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  1. Kladdkakan

    Throttle control + RPM/torque

    Which vehicles are you aiming towards? I've never experiencd this, never heard anyone complain about this. This is general GTA mechanics.
  2. Kladdkakan

    Throttle control + RPM/torque

    Can surely tell you that, this will never be a thing, shouldn't be a thing, and would just be a waste of time coding it. A vehicle that isn't an offroad vehicle, shouldn't be offroad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Kladdkakan

    Ambulance spawning outside unused hostpial

    They are insanely demanding on our texture performance, so why keep them? Custom vehicles that spawn naturally around the map, should ALWAYS get removed, since they are super heavy on our textures, and it would be powergaming to steal a naturally spawned police car / EMS vehicle. And lockpicking an EMS to get drugs doesn't make any sense does it? The ambulance should get totally removed since its a replacement of the stock GTA 5 amublance, and get added as a Add-On instead, which would prevent the custom ambulances to spawn naturally. Ambulances that spawns sometimes around the map would stay, it would just be the stock GTA 5 ambulance instead of a custom ambulance.
  4. Kladdkakan

    Ambulance spawning outside unused hostpial

    Ouh, then it seems like mini has replaced the original ambulance, with the custom one. Which is really bad if these vehicles spawn natuarally. I'd recommend him to add it as an Add-On, and not a replacement.
  5. In the picture you can see 3 ambulances being able to spawn in these parkings lots, and due to you're not allowed to enter these ambulances, they're more or less useless there, and are eating up our textures. They are naturally spawned there. Keep in mind that these ambulances are custom vehicles, and have a high polycount, so they contribute to texture loss by alot. COORDS - x= 330 y= -1468 z= 29 x =325 y= -1475 z= 29 x= 371 y= -1451 z= 29
  6. Kladdkakan

    robbing cop guns

    The ability to rob cops of their ARs / SMGs is not, and will never be a thing lol. Its very straightforward, promotes GP over RP.
  7. Kladdkakan


    Reducing weight of something is really simple, pretty much you can do it 🖐️
  8. Kladdkakan

    Cop Sirens when they aren't even on

    @itsdudd I did look into this furher, and it seems like it has nothing to do with the vehicles at all. Its a general FiveM syncing issue, and its not fixable if FiveM doesn't do it themselves.
  9. Kladdkakan

    Cop Sirens when they aren't even on

    I've tested this myself, and its due to the engine sound of the cop vehicle. If we would've changed the engine sounds of the police vehicles to GTAs original police vehicles, this issue wouldn't be around. Also there's probably another way to fix it, but that would require more digging. EDIT - What I originally thought would fix it, is not valid. I've looked into this further, at it seems like its a FiveM syncing issue, and nothing to do with the vehicles at all.
  10. Kladdkakan

    Remove the casino & add illegal gambling

    I totally I agree with you, the casino at this point is just getting worse, my FPS has been dropping slightly day by day since it got added. Getting close to the casino is a death trap, and lets not speak about roads not loading in, causing people to fall through the ground multiple times. I myself played for about 20 minutes, fell through the ground 8 times in the span of those 20 min. It is NOT worth losing this much server performance just for some blackjack. I rather play on the server without a casino, than falling through the ground.
  11. Kladdkakan


