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    Alex is a less-than legal person. Someone who does what he needs to do so he can get by. And make some extra cash on the side. Alex is not well known, because he likes to stay off of twitter, and talk in person. People know Alex exists, but if they do, it's most likely for a short period of time before they get admitted into the morgue.

    Brittany is a law-abiding citizen, speeds some times but that is okay, Brittany doesn't even have a parking ticket to her name. Brittany is not well known, as she is relatively new to the city.

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  1. Raven

    Pink police cars for October

    oh my bad I did not know that lol
  2. Raven

    2 servers

    We have had 2 servers in the past. Everyone who currently has whitelist has had to deal with being unwhitelisted before. It sucks, I'll give you that, but opening up 2 servers, one being for unwhitelisted players and the other being for whitelisted players would suck. I'll tell you why. In the past, server 1 was the main server, everyone would want to get on it, because of the RP. Server 2 on the other hand was a devilish nightmare. It had people who didnt know how to RP and nobody there willing to teach them. It was an absolute nightmare. Server 2 went well under-moderated therefore people just joined server 2 to get money by their non-rule-following ways and get back on server 1 to enjoy their money. Not to mention the RDM. The idea of a second server again makes no sense to me. You have 64 people having fun, 32 being absolutely toxic, with the one-in-10 wanting to actually roleplay. One thing also to be taken into consideration. Given server 2 will resume, being as horrible as it was before, here goes. Our staff team is amazing, and they're all volunteers, they should be able to have fun, they shouldnt wake up and feel like they need to go to work which would be both server 1 and server 2. Before I could ever see this working, we would need roughly double the staff we currently have, which A) is hard to do and B) cant be done as effectively as it is done within the staff team as it is. We have easily 500+ people in the community, (partial discord online atm plus estimated offline) and we just had staff interest forms up, and out of probably 200 applicants (estimating) we got 4 or 5 new moderators (forgive me if that number is low) I'm sorry but, and I can say this with absolute first hand experience, creating a staff team is hard, creating a staff team as good as we have here, is next to impossible, but we've pulled it off, and doubling that, while the spike of new players are still here, is more than impossible. Overall, No. We would need way more staff, or it would become too hard on the current staff team. That is, for a lack of better terms, impossible. Maybe in the future but that is a hard maybe. Thank you
  3. October is breast cancer awareness month so it would be pretty cool if we could get a design for it and just SEND IT
  4. Raven

    Post your internet speedtest here.

    not horrible but you guys have fast af internet ^^from my phone
  5. Raven

    Role Play Challenge (One Life)

    HILL, JOSHUA: Diary; Day 7. Okay I survived my first day, survived my second day, so this is fun. I am really enjoying this. There's nothing really to report, had a few transports but other than that it was pretty dead. END OF TRANSCRIPT xoxo (yes there are 2 in one day i passed out after logging off friday night and forgot to do one last night so there will be yet another one either tonight or tomorrow)
  6. Raven

    Role Play Challenge (One Life)

    HILL, JOSHUA: Diary; Day 6. First day on the job was kind of rough, accidentally messed up while booking someone but it all got sorted. Not going to lie it's fun. People always hate on the corrections officers but its like, we're not the ones arresting you. Either way, still fun. END OF TRANSCRIPT xoxo
  7. Raven

    Role Play Challenge (One Life)

    HILL, JOSHUA: Diary; Day 5. Yesterday was quite boring so I didnt feel like it was necessary to do a diary entry. I applied for a position at the BCSO and got accepted! Got my interview from, Milena I believe her name was. She was nice. Pretty too. I got the position, and I start tomorrow and I can safely say I am excited to start! The rest of the day was pretty usual, did a little bit of towing, and I'm closer to my goal to buy my new car. END OF TRANSCRIPT xoxo
  8. Raven

    Role Play Challenge (One Life)

    HILL, JOSHUA: Diary; Day 3. I woke up, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and headed off to work, but I didn't get much sleep and needed to take a nap. Woke up and met some pretty cool people! Keeton is one of them I believe, and taught them how to do some things so they could get started off. I just worked the rest of the day, I now have 6x the amount I had when I moved! My goal right now is to get a Karin Kuruma, they look pretty cool, so only another 10k to go, which work should provide me with tomorrow. I also had a little mishap today, and ended up getting taken hostage and hit over the head, and ended up in pillbox. Not fun! I'm off to bed now, cheers my peoples END OF TRANSCRIPT xoxo
  9. Raven

