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  1. Ok, I know we've had this discussion over and over and over again about this topic. We should consider moving back to the city IN THE MEANTIME until we get 64 players up and running. I know everyone says we're just waiting for the FiveM developers to release the 64 player compatible server. But bois, it's been over 4 months since they teased it and in reality, when do you think it's gonna come out? I miss the city and the different interiors and enterable buildings that we could RP in as well as the many situations and paths different scenarios can take us. I personally am tired of driving through Paleto and would like a change in scenery after almost 8 months in the same area. Compared to only being in LS for 2 months, I feel we should just go back or open up the entire state now. Keep in mind that we've been in Paleto since late November/ Early December 2017. And I know the negatives of moving/going statewide: - Limited RP - Rarely See anyone because of a large area - Difficult to get from area to area - Large distances to travel to get from place to place But what you have to keep in mind are the different game mechanics that have been developed since that time. We have more ways to RP with different resources in multiple areas which can open up different opportunities for different scenarios. With Paleto, there's only so much you could do within that small area and the scenarios seem to have a repetitive ending within the same area. Think about all of the interiors and different building structures that could be RP'd at/in: - Life Invader can have their own offices and be able to have RP scenarios with their meeting rooms and different computer rooms - Weazel News can have their own building and an interior can be made for personal 1 on 1 meetings with different people - Government Officials can make their office in the FIB or IAA building and have conversations with their clients - Increased activity from more criminals, EMS, police, etc. The list goes on and on and on. And take a look at different servers, they have been able to stay in the city and it has worked out for them and continues to. I know there will be a response that people in our city, it wouldn't work because people are too comfortable in one area. Yes, I understand that. But with the implementation of the different gangs and groups, they have a much greater opportunity to roam throughout the city and expand their RP. This is just a small amount about how moving back to the city would be a good thing for us. If you ask a lot of people, I'm sure they would say they would like a change in scenery for a little. If we rely on FiveM for them to release 64 players anytime soon, it's not gonna happen even with all of the teasers on the front page. This is just my opinion on moving and I'm sure many others agree with me.
  2. I asked the officer that gave me a ride along and he said that i had a clean record


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sean


      Raymond Crews


    3. Burrito


      Sorry man, but @distriticshould've looked and double checked to make sure you didn't have a criminal history

       Tell you what, I'll let you reapply in 10 days instead of the time I gave you. But b/c your character has a criminal background and "you didn't know the crimes you did," you may not have that character be the officer

    4. distritic


      In game record was clean.

  3. Burrito

    Alex O'Connor v Sgt Aaron Burns Civil

    is this still relevant? this has been quite too long lol
  4. Burrito

    IRL Face thread?

    honestly, i figured @rimka looked that way lol
  5. Burrito

    Alex O'Connor v Sgt Aaron Burns Civil

    I'll do the second option.
  6. Burrito

    Alex O'Connor v Sgt Aaron Burns Civil

    Yea I do. He failed to yield multiple times when I activated my lights way before I even pulled out of the SO in Sandy and when he claims that I "hit him", I was stopped more than 500ft where he had a full impact with another vehicle and was in the median while his bike was launched another block. He claims there was no support for him, another unit arrived and treated you. He failed to yield multiple times and when he did, he brakes directly in front of me when I am trying to get to a 10-32 call in Sandy.
  7. @Kai-Moretti lol


    remember this?

    1. K.Moretti/P.Vito


      Course I do man, haha, that's dope dude.

  8. Burrito

    BCSO Training Session - 26th May 2018


    I got finals next week and it's mostly projects, not sure if I'm meeting up with my group at that time.
  9. Burrito

    Guns are too damn cheap

    I literally just had a situation where a cop and EMS were kidnapped and there were 4 guys in there with an AK-47, shotguns, pistols, and a handgun. If you add all of these up, it's pretty cheap as a total price and they don't have to worry if they die and no one revives them, they can just go get some more. Cheap accessible weapons are a big problem within the city and need to be fixed.
  10. Burrito

    Guns are too damn cheap

    If we want to reflect the price of an actual real-world economy, the pay rates of jobs better go down a lot or the prices of things better go up a lot.
  11. Ok, so now I finally realize this after a long time... why are guns so damn cheap in this city? Like seriously. Ok, a pistol costs $600. A gun permit costs $2000. You start off in the city with $5000. You see what I mean? Honestly, I feel like people should have to grind more for a weapon. Many different servers implement this. They'll make the price of an AR the same price as a vehicle. That way, an RP'er can decide whether they want to have either a nice sports car for 100K or if they want to have a strong gang and purchase a 100k assault rifle. It shouldn't be that easy to purchase high powered weapons so quickly and so easily. If you die with an AR... it won't really matter because if you got another 30k on you, you'll just go buy another one. My point across is that people aren't valuing their items, mainly weapons. It's not the way they RP with the weapons, it's how easy it is to access the weapons. If we bumped the price of every weapon up by a lot, RDM'ing with weapons would be less of a problem. Example: Pistol right now: $600, this should something like 5K or 10K. Firearm permit: $2000, this should be something like 5K. People should be thinking in their mind that everything that they bought came with a grind. And if you grind tirelessly for those items, you're not gonna want to lose them. My basic point, items should have more value to them and shouldn't be so easy and so cheap to get them. Start off with $5000: buy a firearm permit, 1 or 2 pistols. You still got nearly 1500. This is how I view we can reduce RDM'ing with weapons as well as put make items more valuable for the consumer, realizing that what they have is a grind and shouldn't be worth losing... and if they do, they gotta start that grind again to get that item again.
  12. Burrito

    San Andreas Lottery

    Ok, so this isn't really an organization or a business... well sorta. I wanted to know if we could bring back the lottery and if there is a yes to that answer, if we can permit it to be announced under #server-events so that everyone knows that there is a lottery going on? I would like to have permissions and maybe gather a group of people to be in charge of the lottery and from there, we can designate days we get on or even have it be random and announce a lottery. I know @Flottkiused to host it back in the city, but I was wondering if I could bring it back just like the way it used to be. I'll use my own funds and also the funds that are given to me by the community to put money in the pot and give to the winner. It would be awesome to see this back in town.
  13. Burrito

    Gruppe 6 Security

    @Ash I was one of the founding members of this when it first came out. Eclipse stepped down and decided to create his Delta PMC thing and I was one of the chief pilots. I would like to join back in this organization if it is well thought out and organized for the entire server to enjoy.
  14. i am the fucking best.

  15. Burrito

    Whitelist Additional Character Form

    Discord Name: Burrito Character Name: Guadalupe Skinny Chunks