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    Kackarot is a retired drug king pin that is trying to make amends with all of his past enemies while becoming a legal citizen of society. he has daily strugles he faces like anxiety, PTSD and anger disorder which makes it harder to make friends with his old enemies.
    Mario is a caring loving kind guy that puts other before his self.

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  1. I have noticed their is more aggression towards me and more shootouts when someone sees I have my musket or shot gun on my back in a way people target people that have guns on their back because of the simple fact you can see them. The uzi is easily hidden but the bullpup shotty and musket are unhideable no matter what bag or parachute you have on your back.
  2. NivedTV

    Contacts show up in messages on phone

    Really? I didn’t know that
  3. NivedTV

    More realistic gas mileage

    tyr Gas mileage of vehicles dosent really make sence to me my small 2 door retro elegy gets worse gas mileage than a 4 door vapid contender the main reason I buy small cars is it’s cheeper on gas
  4. Would their be any way to make it so if you have someone as a contact in your phone their name shows up in the txt messages? It’s verry hard to rember all the numbers in the txts and would be easier to respond to if I know who I’m accutaly txting
  5. NivedTV

    Civ repair kits

    Yeah now that I see it from your POV it makes sence
  6. NivedTV

    Civ repair kits

    It would be nice to be able to use a repair kit cause their isint allwayse toe on duty. And maybe some improvements on the engine upgrades I lost 18k the other day because the upgrade didn’t stick with my vehicle
  7. NivedTV

    Custom vehicles

    I’m going to be honest I love the way the cop cars look I just wish us criminals had the option to drive a irl vehicle its would give us criminals a goal cause a lot of us are bored
  8. NivedTV

    Civ garage at jail

    Let’s be honest their is no meens of transportation when released from jail cause cops are to rude to give curtsey rides I know I’m not the only one who has Ben stranded at the jail after getting released
  9. NivedTV

    Custom vehicles

    Custom vehicles. Like irl cars like Chevy trucks Subaru Honda ford
  10. NivedTV

    i cant see my red loading action bar

    I don’t rember how I fixed mine I know it wasent that I changed like my in game measurement it was weird
  11. I was with Ivan izuray at the meth buy spot I went in my head to get my plate of dinner and I come back to tony matadda some guy in a Santa suit pointing guns at me telling me I’m a traitor and that I’m a scum bag for having friends that are crips and that he wants to “talk” to me and told me to get in his car I told him no I don’t have to get in your car he says I will shoot you then. I then walked up to his person and said if you want to shoot me shoot me then him and his friend kep telling me to putt my hands up I proceeded to tell them to shoot me because I was told I do not have to value my life. I then got a whisper from a server admin (drevv) saying I have to value my life when once aigan I was told that is not a thing any more I cep refusing to put my hands up then another person (drevv the server admin ) then walked out of nowhere and proceeded to tell me I have to put my hands up as well with a gun out pointed at me I proceeded to tell him just like I told tony before I came to the meth buy spot I dropped off my gun and everything else in my house besides the 450$ I had on my person wich was give to the guy in the Santa outfit after I was shot by all 3 people in the head first shot. To my knowledge drevv teleported to where I was and told tony where I was cause tony was salty I had crip friends and wanted revenge on me. They attacked me with meta and power gaming because they thought I was a crip and want revenge because all the crew members besides tony and Juan got banned
  12. NivedTV

    custom irl cars

    Darn really? It it like a cod ring problem I’ve seen a lot of cities with irl vehicles and close to no lag
  13. NivedTV

    custom irl cars

    i think it would be cool and more realistic to have real name brand cars not only for cops emts ceos ect but for crims as well things like chevy trucks ford trucks sports cars atvss ect
  14. So I have gone as far as resetting my whole pc but I’m still having a problem. When ever I rob sell drugs or any other interaction including the red bar on the right side of my screen I can’t see it.
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