    Business Properties and Robbing

    @Daelements There is a discord channel solely for business purchases, you can own car dealerships, 24/7s, barber shops, liquor stores, etc. Taco trucks aren't necessarily a business, not in the terms that Max has said. As for the original post There should not be a popup notification, it should be RP and police or bystanders should be the ones telling the business owner. IF the business owner is online, a text from an unregistered number (what pops up when you *67 call someone) could be a potential thing that could be implemented, but nothing major, like someone is out for 3 days and they fly in and get bombarded with popups saying it's been robbed. My idea is something like GTAVs story mode where you have a business and it's getting robbed, the manager on duty calls (in our case, texts) the store owner
  10. Raven

    Role Play Challenge (One Life)

    HILL, JOSHUA: Diary; Day 2. I woke up, got some breakfast and went to work, my go pro video was making me blink for a long time, Felt like I was jumping around. Met a couple new people while at work, most were nice but this one lady hit me after I fixed her car! One dude gave me chicken and $50 but by god it was some good chicken. Got a couple bruises by people not knowing how to drive but other than that I'm all good. I'm writing this in bed, hope tomorrow is better than this, getting hit by cars is not fun. This ones for you (There is some marijuana on the page) END OF TRANSCRIPT xoxo
  11. Raven

    Driver licenses and Speed cameras

    @Daelements There needs to be a healthy balance of realism and fantasy for there to be fun. This is a roleplay server, not a life simulator. Sometimes you do get pulled over for speeding or running a red, however like you said, it's up to the cops to deal with it if they want to. Most cases, they dont. If theres too much realism, it wouldnt be fun for many people, too much fantasy, again, not fun for many people. I dont know if it's just where I live, but I have never seen a speed camera, Theres planes that have radar-esk systems, but I've never seen a speed camera. As of right now, its balanced, theres just enough realism and just enough fantasy that people can have fun. And yes, driving erratically does need to be toned down, however it's just an aspect of fantasy that helps make the game fun. Lawyers would be swamped and there isnt enough as it is right now, judges would be even more swamped due to court cases about the fines. Just my two cents
  12. Raven

    Role Play Challenge (One Life)

    HILL, JOSHUA: Diary; Day 1. Just moved out here, got a room at the Perra Beach Motel, just anything that got me away from my old house. Got myself a little bike, it's a faggio, got a great deal on it too! Only $2000! It's not the best or the fastest but it gets up to highway speeds which I didnt expect it to do. Got a job at the towing company, met some people, had my tools stop working, but overall had a great time, and made back all the money I spent on the Faggio. Went and got some clothes too, some black shorts, and a black coat, but I keep it unbuttoned, and I got these amazing aviators. Also stopped by the barber shop and got my hair a little lighter. There has been some gunshots and some dude on a motorbike, that said I was towing his car when I wasnt but okay. I havent decided if I want to go out tomorrow or not yet, so I might just take a sick day off work, not sure yet. END OF TRANSCRIPT xoxo
  13. Raven

    Role Play Challenge (One Life)

