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Grant Bailey | AA Ron

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  1. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    The People Vs Jack Mcgroin

    Represent myself playa - Sent from Iphone in prison pocket
  2. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    The People Vs Jack Mcgroin

    I will be available after 3pm CST on 3/1 or 3/2.
  3. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    Different End To Character RP

    This is already an option though so I am not sure how this is a change? I can decide tomorrow I want to sell my house, drive off and delete my character.
  4. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    Different End To Character RP

    Story arcs are part of the city. If you feel that your story ends with moving away then go for it. I know I have found ways to end my character arcs that fit my characters. "Cop was killed by a criminal over money." "Crazy robber/killer arc ends with a death penalty". Death is realistic and death is a end to a story and I don't see a problem with the increased death story ends if that is what the person chooses.
  5. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    Lion John Hermondire Expungement Request

    Lion John Hermondire Expungement Request Grant Bailey
  6. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    Micheal John Snow - Expungement

    Motion to close case as individual is unable to be reached.
  7. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    Discord RP appreciation channel

    Totally understand I just saw it working well on a 200 plus server. They use it almost like a credit score and implemented inside other functionality within the city. I.E car loans/business purchases.
  8. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    Discord RP appreciation channel

    I get that and I didn't envision it as the only way but it would just add another tool not a final say. I mean how many of the player reports today are people just upset about things not going there way... And how do you think it is for certain roles in the city today?
  9. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    Discord RP appreciation channel

    Was debating about making a separate post about this but I played on another large server and they actually use in-game RP feedback system. Almost like a RP citizen score that you can view for yourself and see if your RP has been up to par. It also makes it easier for admins to understand how someone is doing more wide spread in the community without relying on the word of a few people in the city. To be frank some in the community feel they are the end all be all for RP however there are alot of people doing things in the city and interacting with people that they never see. It was basically used like a command /goodrp "player id" or /badrp "player id" I think this also could be used for the whitelist or certain applications to make it more fair during the process.
  10. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    Micheal John Snow - Expungement

    Was not told he changed his name. Asked Judge Alexa Blake for the background check on 1/29/2020 and was told of his charges and completed name/DOB verification.
  11. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    Role Play Challenge (One Life)

    Dan AA Ron Smith and Jack Mcgroin accept the challenge
  12. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    Hunter Hoch - Name Change Request

    Name Change Affidavit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z8Vs7_a0QZuNUYMh9XbtZDnoelNcigvw5SpcOuozwZ4/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    Micheal John Snow - Expungement

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/11lmbJBj-3zCGjnMoZQD7Unir-Eg4yE-KD0ORO-O_cr0/edit?usp=sharing Holding until 2/1/2020 per Alexa Shaw
  14. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    Name Change Request - Ricky Sticky Jones

    Request updated with Name Change reason.
  15. Grant Bailey | AA Ron

    Jimmy Beej Walker - Expungement Request

    Expungement Affidavit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UI2KsAKzP9NY-DdzDzizJ1PT36O1uE6dQSghRlEnWjQ/edit?usp=sharing
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