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  1. RandoAltinium

    BlackDiamondAutos (BDA)

    I have prepared a complete website blackdiamondautos.tk Please let me know if I missed anything, Thanks.
  2. RandoAltinium

    Civilian Radios

    Then again, back to what @MikeyGstrang said, "But at the end of the day this is a video game. It's all about FAIRNESS and FUN"
  3. RandoAltinium

    Phone Bud - getting hung up on

    I just made this post and it seemingly follows the exact same layout as yours (at least in the title)
  4. You can see in the video when the call is ended that I can no longer control my bike until I put the phone away. Desktop 2020.05.11 - Also sorry that I got a bit pissed for a minute there
  5. If person A and I are on the same radio frequency and I radio something in to him, people around him should be able to hear me very faintly and distortedly.
  6. RandoAltinium

    A more complex queue system

    Yeah that'd be something, but it would make queues very fucking slow.
  7. RandoAltinium

    A few new cars to consider

    Quick google search and I found that everyone is fucking pissed that R* didn't implement an unarmored ZR380, so guess not.
  8. RandoAltinium

    A more complex queue system

    I think that more experienced whitelisted players should be able to get into queue more faster than a normal person. This should be in a range of say 1-10 where 1 would be a long time perfect player and 10 would be a freshly whitelisted player.
  9. RandoAltinium

    A few new cars to consider

    There are still some very important cars that have been in the game since release that are not in the car shop as well.
  10. RandoAltinium


    If my scale weighs correctly, this post is approximately 3 and a half metric-fuck-tons of effort. 👍
  11. RandoAltinium

    Simple Change in Font/Color

    Can we change the current font for the inventory weight to maybe a while color with a black border? It makes it really hard to read with a light background
  12. RandoAltinium

    Make Cash Use Inventory, Cars Can Store Cash, & Debit Cards

    How would you reckon?
  13. RandoAltinium

    Make Cash Use Inventory, Cars Can Store Cash, & Debit Cards

    Ok right off the bat, overwhelmingly negative reactions Please let me give a revision of my idea: Simply have cash take up space in inventory in some way, add a debit card, let store cash in vehicle
  14. 1) Switch to Lore-Friendly Gov. Vehicles I find it unreasonably irritating that we have car brands from the outside world and car brands from the GTA world that conflict, like the Bravado Buffalo and the Dodge Charger. The CVPI, Dodge Charger, and the Ford F350 look very out of place as they render oddly from a distance, they damage oddly, and their headlights/breaklights don't look like that of the other cars from the game. I love these cars as much as the next guy but I think that they should be replaced with more Lore-Friendly alternatives like I have linked below ULSA Lore-Friendly Emergency Vehicles Pack would be a great pack to replace our out-of-place cars. I think these cars would look fucking great if they were reskinned to use our SASP and Sheriff liveries. I would love to even help reskin the cars myself, I want this replacement that much. Unmarked Vapid Scout SUV FIB Granger 2 (Newer Model) 2) Add More Cars I think we could use with some addon cars. I understand that adding cars increases desync, but could we maybe consider these cars? Could we even possibly try out a server with these cars added and see if desync is at all influenced? They're all low poly and are built like GTA cars are normally. Would it be possible for the players to pre-download these cars and place them in the cache folder? That seems like it'd help with any desync issues. Vanilla Works Pack Bravado Gauntlet S Vapid Speedo Express Benefactor Streiter 2 Progen T20 GTR Benefactor Dubsta (Newer Model) Dinka Millennial
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