    ***TRIGGER WARNING*** Note before this starts: This contains the mention of suicide, if you or anyone you know is struggling, I deeply apologize my sincerest. My DMs are always open ❤️ This back story is essentially the story of me. No, my names not Joshua Hill, but the story is there. Please keep in mind I do not enjoy bringing up any of the more sensitive subjects, so this isn't the easiest thing to write. Thank you. Hello so this is my back story for Joshua Hill. Joshua was never like the other kids, he was diagnosed at an early age with an incurable disease, one that prevents blood clotting, not as serious as a paper cut would kill, but other kids were running around and he had to play it safe. He is a son to Bryce and Natasha Hill. He moved away from family early. He was diagnosed with clinical depression from the early age of 13. He has had many therapists in the past and he just could never find one he was comfortable opening up to. He got his first job when he was 16, working at a quite familiar place with the logo colors being black, purple, and white with a name similar to Marko Tell. He, at first, loved it there, hours were great, pay was okay, and his coworkers were good. Summer hit, and his hours got cut, he did not enjoy that. However he got the opportunity to transfer to another store and take it over, and he was ecstatic to the idea, all those hours, and a raise! It lasted 8 months. Now technically he wasn't the general manager, but he did all the general managers work, from food orders to write ups. Technically his superior, who he has written up before, got heavy-handed, and started taking 3 hour smoke breaks. One night, they ran out of all the meats. Keep in mind its five sixteen-year-olds and one trainee who was eighteen. The trainee walked out, so he was the only one left who knew how to make food. Joshua said "wham bam no thank you ma'am" to that and walked out, followed by the 4 other sixteen-year-olds. That left the bad manager all to herself, to clean up the (very) messy store. Still received the full salary pay though. Enough about that, Joshua moved away to Los Santos, where you never know what he might get into. Because of his condition, he wants to play it safe, but you never know what he is gonna get into! Joshua plans to once get into the city and start a legal life, but he doesn't know exactly what he wants to do yet. He might test the water with sand, but he doesn't know if he wants to have all of that in his car, because "You can never get all the sand out, once it's there, it's there for life" Joshua might plan on becoming one with the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services, but again, he would like to test the waters with some other legal businesses before finally deciding. (HERE IS WHERE THE TRIGGER WARNING COMES INTO PLAY) Joshua still battles depression to this day, after losing his father, Bryce, to suicide, just after turning 15, and losing a close friend to him at the ripe age of 13, causing his clinical depression. Joshua is not looking to join any gangs/groups/cliques, but he enjoys having friends at his side! Joshua's dream has always been to be a bounty hunter, but he hasn't heard of any openings within the city. Now let's focus on Joshua's childhood. He has had a reasonably rough childhood, not as rough as others, but was put through some things that nobody should have to go through, I'll refrain. They raised him on the idea that life is impossible, money is impossible, but if that were true, how could he move out at 18 and buy a car? I don't know. Joshua has left pretty much his entire life, he left his mother, a younger brother, and two older sisters, all of them on the other side of the country, not to mention his close circle of friends, who were the only ones supporting him in this move, although none of them could come, sadly. Another thing that Joshua has struggled with, he's gay. Strictly Dickly. He knew from a young age and isn't necessarily closeted however he doesn't go prancing around like he's in my little pony. Joshua has had a grand total of one lover, who he thought would be the one, and his name was Hunter. Hunter was with Joshua through thick and thin, they got together before the one year mark of Joshua's friend passing, and were together until Joshua turned 17. Hunter was two years older, and went into the military, which left Joshua heart-broken for months, and if we're being entirely honest, he's still not over Hunter. He was the person who taught Joshua how to drive, he was with Joshua when everything with his father happened, and it was not fun, lots of tears. Now when I say Hunter and Joshua were close, I mean like they could swap lives for a week and be fine, Hunter would know exactly when Joshua's body was entering a panic attack/anxiety attack and know what Joshua did to help ease the situation. Joshua would know Hunters faults and know what to do in those situations. Now, now that Hunter broke things off to focus on the military, and Joshua has moved away to Los Santos to get a fresh start, Joshua plans on making things simple, living a simple life, Somewhat illegally, because I mean come on, who can sit at 17 red lights from legion to tow? Not Joshua. Quick little end note: This last part was hard to write, and I apologize for anyone who struggles with the same things. Once again, this is literally the story of my life, I am pouring my heart and soul into this character along with Brittany, and any other characters I wish to create in the future, it's what I do best, get overly attached then break down when it's not there anymore ❤️ Hope to see you all in the city!
  14. Raven

    Driver licenses and Speed cameras

    That's great, I do aswell, however this game is something that people choose who they want to play as. Some people want to be a cop, or a judge, attorney, lawyer, etc. but other people want to be more on the offensive side and play illegally, doing whatever they want. It is unbalanced, but not in the way you think, Theres probably about 500-600 cops on duty at any given time in boston, for about 600,000 people keeping to that ratio, 600:600000 that's 1 cop to every 1000 people, meaning for true realism there would be 6% of one cop on An average city has between 500-600 thousand An average city has about 500 cops Same ratio were talking about a state here, with a max of 60 people, cops not included, so if everyone in the city was not a cop, there would be 6% of a cop in the city for realism I get the standards are different here, we have more criminals, so maybe it's short by like 5 or 10 but it's not too huge of a difference
  15. Raven

    Driver licenses and Speed cameras

    The main issue I have with this is the fact that yes, realism is in the name, however, if it becomes too realistic then people will start to dread the server, we're here to have fun, do things we wouldn't do in real life, if the server were to become too realistic, then it would end up being not fun, as @Orgotholik said, it will become a police state, this isn't policerp. There are a select few that roleplay well, they are well known within the community for that, however, basically everyone is here to relax, have a good time, etc. but in all honesty, we're here for RP, we get our dose of RP in interactions with people, police barely respond to speeding because theres almost always something more major going on, and I won't lie, I'm one of the people that just speeds everywhere, and I've done 120 past cops that are just patrolling, (not baiting obviously i was going somewhere) and they dismissed it, but again, theres almost always something more major going on, they don't have the time for speeding. This would be hard to implement, as the cameras would be at a set speed and anything above that they get a ticket, judges and lawyers would get swamped with traffic ticket court cases, people suing others would get buried, people wouldn't be able to get doors as there would be a court case over a traffic ticket for 1mph over the limit.
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