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    Family <3

    @GomBiaN @VavaVoom @TEDDY @Delano @William Queen @Boonk Shaq @nyasuu @vlei @Dalton ❤️
  5. Rest in Peace Hanna Khoury ❤️218591924_Family(LOGO).thumb.png.4285e03e9028d6ca1488cf630b1d5a21.png

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      RIP say hello to Aurora for me ♥️

    2. Sneezy | Declan Taylor
  6. I see you creepin on my profile hey boo boo 👻 

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      Hahaha i looked into 10 other profiles :D

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      Shhhhhh shhhhhh

  7. Name: Arthur Queen Employee Number (CO Number): 267 Certification requested: Patrol Vehicle and Pistol Reason for Request: i know when to use Lethal force and non-Lethal force and i want to have the pistol for more protection in jail cause i don't feel safe around those big criminals that comes to the jail and threaten our lives and there isn't always cops on duty to help if something happened, i need to be able to use the Car to transport people from Prison to Hospital when there is no ems on duty to help. Available Times: 4pm GMT - 11pmg GMT

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      Thanks bro ❤️

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    @GomBiaN @Luke @Rumble
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    @GomBiaN @Luke Best Horses in City
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    Adventures of Misha Kolzov

    We were trying to sell the blue car me and Terry Beach and santa came and start getting in our vehicle no Drugs involved
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    Adventures on USARRP

    Sht man they were spying on us 0_0
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    Adventures on USARRP

    We end up alive or died thats who we are ✌
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    Can you guys add like purchasable apartments and business jobs like we can purchase the car shop and make from it money and it can be rob able too and in my opinion it would be better if you change the spawn to the city and everything to the city because it's more big and there will be more things to do there.