMT Property: Paleto Blvd. / House 37 Purchase Price: $50,000 Purchased By: Jesus Christ Purchase Date: 07/29/18 End Date: 08/29/18 I left for college back before I could pay my rent. I had 630k in the house and a couple of cars. Wondering if there's any way I can work to get the stuff out of my house that i dont own.. I dont have enough money to buy it right now
  3. JesusOnCatnip

    Taking items out of vehicle while full

    A couple of bugs ive noticed while being on the server for an hour. I went into the red parking garage to get out my car, and miss clicked on my 18 wheeler. The truck glitched out a bit, then spawned me on top of the parking garage roof. Doing so, My truck was caught in the middle of a barrier, got stuck and broke down. I had valuables in this truck so I got my other car and brought it to the roof. I tried taking out my 5 ak's and it told me my inventory was full. Okay, so I put some weight in my car then went back to retrieve them. They wernt there. Or in my possession. I then took what little I had left in the truck and safely transported it to my vehicle and stored it into the garage. Since the old video cam thing I used to record my game got a shit update I stopped using it. So the only proof I have is the /report I did and the screen shot I took after wards. Hoping to get my 5aks, money for insurance, and the money to get my Wheeler fixed. Ive been gone for a long time so since then Ive lost all the money and cars inside my house, and have no way of paying for the insurance or getting the aks back TLDR: 18 wheeler shit showed, lost 5aks and truck. want them back.
  4. If we poke each other back and fourth 100 times I will need some mandatory head. 

  5. Trying to eat that ass

  6. How much to eat that ass?

    1. ArtaKia


      What the fuck ?

  7. 10/10 about time they clean the dirt off of the bottom of my shitty shoe! ??????

  8. JesusOnCatnip

    Private Security and Who can Hire them

    Well thats shitty, Are they not opening a private security soon?
  9. At a certain position on the map, there is a blue circle to open a loadout menu. This loadout menu is made for "Private Security." This discussion will be about Private Security, how to get the white-list for Private Security, and about who will be able to hire "Private Security."
  10. Dear pope cat.


    bless me with your holy touch, senpai

    1. JesusOnCatnip


      Jesus behold you for godly reasons and thall shal be blessed and stuff, please donate money to the church. The mormans are doing 10% of their pay checks so like cmon. I hear by grant you the pope of heavenly catnip 

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  11. JesusOnCatnip

    Lets see that ink....

    Best ink anyone will ever get (ignore super sexy feet)
  12. Thinking I might have hemorrhoid, Trever can you take a look again? 

  13. Really really cute. Please stop yelling at your brother. 

  14. How to hide that I am constantly looking at someones profile