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  1. Goryholes

    Personal Aircraft unusable

    This has been fixed.
  2. Goryholes

    Local Gun Drop inside houses

    This has now been fixed.
  3. Goryholes

    Chop Shop

    The payout is more than sufficient for robbing vehicles and chopping them for cash and items.
  4. Goryholes


    I have added a fix in for this. Please let me know if this issue occurs again.
  5. Goryholes

    Mechanic Job

    I have now pushed up a fix for this.
  6. Goryholes

    black market

    This was an issue that has since been fixed therefore I shall be locking this topic
  7. Goryholes

    Rented boat disappearing

    Since moving servers this should no longer be an issue therefore I shall be locking this topic. If it does happen again in the future please feel free to make a new topic.
  8. Goryholes

    Boat Rentals

    Thanks for the report. I have now pushed a fix up for this. Topic Locked.
  9. Goryholes

    Awaiting Scripts

    This should be resolved since moving servers. Topic Locked.
  10. Goryholes

    Fishing Licenses Bug

    This has now had a fix put in. Thank you for letting us know. There was the same issue with pilots licenses too. Topic Locked.
  11. Goryholes

    Personal Aircraft unusable

    I mean... REALISTICALLY... public garages should also be checking for a drivers license, meaning you would REALISTICALLY be able to only get your PERSONAL vehicles from your PRIVATE garage. This also means you would be able to get your PERSONAL helicopters from your own PRIVATE hanger 😉 HOWEVER, I will see what we can do
  12. Goryholes

    Radio emote gets stuck when on Tac Channels

    Let me know if this is still an issue when you're in the server next
  13. Goryholes

    Boat sinks when I sit in it for a long time

    If this occurs again please let me know as I am unable to replicate these issues. I suspect it had something to do with the older server but alas, let me know if it does happen again! Topic locked
  14. Goryholes

    Radio emote gets stuck when on Tac Channels

    @Cas Is this still proving to be an issue?
  15. Goryholes

    Post-ops Route Bugged

    I have now pushed up a fix for this. Topic locked.
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