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    Alex is a less-than legal person. Someone who does what he needs to do so he can get by. And make some extra cash on the side. Alex is not well known, because he likes to stay off of twitter, and talk in person. People know Alex exists, but if they do, it's most likely for a short period of time before they get admitted into the morgue.

    Brittany is a law-abiding citizen, speeds some times but that is okay, Brittany doesn't even have a parking ticket to her name. Brittany is not well known, as she is relatively new to the city.

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  1. Raven

    Possible increase on prison time.

    if we can like yeet the propane tank and work on people having better prison rp then im all for it, but as far as im concerned with increasing the maximum time, as of right now, no. Too many issues with people breaking RP, breaking character, etc.
  2. Raven

    More RP jobs

    [ringing intensifies]
  3. Raven

    More RP jobs

    this could be a thing in the future maybe, we would need a crew of dispatchers at all times though
  4. Raven

    911 Calls

    honestly like not even have the call come from the center, just have the call somewhere inside the circle that way the cops responding cant just go to the center and be like "you."
  5. Raven

    Streaming Request

    There is no streamers club...? Just put USARRP in the title and it will show up in the hasroot but as far as I know there isnt a streamers club
  6. Raven


  7. Raven

    Awaiting Scripts

    https://gyazo.com/4072b4a7bd0d5a3e77df5555ece75fc0 https://gyazo.com/a3d4e22cbda01ee039119efb101d7b24 I think someone said anything with red so theres those, everything else seemed normal if this is wrong let me know so i can grab the right things
  8. Raven

    immersion o_o

    in my opinion, this is a thing that would require somebody doing/saying these things around other people, those people would then learn to say that because that's what they hear, etc etc In my opinion, like mikey I dont have an issue with "need to go into my head for a second" or "I need to go do x, y, z spiritually" however it does become an issue when people have full out 'spiritual convorsations' which doesnt make sense. at that point, "I need to go in my head for a minute" then call/text on discord or something like that Overall it doesnt affect me personally, people are going to do it either way, and I feel like it would be, for a lack of better terms, too much for staff, we cant expect them to sit in on every convorsation they can just to see if someone says "spiritually" or "my head"
  9. Raven

    Random Bans

    it's the anticheat give it time, make a ban appeal and it will be all set. they are working on it
  10. Raven

    New improved limo

    also if im not wrong, we dont do any modded vehicles either
  11. Raven

    New improved limo

  12. Raven

    Soft Whitelist?

    i think thats just you because ive personally done 15 hour streams on the server 100% of the time (excluding restart of course) and ive never seen that But yes, I did misunderstand the original post, I do believe that there should be something, but I'm unsure of what, maybe if you're unwhitelisted you get half-whitelist which would just put you in front of unwhitelisted people but not in the front of the whole queue, whitelisted people get half-outstanding but i dont think that we should allow somebody fully unwhitelisted to jump before people who for a lack of better terms we know can bring good RP, as we can't confirm that John Doe over there can bring as good RP as somebody who has worked hard for that position in whitelist. There are certain cases where somebody who is unwhitelisted can bring that level of RP however we can't just know that right off the bat lol Sorry if this is hard to follow I have a major headache rn
  13. Raven

    Soft Whitelist?

    I dont believe their logs say whether it was a game crash or not, I believe it's just connection lost (internet going out) or disconnected
  14. Raven

    Soft Whitelist?

    I dont necessarily see this becoming a thing. It would mean once the server is full and this activates, whenever somebody legitimately leaves the next person would have to wait 5 minutes to join, which lets say that theres 7 or 8 people all playing together, first one logs out, that's 5 minutes for the first person in queue to wait, then two of them log at the same time, that's 10 minutes for the second person in queue to join, then the other 3 log out, that's another 15 minutes, that sort of stuff happens a lot where people legitimately log out in mass. In my honest opinion it would bring more people complaining about the "queue not moving when theres free spots" Not to mention the fact that this means people would also have a longer queue time. We all had to wait in queue at some point or another, it's just a matter of proving that you can provide the server with good rp so you can join quicker
  15. Raven

    new phone contacts

    cant delete contacts jamie said it was one of the arrows but none work i have like 5 of one person and like 2 of another person because i tried wiping the phone, also doesnt work
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