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Terry Jenkins

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    Terry Jenkins
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    Terry Jenkins- father of 7 kids to 8 different baby mamas, and meth/crack connoisseur.
    Leroy Jenkins- son of Terry who is a probationary deputy with the BCSO, complete opposite of Terry

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  1. Terry Jenkins

    2v1 for Cops too

    Or just wait till the cops come to your hood and you can have as many people as you’d like against them since they would be the “attacking”/“initiating” party TACTICS
  2. Terry Jenkins (Plaintiff) v. San Andreas DOJ (Defendant) Civil Complaint: After putting my car up for bail (modded out Albany Manana), I never received my car back from the State. I. Preliminary Statement: The Plaintiff seeks either a return of the aforementioned vehicle or a monetary compensation of $50,000. II. Parties: Plaintiff is a resident of San Andreas. The defendant is the SA DOJ seeing as I have dealt with numerous judges in this instance.
  3. Terry Jenkins

    The People vs Terry Jenkins

    Since the Prosecution chooses to dismiss the case, motion to reacquire the Albany Manana that was seized from Mr. Jenkins as per the terms of his initial bail. Since the case that landed Mr. Jenkins back into jail by breaking his bail was ALSO dismissed, the defendant Terrence Archibold Jenkins bequeaths the court to turn over said seized asset as soon as humanly possible. With Warm Regards, Terrance Archibold Jenkins
  4. Terry Jenkins

    The People vs Terry Jenkins

    Your honor, the defense doesn’t have any qualms with a private attorney acting’s in the behalf of the DAs office, but the aforementioned people all have conflicts of interest with the defense. Just because I choose to invoke my 6th amendment right, does not mean it should be at the expense of representatives that have a major conflict of interest. There are many lawyers in the city who would be willing to WORK As an acting DA. Liberty should not come at the expense of convenience which is the current ruling you have made while quoting the reason for my earlier objection. This ruling would
  5. Terry Jenkins

    The People vs Terry Jenkins

    Motion to dismiss prosecution representative due to conflict of interest. Sheriff Cas Roberson is part of the BCSO which in conjunction with the SASP captured the defendant. Also, Sheriff Cas Roberson was present and INTRUMENTAL during the Bail preceding of Mr Jenkins in which Sheriff Roberson have his opinion along with Judge Taps on Mr Jenkins bail hearing. Therefore this creates a major conflict of interest. The defense supports private counsel for the District Attorneys office, but there are more qualified candidates without a conflict of interest.
  6. Terry Jenkins

    The People vs Terry Jenkins

    Motion to dismiss the prosecution representative seeing as they aren’t bar certified/nor are they a district attorney; whereas the defense has a right to self representation.
  7. Terry Jenkins

    The People vs Terry Jenkins

    To add on to my motion to dismiss, no one from the DAs office attended arraignment, in addition to my 6th amendment right to a speedy trial by an impartial jury has not been met yet. With all due respect to the court, I implore you to dismiss this case without prejudice. Signed, Terrance Archibold Jenkins
  8. Terry Jenkins

    The People vs Terry Jenkins

    Motion to dismiss case. Neither the DA or the Judge has gotten back to me with a court case date. DA has no interest in pursuing the case. This is backed up by the fact the DA hasn’t responded to the case in over a week, let’s charges fall through on subsequent charges, and no one has responded to the defendants court date request. I humbly ask Judge Taps to dismiss the case. It’s not fair for myself and the judge that the DA hasn’t pursued the case.
  9. Terry Jenkins

    The People vs Terry Jenkins

    Still waiting for a court date.
  10. Terry Jenkins

    The People vs Terry Jenkins

    I can be available tomorrow night, sunday evening, monday afternoon/evening in the near future.
  11. Terry Jenkins

    The People v Terry Jenkins (pt2)

    Defense motion to dismiss case due to the prosecution not submitting the case and/or asking for an extension in the allotted time set by Judge Taps. Due to this I motion Judge Taps to release Terry Jenkins from Bolingbrook Penn and be release under his initial bail order prior to getting it revoked.
  12. Terry Jenkins (Plaintiff) v. San Andreas DOJ (Defendant) Civil Complaint: The plaintiff Terry Jenkins was accosted of his 8th amendment right. While at a bail hearing with judge Tindell, the judge did not allow the plaintiff to make cash, but instead put up a car or property; at which point if Mr Jenkins was arrested, that more of his property could be seized. Under California Penal Code Section 1269, a defendant may post bail and be released under the terms that the defendant shows up to all future court
  13. Terry Jenkins

    Rodeo Law | Nick Martin v. Dept. Sheriff Thomas Miller

    Case will happen today at the time mentioned above; Today, August 23rd at 1400 CDT (3pm EST/12PST)
  14. Terry Jenkins

    Rodeo Law | Nick Martin v. Dept. Sheriff Thomas Miller

    Judge Sheila Berkowitz will be presiding over this case. To both parties: tell me what time you’re available for trial this Sunday August 23rd. Look forward to preside over this case. Sheila Berkowitz
  15. Terry Jenkins

    Jimmy Flint Wagner Expungement

    This Expungement has been approved by the honorable Judge Sheila Berkowitz. Mr Flint will need to pay $4000 for expungement.
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