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    Terry Jenkins- father of 7 kids to 8 different baby mamas, and meth/crack connoisseur.
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  1. Terry Jenkins

    Business proposal for Jackie's Lodge

    Updating this proposal again to be ACCEPTED
  2. Terry Jenkins

    Race Wars Business Proposal

    Thank you @notnotshakefor the application. I will review this application with the other judges. I hope to get back to you before the weekend. With Warm Regards Judge Sheila Berkowitz
  3. Terry Jenkins

    Club Ωmega

    Thank you and sorry for the delay @Royale420. After reading your business proposal, it is well thought out and neatly produced. You meet all the criteria that a business proposal would need. It is very thought out and carefully lists what items are prohibited in the institutions and your "warning" system for patrons in your nightclub. The city of Los Santos is looking forward to a club where people can dance and have fun instead of contributing to the ever increasing violence. This Proposal has been approved. With Warm Regards, Judge Sheila Berkowitz
  4. Terry Jenkins

    Gunner's & Max's Mechanic Shop

    @KokopooI have read over your business proposal. I think this proposal is sufficient enough to be accepted. You have presented a roster of business associates, stated your businesses goal, explained how the business will benefit the city, and added a small SOP of how you will conduct your business and enforce that employees wont break city rules. As for the features you would like implemented, We will have to discuss that with the city "Architectural Engineer", and come back to that point. With Warm Regards, Judge Sheila Berkowitz
  5. Terry Jenkins

    Noah Monroe vs. SASP

    Judge Sheila Berkowitz will be presiding over the case. Both @Damien113 and @vkas please submit yalls evidence. I will be throwing out the falling out of the helicopter part of the case.
  6. Terry Jenkins

    Friday Fight Club

    Terry - crackhead fighter
  7. Terry Jenkins

    Friday Fight Club!!

    Terry Jenkins, fighting from prison. Been hitting the weights hard cuh
  8. Terry Jenkins

    Friday Fight Club

    Terry Jenkins- that crack pipin, left hook lightenin, son of a gun FIGHTER!
  9. Terry Jenkins

    The Saturday Night Rally


    Terry Jenkins crackhead Ricky Bobby/racer
  10. Terry Jenkins

    Bike-Block 500


    Hell yea playa
  11. Terry Jenkins

    The Saturday Night Rally


    Terry Jenkins - crackhead racer
  12. Terry Jenkins

    The Saturday Night Rally


    Terry Jenkins racer
  13. Terry Jenkins

    Adventures of Misha Kolzov

    I saw you with your binoculars on top of you ambulance :p
  14. Terry Jenkins

    Vito/Moretti Adventure Log

    Likin the blue playa, sheeeit ???
  15. Terry Jenkins

    Vito/Moretti Adventure Log

    Gosh golly playa!