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    Any military vets here?

    I was in the US Army back in 2008 till abouts 2012 was a 19k. ended up as a reserve most of the time but taught me alot:) was at fort Knox and Hood as well as reserve up in AR. my active was 3rd ACR but I got injured so that was short lived:/ still was a neat experience that I probably wont repeat:P
  2. I just wanted to warn any admins that I got kicked once today for it saying I "exploited" something. I was just doing those taxi fairs. Unless we arnt supposed to do them often? I am unsure mainly because I most definitely wasn't exploiting:( I think the server automatically did it rather than an admin so idk if it was just an error. my game does crash from time to time.
  3. oh good! thanks for letting me know I just wanted to be sure:) :)