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  1. JesusOnCatnip

    Private Security and Who can Hire them

    Well thats shitty, Are they not opening a private security soon?
  2. At a certain position on the map, there is a blue circle to open a loadout menu. This loadout menu is made for "Private Security." This discussion will be about Private Security, how to get the white-list for Private Security, and about who will be able to hire "Private Security."
  3. Dear pope cat.


    bless me with your holy touch, senpai

    1. JesusOnCatnip


      Jesus behold you for godly reasons and thall shal be blessed and stuff, please donate money to the church. The mormans are doing 10% of their pay checks so like cmon. I hear by grant you the pope of heavenly catnip 

    2. JesusOnCatnip
  4. JesusOnCatnip

    Lets see that ink....

    Best ink anyone will ever get (ignore super sexy feet)
  5. Thinking I might have hemorrhoid, Trever can you take a look again? 

  6. Really really cute. Please stop yelling at your brother. 

  7. How to hide that I am constantly looking at someones profile

  8. Teddy - "Plez no post on profile" 

  9. Blackie Chan ha more like Blacki-Chan Senpai :OMEGALUL:

  10. JesusOnCatnip

    Tim Bolton

    *Charles Jesus* Growing up as a kid I could always think ahead to the future and look up to Lt Bolton. I cannot express the sorrow in my heart, of all the lost memories me and my friend, no, my brother Bolton have had together. From skydiving, to cave exploring, to even running a 5k, I will never forget this man. To everyone coming to this Funeral, whether you be a Friend, a love one, or a twitter follower, let us all respect and think every day WWLBD (What would Lt Bolton Do.) I hope to see you all at the Funeral, the Location and Time will be sent out later today. To anyone Donating money ($10,000 minimum) Get in contact with Deputy Charles Jesus. We will always have a spot up in heaven for you buddy. With all my love i sign, Jesus
  11. JesusOnCatnip

    Tim Bolton

    To whom this may concern Charles Jesus will be hosting a fund raiser for this cause and funeral expenses. Please get in contact with Charles Jesus to make your donation for the memory of Tim Bolton. (10,000 minimum)
  12. Deputy Charles Jesus would like to change his name to "Jesús Beta Catnip." Thank you.