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    Rick 'Ricky' Dunphy is a bike loving nice guy, he sounds like he smokes a 100 a day be denies smoking more than 2, growing up just outside of sandy rickys main education was TV and the library but was always smarter than the average townie giving him the advantage when they start acting up. Ricky has British decent and is from a long line of jews, he may not be religious himself and his appearance may give off a racist or bigoted mind but Ricky only cares about one thing with people he crosses. Dont fuck him over but all in all throw him a beer compliment his bike and he will happily give you a ride to the garage or 24/7.

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  1. Would like to get myself added to the twitch bot so I appear on the stream section
  2. LazyWoodz

    Casino Nerfs

    Too many people today alone have either got into 100000s of debt or made millions I just feel like this will ruin the economy of the server. Plus half the server is just sitting there all day. Would love you here what you all think
  3. LazyWoodz

    What is something you would like to see change?

    Evidence RP - Too many cops down allow you to RP yourself out of arrests. some feel like they must catch you to feel good or something, I have tried to RP fakes IDs saying that it looks legit but they wont allow it, or they will ask my name, I give a fake one but they look it up and make up a fake person to that name and claim its not me, they take the fun out of it, makes it feel like its a either run away or a jail sentance, obviously abusing these examples suck and shouldnt happen but cops need to be more allowing of this type of IP you know? I think it was @MichaelMotorcycl yesterday that
  4. LazyWoodz


    Like I rp and I lie, I tell cops fake storys for the scenario but then all of a sudden little old tessa(made up person sorry if thats your name lol) in her short shorts and top claims to be strapped up with a body cam to prove me wrong? why not just argue your case and set up a court date, much better imo
  5. LazyWoodz


    That might of been me actually lmao, I use the phone emote to look like im vogging sometimes but I dont bodycam, I fully agree @ludde0987 and dont be sorry, your english is good
  6. LazyWoodz


    Legit been in RP now when we are made to wait 15 minutes for the person to upload footage like jesus christ it kills the vibe, use it for serious reports only and only cops in game can use it would be my suggestion, I could say if you use the right emotes filming could take place, but BODYCAMS are dumb
  7. LazyWoodz


    @Luna Eve YOUR REASONS ARE 100000% GOOD but its abused wayyy to much by everyone else. people use it for any slight roleplay scenario they hate
  8. LazyWoodz


    Every person and their dog has a body cam in the server, kills so much rp by uploading a video to prove someone wrong or to win a RP scenario, why not talk it out why use it to win anything? the only people with body cams irl are mainly Emergency services, sicking of people having them all the time, makes people with weaker PC's at a disadvantage if they cannot record
  9. Stops us transforming into the peds? maybe have it so we get released and have to go buy clothes again https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/mp-male-prisoner-jumpsuit
  10. LazyWoodz

    Lets see that ink....

    Just some of mine I have around 20??
  11. LazyWoodz

    Dirty money

    Fair observation actually, the spam would be super annoying maybe limit it to banks only? I fully get what you mean though I have been a cop you get narcotics and gun fire calls ever 30 seconds, I take back the suggestion
  12. LazyWoodz

    Dirty money

    Whenever money is made from a robbery or selling meth the money is placed in a seperate wallet branded red as 'dirty' money, using it in stores will send a 911 report to the police. To avoid it the person has to go to a location and launder it so it is untraceable
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