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  1. Travis.

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

    Ayooo Facts!! Me and Oliver D. could speak over the radio about something and it would legit take him 20 minutes to hear what I said 20 minutes ago. I called him dumb and he tripped on me about it 20 minutes later because he heard it just then LMAO ❤️
  2. Travis.

    The longest thread on USARRP

    @Bella Morte it's only RP lmao, I don't give no fucks, I will morgue more characters just to go back :). But for real, after a while you get bored of being treated the same way and of every mf knowing you. It was time for a switchup and I really can't care less bout morguing. I'd be dead if I gave a fuck ❤️
  3. Travis.

    The longest thread on USARRP

    If you say otherwise, you respectfully a hoe
  4. The title is pretty self explanatory, I'd love to film some things with the camera because I can film and walk at the same time, I just don't like the Weazel News overlay because myself and oliver are aiming @ Crip News.. so it would be lit if we could turn it off/on. I am not sure if we can already or not.. but yeah
  5. Travis.

    Remove Headshots or make them random

    Cuzzo I get what you are saying but damn, come on.. You are acting like all of us will think about *oh damn, his shot accuracy is not on 40%* or some shit like that and not about the gun fight, as long as its nice to hit headshots and stuff its annoying and everyone has complained about that at least once don't even cap about it... If we cant get the headshots removed or just made random I am down for a crosshair for everyone so every mf hss the same chance in a gun fight. Like PulseHD said.. Mfs with crosshair are a huge issue, either we don't give a fuck and complain in reports or make it eq
  6. Travis.

    Remove Headshots or make them random

    To be fair though, it is still somewhat hard to hit your shots with a crosshair, its easier but still hard. Another thing is that I can't learn shooting patterns really well because I get usually headshotted @ the start of the gunfight. My aim ain't amazing but it ain't bad either, but there is a visible difference between my aim and some other people's aim.. yes I am referring to mfs using crosshairs
  7. Travis.

    Remove Headshots or make them random

    Yeah I get that, I know the satisfaction from hitting a head shot. At least make it a 2 shot or something so we dont have to struggle with the **sus aim** or whatever the fuck
  8. Today I have woken up and decided to put some respect on some people's names. 

    @Kian @Jayers @Bella Morte @vlone @Stewie35 @z3ned @Chang Little

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Travis.


      @Seth Rogan you too, come back and drop the uzi next time ❤️

    3. Seth Rogan

      Seth Rogan

      SHTFU broooooo...

    4. Travis.


      @Seth Rogan I just put some respect on yo name, some level of love to, take it or leave it

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