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  1. Goryholes

    BCSO armory

    LOTS of BCSO changes have been made today; 1. You will be able to clock in and out of ANY station. 2. You will be able to use ALL armorys within the stations. 3. Prison clock in has been changed and now has its own garage (like SASP) and armory Topic Locked.
  2. Goryholes


    1. I love this idea and will 100% be looking into adding this in. 2. Lockpicking for items to be sold is already underway and just requires a little more refining before being ready. 3. I have implemented a tier 3 today of which will give tier 3 mechs a new heavy hauler which can tow large vehicles such as pounders etc. They will also benefit installing upgrades for a less costly amount. 4. Another great idea, I just need to determine what I could implement this into as I have recently done a lot of changes to the banking systems
  3. Goryholes

    Air One Lights

    I've reduced the brightness somewhat. This still MAY need revisiting but we shall review once live. Topic locked
  4. Goryholes

    Having lots of server lag.

    I actually had this issue on my localhost too. I believe its now resolved and was possibly something FiveM was doing their end.
  5. Goryholes

    mechanic perks

    I have implemented a new vehicle for anyone who is tier 3. I have also given tier 3's a small reduction on upgrade costs so they can make some profit from the upgrades. Potentially more to follow but for now these will come in.
  6. Goryholes

    MDT not working

    I have pushed up fixes for this and they should be in by reset if not before.
  7. Goryholes

    Some suggestions i came up with

    1. Placing and unseating has now been implemented. 2. Storage will be something I will look at later down the line. 3. Cocaine and drugs in general will be getting a full revamp and become more RP friendly rather than just a monetary value. 4. Vehicles do have their own action menu, when inside a vehicle press M and you will see the available options there.
  8. Goryholes

    Car Dealer Bug

    A fix for this has been implemented. Please fill out a refund request for the sale of your vehicle back to the dealership.
  9. Goryholes

    Searching cars

    We have tested this ourselves and it seems to be working as expected. Thanks for the report.
  10. Goryholes

    Future Feature Suggestions

    I appreciate you all for taking the time out to give suggestions however, in order for us to develop these, we need posts to be a little more thought out (if it's going to be a new thing). For example: "Having a new job where you can do bla" doesn't really cut it. We need specifics, steps and so on. As you can imagine, if you have suggested something within 1 sentence and the idea seems pretty decent we will run with it but then it comes back to us to figure out and plan how we're going to implement this in + payouts and such. For those who have seen my dev streams of recent, we actively talk about suggestions and A LOT of questions get fired back to the suggester rather than being on my shoulders to just "run with it". So in future, please, give DETAILED information on your new ideas so that we can work on these more effectively. If you're simply saying something should be increased then that's fine but please just put a little more thought into the suggestions you create as to how your suggestion will work, how it will expand RP and such. Hopefully you have all realised by now that I am going through this daily, fixing bugs from the bugs forum and also adding new stuff in from here and so on. Kthxbai ❤️
  11. Goryholes

    Meth usage

    Drugs in general will be undergoing a FULL overhaul anyway with drug perks in mind for characters and each being different and having a different effect. Im not going to go much into detail about it right now though but rest assured it is on the way
  12. Goryholes

    Fishing Pole still gets stuck in hand

    A fix was implemented yesterday so this is now resolved. Topic Locked.
  13. Goryholes

    Civilian Radios

    I for one am agreeing with you on this @MikeyGstrang 100% it will eliminate a lot of current meta gaming / 3rd party comms cause we all know that SOME idiots do this. I also believe this will make RP more interesting and even more so organised with the gangs and all the bullshit and crappy RP would hopefully stop and improve dramatically. I'll wait for further comments from staff and mini but rest assured, I 100% back this suggestion
  14. Goryholes

    Another Duplicate Car

    This has now been removed.
  15. Goryholes

    Boat Anchors

    This has been fixed and will be live upon next reset.
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