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    I am a polite Bi-polar clown with the intentions of being good. I come from a long line of traveling circus clowns, but one day when I was 16 I ran away and never looked back. Since then I have done whatever it takes to survive. I have always had a knack for bullshitting and beating charges, and I have been told by many that I should have been an attorney. Some who run into me are scared, some are attracted, but many just end up missing and never heard from again.

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  1. Serious Lee

    Audit of player reports.

    just a thought as I dont like seeing good RP players lost to reports of a single or even a couple incidents over the course of months or a year with more hours of quality than crap RP all because of gang fights. : As an example a car full of bloods can roll up a single crip but need to use hands or bats or something so the rp can develop slowly and they have to get out of the car to do anything not just shoot from a car. Even if the 1 crip did pull a gun on the 4 bloods to defend the 4 should be able to take him down but maybe lose a guy. but the RP is there because they are forced out of the car.
  2. Serious Lee

    Audit of player reports.

    I am suggesting an audit of player reports. As it seems lots of people seem to get vacations even those with good RP and a lot of reports come form the same people or gangs. . The reason I bring this up is I see most gangs at one point breaking rules. Everyday I see bloods and crew (not stating they are the cause just an example) starting shit with reapers then reporting them if something goes wrong. This is not for toxicity but so admin can figure out a plan as gang violence shouldn't be held to the same standard as civilian violence. Too many people being banned for gang violence when rules should be lax for gang vs gang interactions. I suggest different rules for gang vs gang as they are living a dangerous lifestyle and should have to watch their backs for everything.
  3. Serious Lee

    Cars not parking

    Cars not goin into the garage when parked are leading to bad robberies of contents. Example: my van I had to abandon at a garage since it didnt park and mo mechanics would come out for an impound. So I cleaned it out, my van stayed where it was for ever and at one point I placed 23 meth rocks into my van that i took out of the garage an hour later and they vanished. I. Assuming iij t was from my ghost van still being accessible to other people even though I was in it somewhere else. This is the second time.my contents just vanished out of my vehicle when 100% nobody took it from my car.
  4. Serious Lee

    Court Clerks

    So i understand that most of the judges, this is not their main chars and it is hard to be in town at the right times since there is no judges schedule. I was hoping to see about judges hiring Court Clerks who are only authorized to assign doors already approved by a judge. This can be a paying job that allows judges more time to concentrate on .criminal and civil cases. also will allow for a court reporter to take notes during trial so the judges can remember the arguments given during trial. The reason I bring this up is sometimes takes weeks to get a door and its not that big of a job, just time consuming.
  5. Serious Lee

    A.J. Alexander LyonHeart vs. The S.A.S.P.

    Motion requesting additional video footage from the officers involved in resuscitating the Plaintiff. Requesting from the time of losing consciousness up til the regaining consciousnesses.
  6. Serious Lee

    A.J. Alexander LyonHeart vs. The S.A.S.P.

    I stand corrected defense attorney.
  7. Serious Lee

    A.J. Alexander LyonHeart vs. The S.A.S.P.

    Your honor, I am requesting additional video evidence from the officers involved in the resuscitation. I request footage from the moment my client lost consciousness up to the moment of being resuscitated and conscious. This should be available given the footage already presented by the D.A. in video # 3
  8. Serious Lee

    A.J. Alexander LyonHeart vs. The S.A.S.P.

    Your honor, if it pleases the court I would still like nurse Bonald Tea as a witness as he did evaluate my client initially and may have additional corroborating testimony . His original report will remain struck from the record of course.
  9. Serious Lee

    A.J. Alexander LyonHeart vs. The S.A.S.P.

    Motion to amend the original complaint due to Incorrect information provided by a Nurse who advised they were a certified Medical Professional. Plaintiff A.J. Alexander LyonHeart @Jayers Defendant(s) SASP Statement of Claim I Olo D. Mann am filing suit on behalf of my client A.J. Alexander LyonHeart Against the S.A.S.P, for negligence of an officer causing possible permanent brain injuries. On Friday January 3rd, the Plaintiff was tazed and detained by an officer Dreak Bud Higgins. Officer Higgins at no time removed the prongs from his tazer out of the Plaintiff or offer any medical assistance. Following the event the officer then transported Mr LyonHeart straight to the MRPD for booking. It was here that officers Alexis Fox and James Mercer asked the arresting officer if their suspect needed medical assistance. At this time Officer Higgins twice replied with a "NO". While in Custody Mr LyonHeart Lost consciousness and was unresponsive. It was determined there was no pulse and 2 rounds of CPR was administered in order to resuscitate the Plaintiff. Upon medical followup, It was determined Mr LyonHeart suffers from a "Moderate Concussion". We are filing suit for $25,000 for General damages including but not limited to pain and suffering as well as a emotional distress. Relief General Damages - $25,000 Representation Olo D. Mann Esq. Witnesses Requested: Cadet Dreak Higgins Officer Alexis Fox Officer James Mercer Evidence to Subpoena Body cam footage from the 3 officers involved. Incident Report.
  10. Serious Lee

    A.J. Alexander LyonHeart vs. The S.A.S.P.

    Motion to introduce into evidence the correct medical report for the Plaintiff. https://docs.google.com/document/d/177TX9dKJDU6FFRtMM6GK4NV-ltbBc17Tr7-KAnF7UrM/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Serious Lee

    A.J. Alexander LyonHeart vs. The S.A.S.P.

    I am not sure about the officers involved and their govt ids
  12. Serious Lee

    A.J. Alexander LyonHeart vs. The S.A.S.P.

    And yes Dr. Middleton I stand corrected, nurse not dr..
  13. Serious Lee

    A.J. Alexander LyonHeart vs. The S.A.S.P.

    I am available anytime Saturday. And after 5pm pst friday.
  14. Serious Lee

    A.J. Alexander LyonHeart vs. The S.A.S.P.

    I will attempt to reach my client to advise. Unfortunately following the diagnosis given by who we thought was a qualified medical professional, my client felt it best to rest and to stay with family to ensure a proper recovery. I worry this Dr's malpractice and incorrect diagnosis will create an additional unnecessary level of stress to a man already trying to recuperate.
  15. Serious Lee

    A.J. Alexander LyonHeart vs. The S.A.S.P.

    It would be greatly appreciated if I could get a time and date this can take place? It seems hard to find qualified staff at all hours.
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