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    Troy Williams:
    Currently Dead. Troy was stabbed with a knife by a unknown individual from Bloods. Troy responded to a 911 call from Rawlo Johnson about Locals shooting at Forum and Strawberry Avenue intersection. Troy pulled up and started to give medical Aid to all the individuals on scene. When a Random Blood just came up and stabbed him. RIP

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  1. I would say that getting an exact IQ level is impossible. There is no such test around the world to tell you what IQ you have. It will always work out randomly. After all, you can always repeat a test 5 times and eventually you will learn the correct answers. My point is that you can learn the answers to your questions and do the IQ test by answering these questions correctly which will provide you with the highest possible Iq. So no, this test will not give you the correct level of your Iq
  2. Trezoopig

    Drift School

    Okay nvm. I just realized what i typed. Yes it would be a legal business etc. Just illegal to drift outside of the tracks. My bad
  3. Trezoopig

    Drift School

    That all is a cool idea BUT Drifting is illegal in Cali so a Drifting School is a illegal business. But it does not mean that it can’t be a thing. Just saying lol. Still a great idea.
  4. Trezoopig

    Drift School

    That is a good idea But to drift, we need good drift cars... Like actually pro drift cars. And my suggestion is to add Drift Cars. Yes i know. There are some drift cars from GTA Online etc. But is it possible to add self-made models?
  5. Trezoopig

    What have you been listening to recently?

    This is good
  6. Trezoopig

    What have you been listening to recently?

    Futsal Shuffle 2020 - Lil Uzi Vert Legends - Juice WRLD
  7. Trezoopig

    Union Depository

    So i was thinking about this for a while now. We can Rob Paleto Bank. We can Rob that bank up in Vinewood. But what about that Union Depository one. It would be Hella cool to be Able to rob it. I am thinking about like. There needs to be 4 Robbers, and like 6 + cops on as well as Local Guards. It would take x5 more Time to rob Union than Paleto or Vinewood and it would be x10 harder to go through all security systems. Like you need to Lockpick some doors as well as hack some. The Cash inside it would be like 2 mln +. Like i said it would be super hard to rob it because of multiple cameras (that Cops can access) as well as Local Security Guards shooting the Robbers.
  8. Trezoopig


    I am not from Sweden but i live in sweden. And Yes Ikea and Felix köttbullar, best thing in The World ⛔🧢 #Ikeaismadeofmeatballs
  9. Trezoopig

    Appreciation Thread

    I support that. @John Sheppard best dad and boomer ever ❤️
  10. Trezoopig


    Yeah. $10000 sounds good. And like William said people can abuse it so what about making a limit like 2 Plates/24 hrs
  11. Trezoopig

    Appreciation Thread

    We all doing this now? Okay let me start. @Cas A god and a Legend. There is too many things to say. @KianG A drug buddy. Busting drug dealers. Good Time 24/7. @raverie A friend. So cool but i still only know his age. also a Legend. @OnlySlays My sheriff. I saw him Making his way up to the Top. Always has a good answer to a question. @Jordan Day A good friend. It feels like we are Talking 24/7 but its very Rare to See him. @snakEbnp Savage Guy no doubt. But makes fun of me for stoping at red lights lol. Still a very good Friend tho. ❤️ @Nova I met him like 3rd day in The city. Still love that guy. He made his way up and he helped my a lot in The city. @Schwifty There is nothing better then his Laugh. For real. It just makes me happy. @MikeyGstrang He is a awesome dude as well. So kind and just happy. Much love to him. @Lexii One of funniest People i ever met. There are so many things i want to Say about her. But this will take ages. ❤️ @Country His Voice is Great and I love all his titles. Hear him talking over the radio when there is a pursuit... Best thing ever. No 🧢 @John Sheppard Started as a CO. Worked his way up. I Remember his first Time in The City. Holy Shep. One of my fav People. That above ^^ is like 1/10 of all People i would like to mention. There are too many of them. Basically everyone is Great. And I Will never forget about them. ❤️❤️❤️
  12. Trezoopig

    Jail time

    I support that suggesstion. Reduction should be only for People that dont resist or are Complient. Lets say a guy shot 3 cops. He Will still get reduced sentence because of No CO's or No CS that can approved higher Sentence. That happened to me a couple of Times.
  13. Trezoopig

    Fortune Cookies

    Maybe we should have Fortune Cookies. You can buy a Cookie for 1$ in a general store and after you click use in Menu a actual sentence pops out like: Do what it says in next cookie. Or like 'you Will be Rich in no time' I believe its cool...
  14. Trezoopig

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: Troy Williams P-Number: P-317 When are you leaving: 21;th october When are you coming back: 4;th november Reason(s): School Break, going to another country
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