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    Alex is a less-than legal person. Someone who does what he needs to do so he can get by. And make some extra cash on the side. Alex is not well known, because he likes to stay off of twitter, and talk in person. People know Alex exists, but if they do, it's most likely for a short period of time before they get admitted into the morgue.

    Brittany is a law-abiding citizen, speeds some times but that is okay, Brittany doesn't even have a parking ticket to her name. Brittany is not well known, as she is relatively new to the city.

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  1. Raven

    robbing cop guns

    -1 "let me spend 3.5k for an SNS and kill a cop then take their AR" thats 3.5k for a 100k weapon also yes it would get majorly abused
  2. i wouldn't say enforce fear rp to the maximum however people trying to like someone else said john wick their way through doesn't make sense. fear rp should be enforced like this (i think it's relatively similar and the same overall point) you must comply when you (including but not limited to); do not have a gun out already in a 1v1 scenario any 2v1 scenario (INCLUDES ANY VARIATION ex. 4v2, 8v4, etc etc) any automatic weapons pointed at you, no matter the ratio *robberies are different to where you already have a gun out* RP over GP meaning in any situation, don't just "haha i have gun you don't" *bang bang* I also believe that an economy wipe is worth it, bound to happen eventually and with all the new people it would make it slightly more fair server wipe as in remove plants/house interiors/etc is also due, like have the file kept somewhere as a zip or something and if someone wants to buy it again it's just a matter of unzipping the file also the realistic names thing like yes please i love seeing Ms. ahkehydkebau fjehaihekosh (pronounced annabellea kosher)
  3. ... You being culpable for a violation that you have no choice in? what do you even mean, how are you supposed to be viable for your own mistake? held accountable for your own violation of the speed limit in which nobody else controlled your car, nobody else pressed the gas pedal except you. That is how you are viable. When kian says everything is roleplayable he truly does mean that. You take a situation that you are given and work with it. "Sorry officer I didn't see the speed limit sign" or "Just felt like going a little quick today, no real reason behind it" or even "I need to get home to walk my fish" works it all depends on the character that you have created and how you wish to proceed in any given situation. You are given a choice, you can always either ask someone what the speed limit on said road is, and find out IN CHARACTER, or go with the flow of traffic, if you get pulled over, "Sorry I was going with the flow of traffic and wasn't looking out for a speed limit sign" How are you culpable with no awareness? Thats like saying IRL you shouldn't get a ticket because you didn't see a speed limit sign. Going 65 in a 35 is okay because you didn't see the speed limit sign? That is literally saying that because of your characters incompentence you shouldn't get in trouble. Everything is RPable, its just your decision about how you go about RPing it. then take it to court.
  4. Raven


    coke is already buff af so like lets not make it overpowered
  5. Raven

    Decrease food prep time.

    OKAY so I work fast food irl and let me say if it took 3 minutes to make 10 burgers and milkshakes from scratch it would A) be impossible and B) wayyyyy too fast so lemme just break it down one person takes an order and the people on line (making food) start making it immediately. Let's say somebody orders three burrito supreme combos (3 burritos 3 tacos and 3 large drinks) they would be looking at at LEAST 3 minutes. break it down further 3 burritos, 10 seconds to heat the tortillas, so while they're heating, start the tacos, by the time you have the tacos sent over to the middle person (cold ingredients) the tortillas are ready, middle person finishes the tacos and by that time if they're quick enough they'll only have one burrito sent over, however that's not the case most of the time. They'll have one done and wrapped and be working on the second one, so give or take 30 seconds there, plus modifications etc. by the time they finish the three tacos it would have been already about a minute to a minute and a half, we will go with the latter, burritos you can really only make one at a time, same with burgers, salads, etc. by the time the first burrito is completed and wrapped, 2 minutes has passed since the start of the order. that's at least 30 seconds to get all of the cold ingredients on the burrito, andm wrap it, which often doesnt happen. two more burritos, at least another minute, boom three minutes but then obviously you need to bag it all up and hand it out with the drinks that were hopefully made by the order taker. that's just three combos, I know it's not the same but goes to show, 6 items (3 burritos and 3 tacos) will take about the same time as cooking 10 burgers ingame.
  6. Raven

    Character Change & Less Damage

    @CaptMillennium first one would be /swap at any clothing store the reason behind the falling and taking damage is I mean would you like to test that irl? like just go jump and face plant on the ground and like not bleed or at the very least hurt it's not 100% of the time that you need a bandaid at least for me it's about like 50/50
  7. Raven

    Value of life rule reinstated.

    I will just say this one thing. it is a problem that everyone does it, yes however there are people out there, even people that I know and used to be friends with, who wouldnt care at all if you had a shotgun pointed directly at their chest, handgun at their head, they would not give a shit, yes they would be scared, yes they would actually care if they got shot, but they put up a front like they dont care personally, due to reasons that I wont say here, you could point a loaded gun at my head and I would handle it differently than "AAAH OH MY GOD TAKE EVERYTHING JUST DONT SHOOT ME AHHHHH IM SO SCARED"
  8. it only shows on the person's person search if the warrant has correct everything, first name last name dob, if any of that is even slightly wrong, whether it be a space, or wrong letter it doesnt go on said persons search
  9. Raven

    Car Speed

    everything does something. whether or not you notice it. LS Customs upgrades acceleration and like 5mph of top speed, Mechanic upgrades up the top speed
  10. Raven

    Parsons Rehabilitation Center

    yeah honestly correctional staff is not trained to deal with that RP, it drives them away, I personally cant deal with multiple people because of their RP, I dont want to take away from their RP, because it's good RP just not my cup of tea.
  11. Raven

    Prison ideas :D

    /me has shiv /me has [any other weapon] without the roleplay behind it, it's literally powergaming. You [not you specifically just people in general] /me uses paperclip to get out of cuffs that's cool, how'd you get the paper clip, you never went to the laundry room, you never really even left your cell. /me has shiv oh that's cool too, how'd you get it? what did you do to get it? It's not a win mentality, it's a roleplay mentality, it's a realism mentality. If you dont do anything *to* get whatever you /me say you have, then you dont have it.
  12. Raven

    ghost cars are back

    I was driving around, saw someone clipping through the ground, he said he was in a car... it's back bb
  13. Raven

    cops v crim

    What this person is saying is that cops dont give free passage immediately. Theyre not saying what you were saying. Cops negotiate back, not 100% of the time, but sometimes
  14. Raven

    Harmony Bank

    the actual bank robbery @Goryholes
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