    I love the idea of enhancing the rules! However, I do not believe this will fix the main problem. The main key for an RP server, is quality RP, and since this is a unwhitelisted server, it can be quite difficult. The issue I see, is that more than half the population that is on the server on a daily basis, are new players, that barely knows how to RP correctly, thats why the RP quality gets lowered, since they do not know what's correct, and wrong. However, there are quite a few people that have RPd for a while, and SHOULD KNOW the basic rules, but still act like they dont. A main issue I see currently, is burgershot, the majority there, is people who cannot RP, get salty as soon as they lose their valuables etc. How I see it, is that burgershot is a place for shitheads to continue breaking the rules, it is not a restaurant at this point, its a place for people who CANNOT RP gather. (Not directed towards everyone there) With in mind of how the burgershot can be, its not RP at that point, and the ones that have to deal with these people, are the cops, which becomes highly frustrating when you have to attend to a place like burgershot MULTIPLE times a day, just to get OOC salt. I do believe that once and while, during the days, admins should spectate people within burgershot, if someone behaves like the way they are, ban them. There's no point of keeping players who cannot RP correctly, other than losing players who ACTUALLY can RP correctly. How I look at it, is that you may lose a few people who cannot RP correctly, BUT you'll keep the ones who actually can RP, since alot of people, including myself, barely wants to play on the server, due to its current state of RP. Lets take this into an example, you've got 10 shitheads in the server who know the basics of RP, but does it really poorly, and BARELY follow the server rules. Do you rather want to keep these shitheads that keep on doing these things on a daily basis, that destroys the fun of RP for MULTIPLE people who ACTUALLY can RP. So, here's my question for you'all. Do you rather want to keep these 10 shitheads, and possibly lose a larger amount of people who ACTUALLY can RP? Since we got such a huge staff team on the server, this is definitely doable. If someone wants to comment ''The staff also wants to RP, they can't babysit burgershot all day'', let me ask you then. Why are they classifed as staff then, if they do not want to contribute to better RP for the server? I am definitely not saying they should spectate burgershot all day, I'm saying that if they see/hear on the radio thats is chaos on burgershot, as it usually is, start spectating and throwing people out. Also, I really think this needs to be said. I see some staff members on the server, that's definitely not fit for the staff role. I'm not going to point out any names, but you know who you are. If a staff member wants to delete this post, go ahead. But that would just show alot about your contribution for the server. I appreciate the REAL staff team who contribute and to their best for this servers future, you guys know who you are! Thanks.
  12. Kladdkakan

    Be able to hear panic button

    @TrashPrince Oh I def agree with you, I was just aiming towards better RP for that specific situation, but hearing how yall think of it, it doesn’t seem to be a good addition. Just quite sickening of how some cops really take their time doing what their told to. Like some of em all of a sudden doesn’t know how to put their hands up, and asks ”how do I put my hands up” even though they’ve done it multiple times before, which shows in my opinion shows what type of win mentality they have.
  13. Kladdkakan

    Be able to hear panic button

    @Katy Bars ❤Oh, if you’ve been through with this before and the results are worse, then this idea should be scrapped 👌 I just feel like the RP from both cops and crims are at its worse right now, and if crims wont start behaving, cops wont. So i just feel like this is an never endig cycle. I just feel like the win mentalities drag the RP to ocean scrap level lol. I’m all about having fun RP, no matter win or lose, as long as everyone had its always a win. I just feel like its difficult to RP at the moment, since all some people care about is their money NOTE - What I just wrote has nothing to do with being able to hear panic buttons, was just speaking generally lol.
  14. Kladdkakan

    Be able to hear panic button

    @Jamie I do support it not being realistic, and you shouldn't be able to hear it from the officer himself that pressed it. So lets say there's another officer besides the panic button presser, and his partner presses the panic button, then I believe that we should be able to hear that, since that would be more realistic. Basically if someone is nearby an officer who hears a panic button, then nearby players should be able to hear that, but NOT be audible from the officer who pressed it to nearby players. More or less, there would have to be atleast a 2nd officer next to the panic button presser, for the hostage taker to be able to hear it. If the panic button presser is alone, then the hostage taker shouldn't be able to hear it.
  15. Kladdkakan

    Be able to hear panic button

    As the title leads, nearby players should be able to hear a panic button go off. Its quite sickening of how some cops take this to their advantage, if they get a gun to their head, the first thing they do is pressing the panic button, which is totally fine, but when they start taking their time by slowly uncuffing, taking their hands up, taking the person out the vehicle etc. This just strengthens less RP in that situation, since you do not know if he has pressed his panic button or not, and you're forced to speedrun this situation, which leads to both less & boring RP for both parties in that specific situation. That's why I believe nearby players (whisper radius) should be able to hear the panic button go off, then you would know if you can take your time which would provide more RP for both parties OR have to speedrun the scenario.
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