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  1. Bakey

    Friday Fight Club


    Blake Bakemore is tossing his flat brimmed hat into the ring. (That means I wanna fight too)
  2. I'd like to request that some items have their weight reduced or removed; namely the driver's licences, firearm permit, aircraft permit, etc. My main reasoning for this being that those items are stuck on your person after your acquire them and while 2W seems small, it adds up pretty quick. It's also kind of ridiculous that my ID weighs a quarter of the weight as my knife, or that fact that my tuna sandwich weights ever MORE than my knife. Or that a bag of sand weights the same as my knife, etc etc. It's all pretty janky when you really thing about it. I understand that the weight system is pretty arbitrary and doesn't means pounds or whatever, but at the very least the items we would keep in our wallet should have 0 weight like the car keys do.
  3. Hey man, if you're going to keep poking me, at least buy me dinner first.

  4. Bakey

    Department Of Aviation

    I haven't gotten my pilot's licences yet, so not sure how bad the traffic is, but I would love to have to call in to ATC, get clearance to land, etc. I'd add to the RP for sure.
  5. Bakey

    Dirty money

    I've seen servers that do this idea, and while it seems neat, it's really just tedious and not really that realistic. If there was a counterfeiting job that could be an interesting step in the process, trying to figure out ways to turn in your fake cash into real cash without getting caught.