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Why not start your law enforcement career with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office apply today and start out as a corrections officer and work all the way up to Sheriff.

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  1. Eva Rhoth

    Proper Pillbox Job Whitelist

    We need our own whitelist. It would simplify things honestly. We need ranks separated and paid accordingly. We need at least Nurse, Doctor, Doctor Command, and Dean of Medicine. That much is definite. Please PLEASE consider doing this for us. It would help our organization immensely.
  2. Eva Rhoth


    Too realistic. do not like. No thank you. I want magic closets and locker rooms. JK 😛 yea, like real life, you change before you go to work. so for places that dont change like burgershot, just dress ahead of time.
  3. Eva Rhoth

    Implementing taxes

    property tax
  4. Eva Rhoth

    A quick suggestion regarding the economy

    +1 I like this idea. I vote yes. and im not even a criminal (yet) lol
  5. Eva Rhoth

    Pillbox Whisper Function

    And since “making RP of it” seems to be the theme of retort for a simple and much needed request, I will just say this. Pillbox is a hospital. We are supposed to be in a hospital. We are here to treat the sick and injured. Not babysit and play crowd control. Not monitoring other people because they can’t behave properly and wasting time with OOC reports. Not wishing we had security to handle this, knowing we won’t get it because it proved to be unsuccessful in the past. RP is already being made here. And the ONLY rp that should be taking place in Pillbox Medical Center is medical RP.
  6. Eva Rhoth

    Pillbox Whisper Function

    So. What you are saying is that when one of us is the ONLY doctor on duty, up to their neck in critical patients who's care takes the utmost priority and genuine concentration (literally this is life and death and they can morgue if i mess up), and have 5 other people waiting on care, 3 people shouting "Is there a doctor??" or "I need a bandaid!!" And then a mass of people in recovery basically causing trouble that we are responsible for dropping the surgery to go and handle something shouldn't even be happening in the first place? To "Make RP of it"?? We are ALREADY making RP! Becaus
  7. Eva Rhoth

    Pillbox Whisper Function

    Please for the love of god yes. I cannot express how insanely stressful it is when we are trying to fully focus on tough medical RP and people are shouting.... it breaks all concentration and leads to frustration for staff. Please help us help you! thanks!
  8. Eva Rhoth

    "Sleep" off injuries

    Not realistic whatsoever. You don’t get shot and “sleep it off” that will realistically lead you to bleeding out.... Plus this suggestion is definitely going to take RP away from our medical personnel. And the chances of this getting abused is looking about 100%.... Gonna be a big no from me. - Doc Eva
  9. Eva Rhoth

    Vehicle for Pillbox Medical Center

    PLEASE!! taking a personal vehicle while on the job just seems unprofessional to me... we need this
  10. Eva Rhoth

    New Hair for Women

    Something new for everyone!!
  11. Eva Rhoth

    New Hair for Women

    Just a reminder that we ladies like to look good too
  12. Eva Rhoth

    Add "previous location" as an extra spawn option when you fly in

    If they add a spawn point, here’s a wild idea. Add one to the actual airport. Make that a thing. seems logical. Garage to retrieve car can be a bit of a walk/run to The car rental area. this would add some realism, rather than spawn in in a park. could also add a spawn at the entrance to the subway. Since everyone says “take the train in” as far as last spawn in. I can’t vote for that knowing that it would probably end up being highly abused. Someone will just be sure to disconnect in a super convienent location. I see that sort of thing only leading to power gam
  13. Eva Rhoth

    New Hair for Women

    ALL of these YES PLEASE !!! my gods PLEASE @minipunch please please!!
  14. Eva Rhoth

    Person with a knife calls

    I don’t even play a crim character. But I agree here. Knives in way out of the way places shouldn’t be responded to, IMO. Chances are there is a reason. Effort was made, so RP is happening. Let that RP flow. Not like they won’t get patched up to see another day. if it’s a knife in city? Sure answer the call. That makes more sense. But out in booneyville? Nah. Let that scene play
  15. Love you hams ❤️

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