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Low Key

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    Jaden Smith
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    Jaden Smith = Former underboss of the mafia up in Paleto with Hanna and Rocky as my Bosses. I moved here in 2017 because i wanted to start a new life and i quickly found myself with some people in the Mafia and ranked up fast in the organisasion. In the process i left my old life behind me and started off with a clean slate. Jaden is now one of the most wanted people in LS.

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  1. Low Key

    Banks hack scuff

    I did it last night and it worked for me
  2. Low Key

    Banks hack scuff

    its happened to me 2 times so far and the robbing thing inside has scuffed once
  3. Low Key

    Banks hack scuff

    I hacked the bank and finished it but it says it did not work 470017927_Hackingscuff.mp4
  4. Low Key

    Dragging Nerf

    Its against the rules to not let go when tackeld. its hella powergaming. if you get tackeld and fall to the ground there is no way you would still hold on to the person you are dragging. If someone dose it just report it.
  5. Low Key

    K9 menu for crims

    +1 actually a great idea i have never thought about!
  6. Low Key

    MRPD heist?

    I took up the exact same idea when they where implomenting the old MRPD. Love the idea and would love to see it happen but im guessing this will get the same answer as mine did "It is not realistic to run into a police station to rob it, since its the most protected place in the city and IRL no one would risk that". The reason im saying this is because i kinda agree BUT you must understand this is a game and adding this would add SO MUCH RP to crims and cops. because you will not get money from this heist it would mean the RP would not end after you loose the cops but you would have the abilet
  7. Low Key

    Car roofs

    I feel like the server should add a way to choose if u want a car roof or not. Like if you would make it so you can take it off or choose to have it on in bennys. It can be super anoying to spend 400 bucks just to take the car out and get it with no roof.
  8. Low Key

    Pillbox Whisper Function

  9. Low Key

    el mejor

    Stocks 100% he has No proof of izan! I was with izan the Hole time and he was never vent! Stocks is capping so its 100% him
  10. Low Key

    Tasing through windows

    Or you could make some RP out of it, i have seen some cops do it Where they block of the car and Walk up to it and break a Window with a nightstick or flashlight and Then tase them so they KNOW its the same for both ends. This makes more rp for both ends and in my experiance with it i think its alot more fun to do shit like That Then sit in a car talking to an officer Then just fall out the car from out of nowhere.
  11. Low Key

    Tasing through windows

    I feel like cops should not be allowed to tase people through car windows since they are OFTEN scuffed and are broken in some peoples eyes and still up in others. This has happend to me many times and can be realy frustrating when u think they cant tase u but from out of no where u just fall out of the car because "In my eyes your windows are broken so i tased you out".
  12. Low Key

    Voices keep cutting out & Mouth not moving

    I got 1.5.4 and the same thing is happening to me and alot of others
  13. Low Key

    Rename Outifts

    +1 This would be so nice
  14. Low Key

    Person with a knife calls

    +1 In my opinion Knife calls should not be a thing. The reason your using a knife and not a gun when u bring someone to for exampel the dam is to not be noticed. Its dumb that i can stand in legion with a tommy and no one will be notified but if im on top of mount chiliad or in the middle of the sea and bring out a knife the cops will be alerted straight away.
  15. Low Key

    4V4 Gang fights

    I would say if u dont like to be outnumbered then dont get yourself in those possitions. 2v1 is how its allways bin and i would like to keep having it like that. If u dont like to go 4v8 against crims how do u deal with cops? cops can be how many thay want against you, I had a 1v20+ against cops and lost a 110K gun because of it but instead of complaining im learing and the next time ill make shore to be more people instead. So if u dont want to do "as u said 4v8" call some of your friends and make it 16v8 easy peasy. -1
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