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  1. Travis.

    Bring back Teamspeak!!!!!

    bruh. this mf said **from the travises** naah but fr, I agree, I like TS more than i like mumble and I bet that our radios would work better with TS
  2. Travis.

    Weed plants

    Bro, Facts I legit joined today and checked my plants, they were all very thirsty and hungry for some reason (they shouldn't have been). I fed and watered them until they were all full I left them all good for 2 hours I come back and these mfkers almost dead again
  3. So, Today I put away an AK47 in the the new house storage and I in fact don't have one in my inventory as you can see here: but I can still use it in some vehicles like in a minivan: as well as it still shows on my back: Also you can have it in your hands when you are walking if you point it out of the van, switch to a pistol in the van, point the pistol, switch back to the ak, point it and exit the van And the only way to get rid of it completely is to relog
  4. Travis.

    Getting kicked out of a car randomly

    Naah. Usually happens when i press X. So i was low key ready for that to happen on the freeway. But i was not expecting the gun scenario. And I haven't experianced the phone stuck in hand scenario yet
  5. So I don't know what it depends on, but sometimes when i do a certain action inside of a car i suddenly just stand in the car. Like when I was driving down LS Freeway, i put my hands up for a split second, i then just stood up inside the car, the car went through me and continued its own ride for a couple of meters. Then we did a driveby on crew's block, i pointed and shot my gun (from the car) I then randomly stood in my car getting basically crushed by the car. Idk if its a bug or anything but its been happening to me for a while now.
  6. Travis.

    BCSO / DOC / SASP Changes

    This is very much needed. BCSO needs to ask SASP for ems upgrades at any PD. And sometimes there aren't any sasp around. So bcso is low key, basically fucked
  7. Travis.

    Cars and Coffee Car Meets

    Try red (admins) first, if no one can help you there go to a blue admin. Just don't message every single of them LOL
  8. Travis.

    Cars and Coffee Car Meets

    I'd say, just dm an Admin with your idea and you all can talk about it, and possibly set up a event for everyone. You pick the place etc. And the info about your event will be sent in #server-events in discord, by the admin you dm'd. Also, last time I checked, you can have 100 people at the same spot and it won't crash the server. We usually have a sheeit ton of people at paintball or FFC.
  9. Travis.

    Crafting Weapons

    @ItzErvin find out IC...
  10. Travis.

    Dealership bug (Go-Kart)

    What do you mean? You never get the full amount back. Just like 50% of what you bought it for.
  11. Travis.

    A quick suggestion regarding the economy

    3 Drug Smuggling: You basically need to transport drugs from Location 1 to Location 2 through a boat, plane or a car. The payment would simply depend on what drug it is, the amount of it and the distance between Location 1 and Location 2. Drug Smuggling can also work like the Cocaine Sting call and cops can get a notification depending on what time it is etc.
  12. Travis.

    el mejor

    Bro Ur hella SUS stocks I feel like Stocks is trying to blindfold us by saying that it was Izan or something He is the imposter I am POSITIVE that he is one
  13. Your honor, In the future please ask for my availability. I will not be able to attend at this time. I would also like to ask for the hard evidence that moved this case into discovery as this is nothing more than a he-said she-said case. The fact this went through that easily with little to no response or investigation fears me for what the future would look like for both The BCSO & SASP. - Sergeant Williams Special Services Subdivision BCSO
  14. FiveM_GTAProcess_2020-09-15_21-01-53.png?width=1194&height=671

    it's a vibe, ya dig?

    1. Lexsteele


      That's a vibe


  15. Travis.


    Bro, ain't no cheap ass phone going to replace a radio, come on now. Also Here is the original post, react and comment if you now want radios...
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