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  1. Kladdkakan

    The longest thread on USARRP

  2. Kladdkakan

    Client side scripts

    You'd have to download a third party program to be able to use your steering wheel, such as x360ce https://www.x360ce.com/. However you'll have no force feedback so I dont recommend it lol
  3. Kladdkakan

    Cayo Perico is able to be a thing

    You barely see people in the big city, if the new Island gets added it will be a desert
  4. Kladdkakan

    Real Radio Stations

    I mean, there's a radio channel connected to the loading screen, so the need for mp3's to get streamed into the server isn't necessary
  5. Kladdkakan

    Adding the Dinka Sugoi into the game

    Now that our textures are back to kind of normal, I do believe that the server and our textures will handle this vehicle. However, I’d recommend adding the Sugoi as a limited amount vehicle (3-5), otherwise youre risking texture loss again. I still recommend adding the ambulance as an Add-On instead of s replacement.
  6. Kladdkakan

    2v1 for Cops too

    a forum post wont change shit lmao, if ppl individually doesn't change their rp shit wont happen. Goes for both sides, if crims act like they do now, cops wont change, vice versa. With that said, stop acting like a baby as an adult in a video game. Crying in OOC saying someone did wrong is just showing you're the type to morgue and create a JR identical char. This you, now stop crying all you baby jr's roleplay.mp4
  7. Kladdkakan

    Adding the Dinka Sugoi into the game

    This is a vehicle that would be relatively heavy on our textures considering the current state of our textures atm. However if there would be some cleanup around the city of the things that causes our textures to act like they do, a limited amount of this vehicle (2-3) wouldn't be any harm Clean-up suggestions: - Yeet casino - Adding the current ambulance as an Add-on instead of an replacement - Reduce the amount of custom trees - Lowering the polys on the PD Explorer or possibly replacing it with something else
  8. Kladdkakan

    For the evolution of Criminal RP

    masterpiece, as he said, its an endless cycle. dont trash my paint skills either 😎
  9. Kladdkakan

    Certain injuries = muted TS

    I can safely tell you that this wouldn't work, since the injury system is inconsistent, sometimes you get shot in the chest, and you have a GSW to the head. This would also be quite the challenge to code itself. Just tell em to stfu or you spray em in the head with your AR 🧠
  10. Kladdkakan

    No image on hatchet

    There's no inventory image on the hatchet
  11. Kladdkakan

    Get rid of the trees

    I did make a version a while ago that contains - Reduced density of the trees in some areas - Fixed collision (hitboxes) - Fully cleared the trees around the prison - Removed alot of stupid placed trees - Fixed a tree in Cassidy that casued a plane to crash trees.rar
  12. Kladdkakan

    Bring back custom cars

    For the server to ever be able to handle custom cars, without our textures going to shit / falling through map, we'd have to - Remove casino interior - Replace the ambulance with less a polycount one - Get a new explorer model with lesser polys (not needed but would be the best option) - Have a limited amount of each custom vehicle - Possibly reduce some of the custom trees in some areas And the more police there are on duty, the more textures will we lose. And its either putting a limited amount of police that can be on duty, or just having 3 officers in every
  13. Kladdkakan

    Add more items to house robberies/ vehicle searches

    Great idea, that make more sense actually!
  14. Kladdkakan

    Add more items to house robberies/ vehicle searches

    Would be cool if there were robbable houses up in the Vinewood hills aswell. Items to be found - Stolen goods - Very low chance of either sawed off / Machine Pistol / AP Pistol / UZI (inside a safe) - Money - Diamonds - Regular pistols How it would work - 100% alarm call - Only available during the night & with certain amount of cops on duty (for it to not get abused) - Only available with advanced lockpick - High-end apartment interior - Adding a safe in there that's only accessible with a drill. Inside the safe i
  15. Kladdkakan


    Though, that's more dev work instead of reworking a premade radio script. I honestly do believe that adding radios for civs, would facilitate communicating with eachother. For an example, I always have to individually text the 4 people I always roll with, to meet me at Legion, one by one. It gets annoying after a while. And this is just one of the things. Adding radios would expand the limits of having plans for robberies. Though this has been discussed before. The radio will have a battery life and only being able to be used within a certain radius.
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